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When Hate and Fear bite back…

Is Louis Farrakhan Tearing Apart The Women’s March?”  Aiden Pink

Dear Aiden,
I read with interest, your March 13th article on The Forward about women’s March and Rev Farrakhan, It was in a link in the latest Forward .
Why Jewish Women Should Stand By The Women’s March – Farrakhan Or No” by Sara Bobkoff
Clearly, these are bad times for minorities…Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks, everyone. After the tragic butchery at the Pittsburg Temple, I hear a lot of anguished voices from may Jewish leaders, writers and organizations and quite rightly, the remains of the racial biases and hate that the Trump regime and the Republican Party are promoting will stay with us for at least a generation or more.
My disappointment however, is with some Jewish organizations and Temples.

They so assiduously promote fear and hate against Islam and Muslims, equating them with Nazism and Nazis, they bring in speakers whose only claim to fame is their fear-mongering of Islam and Muslims. Then these same organizations and Temples “reach out” to Muslims and seek to build an understanding.

Right here in the Seattle area, I have personally witnessed a couple of large Temples, the AJC, The ADL and even the Holocaust Memorial Center, proudly and openly bringing in speakers who belong to virulently anti-Islam/Muslim organizations or, do the job themselves.

It is heartbreaking that Jews of all people, should be involved in activities that have turned “Never Again!” in its head and turned it into, “Well, maybe one more time…” against Muslims. I believe the two activities (fear-promotion and interfaith understanding) are mutually exclusive; the one cannot be credibly fostered in the presence of the other.
We Muslims tend to look at the Jewish hostilities aimed at Rev Farrakhan with a certain degree of bemusement; What he is accused of saying pales into insignificance before the hate-promotion against Islam and Muslims by some Jewish leaders, organizations and Temples. Where they are not involved in the actual hate-promotion, many Jewish Leaders, Temples, organizations and even ordinary folk, maintain a loyal silence; a lack of action that only serves to raise more suspicions among Muslims.
So, what is an answer? How do we get Jewish organizations to stop their hate-promotion? Perhaps you can write an article on this topic.
Jafar Siddiqui

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  1. If you started using the word “some” before most usages of the word “Jewish” — as in “some Jewish temples” — your article would be a lot less biased, because I know you don’t mean to be all encompassing in your condemnation.


    Comment by Anson Laytner | November 15, 2018 | Reply

    • You are right Anson. Since I cannot possibly speak for ALL Jewish organizations, “Some” would be much more accurate.
      I will make the correction.


      Comment by penjihad | November 15, 2018 | Reply

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