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Yes! Move US Embassy to Jerusalem!

It sure looks like it is happening now that Trump has informed Abbas that the US Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem. Abbas, like all other Palestinian leaders, will grovel and accept but make lots of noises about how terrible it would be. Arab leaders will do their typical “I’m mad!” dance and shout that this will mean the end of the world because the gates of Hell will crash open if the US does so. Mindless Muslims across the world will demonstrate how upset they are and they will proceed to burn their neighbors’ properties to show their rage at the US. Europe will state in a most civilized manner, that this step would not be helpful.

The FBI will go on high alert in the US and will start to look for yet more “Muzlems” to target but the world will move on…

The fact is that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing the city as Israel’s capital will be the best thing the US can do and I hope other so-called, “civilized countries” will follow suit. It is time that Israel is recognized as a single country from the Jordan River to the sea, from Syria to the Sinai…ONE country with all three faiths living as equals.

Enough with all this vacuous talk about “Two-State Solution” for “the  Palestinian Problem”, there can never be a meaningful, survivable, two-state solution for Israel. Israeli Jews and Jews who blindly support Israel have to either accept a single-state for all three religions or effect a complete genocide of all Christian and Muslim Palestinians living in Israel and in its Occupied Territories. Of course, with so much genocide already conducted by the Israeli Jews against the Christian and Muslim Palestinians, going further to finish them off in a “Final Solution” Blitzkrieg will only result in a total confirmation of the “Jewish Character” of Israel; the world will moan and groan but with American support, pretty soon even the bones of the dead Palestinians will be disappeared.

Realistically, it is time for a single state. Israel and the three faiths can only live, survive and thrive as equals in ONE country, only a complete fool would fail to recognize that and only a fool would insist that the three faiths cannot live on one land as brothers and sisters…as God meant them to be.

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  1. I agree that a one-state-solution is the only way to create a just and lasting peace: partition was never the right way to solve the problem. But a state created by Israeli conquest is not the right way to get there, It has to come about by an agreement between the two states to unite. This is how Scotland and England, at one time enemies, came together to form the single state of Great Britain. Search for “The One-State-Two-Nations Proposal” for more on this.


    Comment by dgfincham | December 6, 2017 | Reply

    • Thank you for your comment. Actually, Scotland and England never came together, Scotland was crushed into submission, Gaelic and other Scottish traditions were made illegal and punishable (as in Wales and Ireland). Nevertheless, they are well-integrated into the United Kingdom and have equal as well as sovereign rights.
      There is no reason why Israel cannot be integrated as one country with equal rights for each of the three faiths and exist tri-lingually (English, Arabic and Hebrew). It can even have Arabic-Hebrew naming conventions like they do in Switzerland, starting with the country called Israel AND called Palestine.


      Comment by penjihad | December 21, 2017 | Reply

  2. The single state you mention existed before Israel where Muslims, Jews and Christian neighbors lived with harmony and peace (excluding foreign interventions like the Crusades or modern day Apartheid state). Let me tell you the name of the state that you forgot to mention “Palestine”. Palestine is for all Palestinians and should not be occupied and we should protest against the current state of apartheid, genocide and terrorism, “Israel”. Zionist imperialist have hijacked the pain and suffering of Jewish people and cashed it out for their own benefit. True followers of Judaism oppose Israel equally if not more vehemently as a crime against God and His commandments. It is not a conflict between Muslims and Jews or Arabs and non-Arabs (as often characterized by MSM). It is a war of oppressor vs the oppressed, it is a war of occupier vs occupied and it is a war of truth and justice against propaganda and tyranny. Long live Palestine!


    Comment by A R | December 21, 2017 | Reply

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