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FATAH: Mentally ill? The media or the murderer?

I was sent a link to this (headline) article from the Toronto Sun questioning whether the media were mentally ill because they were soft on Muslims. It was sent to me by a dear friend who, as a Hindu from Pakistan has (sadly) good reason to be mad at Muslims persecuting minorities like him in the name of Islam. Pakistan’s twisted system of law, what they call “Sharia-based” law gives cover to the monsters who take part in murders and persecutions of religious minorities. (

My friend’s e-mail was in response to him originally referring to “Radicalized” when talking about violent Muslims. I pointed out that the term “Radicalized” is not a hole lot different from “terrorist”, “fundamentalist” and “home-frown” in that they have become slightly civilized code for Muslims. I asked him to not use such terms and to be against violence and injustice no matter who committed it.

He replied by telling me there are Muslims who go to becoming Martyrs and killing people so when they go to Heaven, they will have “a gaggle of virgins”. That as guests in this country, we should refrain from “complaining and bitching at home and in Mosques” about the US and the West because it contributes to Muslim violence.

He closed by telling me that as “A Muslim leader”, it is my job to speak out against violence. This was my response:

Come on, you seem to be regurgitating the same bullshit as the media is doing today.

I am NOT arguing that there are violent Muslims. What I am saying is that it is folly to identify Muslims as if we are the sole source of violence anywhere in the world; there are plenty of Jews, Christians, Hindus and even the peace-loving Buddhists out there who think nothing of a little butchery hare and there and I am sure you are aware of them.

Before you start off with the “Martyrs” and “Virgins”, you should be a little more aware of realities. So if someone should cite “Virgins” that does NOT mean it is a Muslim belief. Similarly, if someone should be called a “Martyr” for committing a suicide-bombing. that too, does NOT mean Muslims believe that.

Neither we, as first-generation Muslims here nor our children are “guests” by ANY stretch of the imagination. I am a citizen of the USA and while yes, I am ashamed of the many thing done and being done in my name, I will challenge any redneck out there who thinks I am any less of a citizen than s-he is.

I AM “constantly complaining and bitching” about the current attitudes and injustices in the West AND in the US but that is my right as a citizen and my duty as a human and I do this EVERYWHERE, not just in the private safety of home.

Some monsters are created because of the Wests continuing slaughters of people in their Muslim-majority home-countries and the kids take irrational measures. This is a natural reaction while not a human one but keep in mind that when the Irish and the Sikhs did the same thing, the US and most of the West was quite muted over it. Some monsters are created because they have been badly tutored by the so-called “spiritual” leaders.

I am surprised you are telling me what my responsibilities are as a Muslim with some influence, have you never kept up with my FB posts? do you think I am planting them for cosmetic purposes? The only two threats I received have been from devout CHRISTIANS who believe I am a “Sleeper Cell leader”. The threats were so hostile that I was pretty sure they would be coming after me with guns and yes, I did seriously think about getting a gun myself but thankfully, sanity prevailed. I haven’t had a single threat or even close to it, from any Muslim; not in the US, not in Pakistan, not in Arabia or from any other place. This, in spite of the MANY statements and opinions I have put out against what is happening in Pakistan and in Arabia. Not even when I condemned the (only) violence-promoting translation of the Quran that is being spread from Arabia and I suggested owners should burn those copies, in a respectful manner of course. I have had Muslims argue or discuss my opinions with me but never in a hostile manner. I have written articles in magazines about supporting Gay marriage LONG before it became fashionable to say such things and I have had conservative imams talk to me about my writings but then allow that what I said was very reasonable.

Please refrain from posting idiotic and purposeful links about how evil we Muslims are, it is insulting not just to the sender but to Muslims as well. The link you send was and article by Tarek Fatah which I read. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of self-aggrandizing people in every religion, who make claims that they know will sell in their climate. These days, it is very lucrative to be a Muslim-basher and even more so if one happens to be a Muslim…even if s-he has converted out of Islam. These people cherry-pick disgusting snippets and put them out as if that represents all Muslim or Islam while their audiences, hungry for more Islamophobic “news” gulp it down and demand more. It does not take much time or brains to find plenty of disgusting incidents and atrocities committed by people of EVERY religion and it can be used to insult the entire faith-group. 

You should not be a party to that.

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  1. I agree with all that you have said but, unfortunately, many sick Muslims have muddied the waters so much that any one who has a grievance against any Muslim can find plenty of malicious stuff said and done by self proclaimed muslims. It seems to me to be a loosing battle.

    May you live long enough to educate enough of these critics to make a difference.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | July 26, 2018 | Reply

    • Thank you for your kind comments. The only point I make and will continue to do so, is that there are plenty of examples of evil in every faith and politics and therefore, it is not good to pander to bias-producing events of
      ‘news” as if it (Muslims) is the only place where one can find violence.


      Comment by penjihad | July 26, 2018 | Reply

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