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My RIGHT to own Guns, my RIGHT to Kill…

As I have said before, the US is by far, the most legally violent country in the world…in other countries there may be more violence, but it is not legally sanctioned.
EVERY SINGLE state has laws that permit people to shoot to kill at the first indication (or suspicion or even imagination) of personal danger, better known here as some variant of the “Stand Your Ground” law.
Gun ownership is more American than Americans and guns are the ultimate display of manhood, independence and power here.
With every nationally-watched murder, gun sales rise, with every change to liberal leadership, gun sales go up and with every national discussion, more people rush to buy yet more guns. The arguments by the “Kill-at-will” proponents is that everyone should carry a gun…everywhere so that if someone (not them of course!) should start shooting, the civilian on the street can pull their weapons and blast away at the shooter…the original shooter…and that would serve to limit the carnage.
What happens when stray bullets injure or kill bystanders?
Knowing the bigotries against Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims, what prevents some over-eager civilian from taking shots at the usual suspects instead of the REAL shooter?
If everyone is permitted and armed, then why worry about the Police? Why not take the law in our own hands and deal with “them criminals” so that in future, people will not commit crimes so easily?
What happens to the poor foreign visitor who gets mad at some point and then gets killed because s-he was perceived as a threat?
We are going deep into the Wild West Days where guns ruled and minorities were slaughtered., guns and gangs (White communities) ruled.
Growing up in the Old Country Pakistan, we were the normal kids making friends, getting into rivalries and at times, getting into fights. Our fights were crude wrestling matches, a punch thrown here, another thrown there until people separated us. Going home meant we then had to explain the ripped or bloody clothing and that was no fun.
More often than not, the next day, the opposing kids would meet and offer to shake hands and become friends and the matter was forgotten. This, all the way into my college days.
How would those fights resolve themselves today? Would we pull our guns (are knives okay?) and kill each other? would we wait for the next day and approach each other with our weapons? Maybe the fathers would also get involved and a real shootout at not-OK Corral could result. People would die and it would all be perfectly legal.




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