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Las Vegas Slaughter, can we stop it?

More than 50 people are dead and the number is likely going to go up as some more of the injured lose they lives. Hundreds are injured.

How does this happen? How can Steven Paddock, a single person, kill so many at one go? No matter what weapon a person has, short of a bomb, it is not possible to kill and injure so many from such a distance unless one is well-trained in the art of using automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

Already, interested parties are running to defend their positions.

“He was just a guy,” Eric Paddock (brother) told The Daily Mail. “Something happened, he snapped or something, he was just a guy.”.

Sure. That’s true for everyone until they “snap”, except that when the person who “snapped” is not “one of us”, we begin to look for universal conspiracies.

Two Congressional representatives from Las Vegas were being interviewed on NPR at different times. After the usual, de rigueur expressions of condolences, the reporter asked the inevitable question about gun-control. We could almost see the congressman duck and cover as he said, “This is not a time for politics, it is a time to help people…etc., etc., blather blather…”. The other politician…probably a Democrat said a few mild words about “looking at guns” but she too, was more concerned about her job, than trying to look for solutions.

Oh, and what is the rest of America doing?

The NRA is busy trying to offer condolences, defend the right for all idiots to own all kinds of weapons and (pass the word) indicate people should buy guns while they still can; stocks of gun manufacturers are going up …as it happens after every large-scale slaughter in this country. As always, there will be some impassioned talk about “gun-control” and defenders will say they are willing to die (and kill) for their right to own guns. Politicians will parrot the NRA mantra, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people”. Yeah, sure…

There are entire militias that are heavily-armed, who engage in regular war practice and whose reason to exist is to oppose the government in case the government goes out of control. Never mind that the militias are already out of control…

“Gun-control” has become a meaningless term in America where there are more guns in private hands than there are people in it…and the number of gun sales is ever-increasing. The goal of “gun-control” in America is about as possible as world peace, especially since gun possession is backed by millions of souped-up idiots and tens of millions of dollars going into the pockets of politicians.

Back in the 1990s I used to give commentaries on KUOW, our local NPR station. One time, I decided to speak on guns. I thought, “Surely it is possible to track down a gun if the bullet can be recovered?”

I called around with an idea and finally ended up speaking with an agent at the FBI. I asked the agent why the FBI cannot create a program that can record the barrel-signature of every gun owned, imported, manufactured, sold or transferred to another person in the US. Every gun should be required to be taken to a Police station and have them fire two bullets into a container from which the bullets can be collected, their signatures recorded and the bullets stored away. To my surprise, he said the FBI already had such a program but they were prevented by law, from using it; the politicians were “uncomfortable” with allowing such information to get into the hands of the FBI.

Guns are so prevalent that we simply cannot recall them or restrict them in any way. Certainly, there are waiting time and background checks, but there is nothing that prevents a private party from selling or giving a gun to another party without going through all the paperwork.

We could of course, pass a law that requires every gun to be insured against liability for a million dollars and let the insurance companies decide whether the risk of someone owning a gun is too great for insurance. No insurance, no gun possession. However, it is a safe bet that no politician is willing to stand against the NRA and their 11-2 million gun-crazed members.

In America, we live in the single most legally-violent society in the world, yes we actually do.

In “lawless” countries in South America, Asia and Africa, people get killed in huge numbers all the time. The militaries and the law-enforcement agencies there routinely disappear thousands of people and the victims are tortured and killed. But such activities are always regarded as illegal even when nobody is punished for the crimes. Internationally, there is always condemnation of such murders.

But not in America. Every single state in this country has a “Stand Your Ground” law

  • stand-your-ground law(sometimes called “line in the sand” or “no duty to retreat” law) is a justification in a criminal case, whereby defendants can “stand their ground” and use force without retreating, in order to protect and defend themselves or others against threats or perceived threats. An example is where there is no duty to retreat from any place where they have a lawful right to be, and that they may use any level of force if they reasonably believe the threat rises to the level of being an imminent and immediate threat of serious bodily harm or death.

All law enforcement agencies are trained to kill in order to ensure “officer safety” and the safety of their fellow officers. The so-called, “Continuum of Force” requires three warnings and then  shoot to “stop” (kill) the person. All an officer has to say is that s-he “felt threatened” or they thought they saw a gun and there is no further action against the officer. In Washington state, to prosecute an officer for killing someone…in itself a near-impossibility…the prosecution must prove “Malice” in the officer’s heart.

Police officers use hollow-point bullets which have the ability to destroy the innards of their target as if the officer had used a shotgun. Police departments own armed Apache helicopters, 50 mm cannon mounted on armored vehicles. Even America’s Police has become militarized and is eager to show their prowess by using the weapons given to them at no cost, by the military.

As far as I know, the United States is the only country where killing a person, armed or not, can be entirely legal with the flimsiest of reasons offered.

As I said, we live in the most legally-violent society in the world. Talking about “gun-control” is pointless. We need to prepare ourselves for more and more such “incidents” and for greater and greater numbers of casualties. The day is not far when there may be prolonged exchanges of fire between groups with the Police and FBI watching helplessly because they will have no idea how to stop such violence.

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