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An Ethical Dilemma and a Legal Problem…for Muslims!

You have a friend who was planning to join ISIS. You find out and talk with him and finally dissuade him from his plans. With your help he is now on the right path in life.

Should you tell the FBI even though he no longer has those plans?

What if you know that telling the FBI will only destroy the young fellow who is no longer a threat to anyone?

What if the FBI asks you if you know anyone planning to join a “Terrorist organization”?

Before we discuss this issue, let us make one thing VERY clear; under no circumstances should anyone even think of lying to the FBI, THAT is a Felony offense. Yes, they can lie to us and they do, all the time. But never, but never, lie to the FBI, not even a tiny lie because they WILL come for your head. What we can do if we do not wish to tell them anything or, if we are afraid they will somehow twist something we say, into a lie (and they do, all the time) is to simply refuse to talk to them. That would be perfectly legal and actually, quite wise even if we have nothing to hide.

He tried to stop his friend from joining ISIS. But then he lied to the FBI.”

There have been many cases where friends and (as an example, “The Portland Bomber”) even parents, have gone to the FBI, telling them they are concerned that a (Muslim) person may be on the wrong path and may get involved in violence. Instead of getting involved in a positive way and side-tracking the fellow, the FBI sees an opportunity to cultivate the fellow and goad him through “informants” (read, “Agents Provocateurs”) to get involved in planning violence. The FBI has provided those gullible people with fake bombs or guns and told them where to go to use them and then the FBI has arrested them with great fanfare, having saved the world yet again.

Far too many people’s lives (Muslims of course) have been destroyed by the FBI simply because someone reported them as being “suspected” of involvement in violence/terrorism etc., For the FBI, it is simple; they have to show a scalp-count in order to prove they are really saving the world otherwise, their budgets (not to mention their careers) may suffer’ innocence or guilt is not the issue, making the accusation stick is.

For me, it is simple too. If I KNOW someone is intent (Able, Willing and Ready to move on it) on committing violence, I don’t care what their faith may be, I’ll report them. But if someone is talking about it, will they actually do something or are they just blowing hard? Do I want the burden of participating in destroying an innocent life? It is not an easy choice.

US Courts have convicted Muslims on mere pretexts, on simply saying they wanted to do something bad in the US or overseas. One young man (Tarek Mehanna) was even sentenced to seventeen years in federal prison simply for translating some Al-Qaeda documents (“Giving aid and comfort to the enemy”).

The same US courts have decided that the Huttaree who planned on bombing Police and then bombing a funeral were simply exercising their freedom of speech and since they had not done anything, they were innocent.

Raymond Ibrahim (not Muslim of course!) translated the ENTIRE Al-Qaeda manifesto. He is lionized and is on a well-paid speaker circuit as an expert on Islam and Terrorism.

Clearly, criminal guilt depends on whether the accused is Muslim or not; if s-he is not Muslim, often there is not even an accusation.

Unclearly, there appears to be no red line distinction that could help us decide when or if to report anything to the FBI. This is an American Tragedy.

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  1. You have raised a very pertinent and valid point. It is depressing to think that there seems to be no positive outcome in sight. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | October 31, 2017 | Reply

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