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When is it “Anti-Semitism”?

If this standard was demanded for a definition of Islamophobia, would YOU be okay with it?
Islamophobia is a certain perception of Muslims, which may be expressed as hatred toward Muslims. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of Islamophobia are directed toward Muslim or non-Muslim individuals and/or their property, toward Muslim community institutions and religious facilities.”

Substitute “Jews” instead of “Muslims” and that is what Jewish organizations are demanding that all countries adopt as their legal definition for Anti-Semitism, thus criminalizing the so-defined, “anti-Semitic” behavior. The IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) definition of Anti-Semitism that was concocted in Bucharest on May 27th 2016. Ever since then, Jewish organizations have been strongly agitating to have this “definition” adopted on an international scale.

Now Britain has also caved to the intense pressure from Jewish communities and organizations and has adopted the so-called, “Internationally-recognized definition of Anti-Semitism”, The US, I am pretty sure, is next to adopt it. As a fig leaf that fools nobody, British Labour Party has allowed for a moderating clause that “approved” a statement which “…ensures this will not in any way undermine freedom of expression on Israel or the rights of Palestinians”. This is already drawing fire from British Jewish organizations and I expect it will not be long before this modification is erased.

Any reasonable person would see this as a complete stifling of ANY criticism of Israel, of ANY Jewish organization (ADL, AIPAC etc.,). Right now, the move to get this adopted, it is only a TINY step from making it enforceable under law because “Anti-Semitism” is already a crime in many European countries.

The strangulation of ANY criticism of Israel and its atrocities against Palestinians is now gathering an international support along with moves to cut off all support for Palestinians, to recognize Israel’s ever-expanding borders and to ignore all of Israel’s atrocities, its crimes against humanity and its open and clear flouting of all international conventions protecting occupied peoples.

Western nations are so cowed by the Blindly pro-Israel organizations and so sold by the money from the same groups, that they have lost sight of their humanity. Ironically the “aid” being provided to Israel from the US and other Western nations, is funding all the pressures, the fundings and the brainwashing programs by Israel, for people abroad.

In the US, more and more universities…supposed bastions of “Free speech”, are taking severe action against students who protest against Israel in any form. The University of California system is becoming increasingly hostile towards Muslims who protest against Israel or its atrocities against Palestinians. The regents adopted a change of their so-called, “Principles Against Intolerance” to specifically include any imagined slight against Israel or Jewish organizations. The pressure on other universities and organizations continues and will only gather more force as this hysterical and so-called, ” (IHRA) internationally-recognized Definition of Anti-Semitism” gathers more support from the cowards of the world. Even states are adopting laws against anti-Semitism.

Leaders of Muslim-majority countries are completely in the hands of the West, mostly in the hands of the US therefore, they stay away from taking any economic or other actions against Israel except for pro-forma “condemnations” of Israel in order to satisfy their own populace.

Under pressure from Israel, the US has cut off its funding for UNRWA of over $350 Million, thus rendering more Palestinians without survival choices…which also persuades Palestinians to considering violence as a resort against its enemies which will now include the US along with Israel. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy; Palestinian refugees are deprived of means of survival, they turn to organizations that preach violence (Keep in mind that violence against occupation is permitted under international law) so Palestinians are labelled as “Terrorists” and that brings down more violence and results in greater strangulation (Israel’s wording) of Palestinians…and on and on the cowards of the world go in this vicious cycle.

The adoptions of laws and statements against an all-embracing definition of anti-Semitism did not sprout overnight, it is the result of deep-thinking people who did a lot of work over decades, to come to a point where the entire European Community is now closer to adopting the IHRA “definition”. That such hard work is now bearing its evil fruit, should not be a surprise to anyone instead, it should be a learning opportunity for the many people who are fighting other forms of hate such as against Muslims in the West or, Blacks in America etc.

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