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Intolerance for Muslims, what about intolerance BY Muslims?

Intolerance is everywhere, we cannot finish it off but we can and we must, stand against it wherever we are. I often rail against the US for its intolerance of Islam and Muslims and its targeting of Muslims inside and outside of the US; I rail against many European countries for the same reason. Arabia, commonly known by its misnomer “Saudi” Arabia is another country worthy of condemnation for its intolerance towards Shia and other Muslim sects and for its lethal intolerance for any un-approved behavior. I am also always taking a stand against Israel, the ultimate anti-Muslim country, for its genocide of the Palestinians.  For these expressions of outrage, I am variously called “Anti-American”, “Anti-West”, “Anti-Pakistan”, “Anti-Muslim” and of course, “Anti-Semitic”.

To its lasting shame, Pakistan stands in front among the ranks of the disgusting because of its carte blanche to its religious, ignorant, fanatics who have so much mass-appeal (of illiterate Pakistanis) that they can call thousands of people ready to destroy their own country just because their leader has told them that Islam/the prophet Mohammed must be defended.

The people who also suffer at the hands of the ultra-Muslim fanatics are members of the Ahmediyya sect. According to the Muslim fanatics, the Amediyya have no right to call themselves Muslim because the Ahmediyya believe that there is a prophet (Mirza Ahmed) after the prophet Mohammed. According the mainstream Muslim thinking, the prophet Mohammed was the last and final prophet of God before Judgement Day and NOBODY can be a prophet after Mohammed. Anybody who recognizes later person as a prophet may be killed  by a righteous Muslim…make that, ‘by a SELF-righteous Muslim’ without fear of the law coming after him. All too often, the law is too afraid of the fanatics to take action against the killer of someone they too would like to see dead.

As Pakistan’s laws and  traditions get meaner, the Ahmediyya are not permitted to call their places of worship, ‘Mosques’ as they have always done. The Ahmediyya are not permitted to pray in accordance with Islamic traditions and now, they are not permitted to use traditionally-“Muslim names” such as Ahmed or Mohammed. Bear in mind that these names pre-date Islam by centuries. Now they are not permitted to wear “Islamic clothing”, the definition of the same remains in the minds of the fanatics alone. The situation is so terrifying for the Ahmediyya that many conceal their sectarian identities and simply show that they are Sunni Muslims.

The late American humorist Finley Peter Dunne, of the Chicago Tribune said, “A fanatic is a man who does what he thinks the Lord would do, if He knew the facts of the case“. This is most accurate for Pakistan’s fanatics.

God has said again and again (4:80, 6:108, 6:109, 109:1-6, 2:62, 5:48, 49:13 and many more) in the Quran, that He and ONLY He will be the judge of the people who either do not believe in Him or, follow the wrong path.

Not to minimize their misery, it is not just the minorities who live in fear. Any Muslim or non-Muslim can be targeted by religious fanatics as having “insulted” the prophet or Islam and the masses will kill the person before s-he can make their defense. The opportunists will then step forward and praise the killer instead of condemning him and thus, another vicious cycle will get its start.

“Islam” is abused by the fanatics to even scores, to take someone’s property or even their jobs. People commit rapes and murders and under the ignorant, stupid, so-called, “Islamic” laws, the perpetrator walks away free if his victim or their survivors “forgive” the person; a few goons, a little money and you can have your forgiveness. Thus the rich, the powerful and the well-connected, can rape or kill at will…and many have…coerce “forgiveness” and continue with their evil ways. Pakistan was created as “the pure land” but tragically, it has become a haven for evil.

Most of the ills in Pakistan are due to the total corruption that has plagued Pakistan ever since the first military coup in 1958 and the successive ones thereafter. It is true to say Pakistan has never had a democratically-elected civilian government in full control of the land except for a brief period in 1971-1973 and then he succumbed to his desire for power and caused the Bengali genocide which then resulted in the liberation of Bangladesh. All so-called civilian governments have provided a fig-leaf cover for the real power behind them, the military. Together the military and the civilian politicians have been so busy stealing money from the treasury, that they gave free rein to the religious fanatics in the country until it has become virtually impossible to dislodge the fanatics’ power or, to curb the rampant corruption that drains the country dry.

Pakistan must be held accountable for the persecution of its minorities and for its rampant corruption that enables the fanatics. However, Western nations are also responsible for the corruption and mismanagement going on in Pakistan. The corrupt military and civilian leaders steal Pakistan’s treasure and secure it in the safety of Western banks, then they “Invest” their ill-gotten gains in Western countries who are only too happy for the influx of billions of corrupt dollars every year from just one country like Pakistan. Each year, more “aid” to Pakistan is followed by more “investment” in Western countries and there is no accounting for this transfer cycle of money. The money needs to be publicly accounted for by the West and Pakistan needs to be held accountable and punished for the persecution of its minorities. Then perhaps, we can hope for a better Pakistan and a better world. In the meantime, pray for Pakistan’s Ahmediyya, Shia, Hindus and Christians because only God can help them now.


P.S. For those who cannot accept the term “Genocide” when applied to Israel’s actions, read the definition of Genocide in the “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide” Israel’s actions fit four out of five of the criteria defining Genocide where any one is enough.

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