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Countering WHITE Violent Extremism (CWVE)

White people MUST keep an eye out for radicalized Whites. White people must bear the responsibility of not turning their radicalized White people to the authorities because it is well-known that Whites know who is being radicalized and who is about to go on a terrorist spree.

White Police and FBI must also bear the responsibility for not taking action when they do find another White man who is turning to violence and radicalization. We live in a free country where we have a right to the peaceful enjoyment of life and of the pursuit of happiness but if White people, White Police and White FBI continue to allow the growth of White Violent Extremists, America will no longer be the free, democratic country we so love. White-on-White murders have reached epidemic proportions yet, neither Whites nor While law-enforcement seem to be doing anything about it. Of course the White House has cut off funding for White Supremacist organizations which gives a convenient excuse to White Law enforcement agencies to not follow violent White activities.

I refuse to accept the preposition that Whites are not aware of their violent fellows and thus, cannot turn them in. We have to remain vigilant against White violence and we must watch the people coming here from White countries because they bring the love of violence with them. I say we should also look into closing down the Churches that White Violent Extremists attend because obviously, they are in on the violence. White groups that hold violence-promoting rallies and train to be violent must also be chased down mercilessly, locked up or if they resist, killed.

America has to be kept safe from Violent Extremist Whites!

Why not? If Muslims can be held to impossible standards then why not Whites?
I’ll tell you why not. Whites hold power and Muslims have none. It is easy to attack Muslims and Islam because there are no negative consequences but try and mount similar attacks on Whites and either someone will kill you or, your career will end.

America is a nation steeped in violence. The slogan for the Colt 45 was, “The gun that won the West”, it actually “won” the West because it was instrumental in the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Native First Nation people. America’s obsessive love affair with guns has reached a point where there are several guns for every CIVILIAN American, a population of over 316 MILLION people. Our violent culture spawned the National Rifle Association that has become so powerful that it can muster over ten million angry (White) Americans against any politician who dares challenge it or, looks for ways to reduce gun violence; The NRAs response to violence is to give more weapons to people so they can “defend” themselves.

The NRA has also promoted the gun as the only response to even a perception of violence. As of September 2014, NRA promotion has resulted in FORTY-SIX states having a Stand-Your-Ground law which means that people have no obligation to move away if they feel threatened; they may pull their gun and kill the other person as long as they can say they “Felt threatened”. There will be no negative consequences for the killer. This promotion of violence has reached a point where the only available response to anger is usually a gun and when that happens, the country does not re-evaluate its lunatic gun laws, the nation feels sad for the person whose…mind was affected by PTSD, lack of a father-figure, social background…anything but “How did such a person come to own a gun?”.

Of course, it is impossible to remove or even restrict guns by now, but there is no move to control who may own a gun, who may own how many guns or even who has what guns? Years ago (before 9-11 or they would have locked me up) I called the FBI and asked why they don’t use technology of registering guns and rifle-marks on slugs on file so they can identify the owner of a weapon by simply examining the bullet. Their answer was that Congress has expressly disallowed that.

The violence-prone society is not limited to civilians either. Our Police is trained to shoot to kill at the slightest suspicion of uncertainty, the term the Police use is that they try to “Stop” the person. Sure, put a dozen hollow-point bullets in someone at the drop of a hat, that will surely “Stop” the person. It is not as if other countries don’t have violent people or, nobody there has PTSD but the murder rate in the US is higher than the next SEVEN countries put together.

There is no simple answer. With gun-ownership being as high as it is, with violence being ingrained in the national culture and supported from the top at the White  House, to politicians in Congress, the future looks very bleak and yet more violent for the US.

The other and perhaps just as important take away from this article is that while Muslims and Islam are the favored targets for blaming murders in the West, the actual facts are different. Of the 13 deadliest shootings in the US since 1991, Muslims were involved in only three, the rest were White Christians but while it is easy for people to blame Islam and Muslims, it becomes very difficult and painful to hold White non-Muslims to the same standards as Muslims. As an illustration, consider the first paragraphs of this article where I used the arguments put against Islam and Muslims, in the form of arguments against Whites. Not a fun read, is it?

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