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Waters of Hate are rising, who will stop them?

Those who ignore the lessons of History (and current events), are destined to repeat History.
It is growing in the US and in the West, the hate-mongering against Islam, Arabs and Muslims is growing to greater and greater violence. Even US Agencies such as Police, FBI, ATF, ICE and others, even the White House, the Cabinet, Congress … even the military, are getting further and further dedicated towards Islamophobia.
We, the people of ALL faiths, need to actively stand and reject ALL aspects of hate, whether it is against Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus…against anyone because the dogs of hate are strong and demonic; once they are unleashed against one group, they will tear at everyone. This phenomenon is growing EVERYWHERE, not just in the US and the West against Muslims. We see it from the Philippines, to Myanmar, to India, to Pakistan, to Iraq, Syria, Israel…everywhere and the world bodies stand gutlessly and silently because it is happening to “them” or, our friends are involved in the genocide.

In WWII Germany, there was the Shoah against Jews. Many hotels and cities declared themselves to be “Judenfrei”; free of Jews. Today, the moves are to become “Muslimfrei”, free of Muslims. The Jews in WWII Germany remained silent, hoping the storm will pass over them but it did not. Today, we Muslims are sitting silently, hoping the storm of anti-Muslim hate will pass us over but increasingly, it is landing on us.

The more influential Muslim organizations are trying to cozy up to politicians and authorities like the FBI but it is precisely the FBI that is on the hunt for Muslims. Republican Party has nailed their anti-Muslim colors to the mast of Republican policy and Democratic Party, while speaking out against Islamophobia now and then, is too afraid of being seen as “soft on Terrorism” as well as being a silently supportive of solving “The Muslim Problem”.

My open call now, as it has been for a long time, is for Muslims and other groups of good faith, to stop all forms of hate-mongering and to take a stand against anyone who speaks out in favor of Hate. Especially Muslims in America should understand that those who live silently also die silently.

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