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Is Islam dead in Pakistan?.

Is Islam dead in Pakistan?.

Religious fraud is where religion is used to mask fraud and hypocrisy. There are MANY such countries in fact, I doubt if any country is safe from such practices but I am not here to discuss the world’s ills, I am here to talk about my birth country that I want to be so proud of and yet, I am so ashamed of…Pakistan.

Pakistan is a land where religion is obvious at every corner, people have sprouted beards to show how religious they are, politicians invoke Islam whenever they get a chance, leaders and religious “scholars” spout Islam and God at every step and these last are usually seeking to exert their power and oppress people.

Oh yes, sadly Islam is used as cover to show the country how powerful and influential a certain religious “Scholar” or Mullah (imam) may be, where they rouse up masses of the ignorant and unemployed to demonstrate against things they do not like including what may have happened overseas. The “demonstrations” take the form of thousands of angry people, many of whom don’t even understand why they are there except that they need to “defend” Islam, God and the prophet Mohammed. During the “demonstration” people smash stores that may be on their way, burn cars, buses and trucks, all owned by innocent people, their own brothers and sisters in Islam, just so they can show how enraged they are.

Pakistanis can get very destructively enraged, very quickly!

There is a huge difference between religion and faith. Religion (Deen) exists everywhere in Pakistan, religion is used to excuse any evil act. But FAITH (Iman) is the actual practice of the message of the religion, the foundation of any religion or spirituality, FAITH is what is missing in Pakistan. FAITH is what defines religion, it demonstrates the goodness and attraction of a certain religion and that is what attracts people to embrace that religion…FAITH, not religion. In the old days, people crowded to Islam because they could see the faith that Muslims practiced, the kindness, the purity, the tolerance and the embracing of other faith-folk as God’s creation and fellow human beings.

Today, faith is almost extinct in Pakistan. Even though it is one of the largest majority-Muslim country in the world, has few people following the real message of God (in the Quran) and making it part of their daily lives.

Take for example, the recent appointment of Atif Mian to Pakistan’s Economic Advisory Council by Imran Khan. An extremely talented Muslim also happens to belong to the Qadiani sect. Atif Mian was deemed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to be one of 25 young economists who are expected to be most influential in the world of economics.

Note that Atif Mian was asked to be on Pakistan’s UNPAID Economic Advisory Council, as one of the advisors, not as Finance Minister.

Oh, how the devout Muslims of Pakistan rose up against this appointment! People rioted in the streets at the thought of a QADIANI (by God!) being in any position in Pakistan. How dare Imran Khan appoint such a heathen to the land of the pure! After many riots led by power-hungry Mullahs (imams) and “scholars” of Islam, Mian stepped down calm returned to Pakistan and Muslims cheered; faith was defended!

Was it religion the people of Pakistan were fighting for or, was it faith? Perhaps it was neither but a bald-faced, greedy, lust for power by the Mullahs and “scholars”.

If ISLAM was the thing the Mullahs and religious “scholars” were promoting and defending, where is this faith when practically everyone is taking bribes in Pakistan?

Where is their fervor when the rich and powerful take advantage of archaic, flimsy, religious edicts that permit them to commit murder and other atrocities and then force, intimidate or bribe the surviving relatives to “forgive” the perpetrator so he can walk away scot-free?

Where is the religious outrage when Muslim men abduct young non-Muslim women and then force them to “marry” them as an act of forgiveness?

China has put over a million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps ONLY because they are Muslim. They are forced to renounce their religion, they are raped tortured and killed just to force them to sing praises of the Chinese way of life and to renounce their faith. Those who do as they are ordered are placed in forced-labor factories

Myanmar is in the midst of a genocide of its Rohingya Muslims.

No sign of mullahs or “scholars” in Pakistan, gathering masses of people to protest the actions of China and Myanmar which are anti-Muslim and anti-Islam by any measure. In fact, Pakistan is extremely cozy with its long-standing relations with China and is actually selling weapons to Myanmar …the same weapons that are used against the Rohingya. A quick review of Pakistan’s “information” in its news media, shows that it keeps focusing on how ISRAEL (that demon!) is selling weapons to Myanmar, no mention of Pakistan selling weapons to the same country. While the Muslim “scholars” and Mullahs keep their sharp eyes on useless agitation, over 300 Rabbis from the US have actually asked Israel to stop selling weapons to Myanmar.

Clearly, the Mullahs and religious “scholars” are very invested in gathering more and more power which they do by whipping up the passions of the huge, illiterate and ignorant, Muslim population. All these charlatans have to do is declare something is against Islam or, it insults Islam or the prophet Mohammed and an unquenchable wildfire erupts because after all, Pakistan is the land of the Pure.

In the meantime, the Politicians and military leaders have chosen to keep silent on both, China and Myanmar.

Shameful as it is the say, Pakistan’s faith is now a hollowed-out tree that is standing but dead. If it weren’t for the terrible, tragic effects, Pakistan’s following of Islam would be a joke.

I am sure God is not laughing…

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