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Barcelona Murders and Trump

I am seeing lots of messages (mostly by Muslims) on Facebook that are condemning the Barcelona murders and of course, everybody should be condemning this horror perpetrated against innocent people by mindless beings.
I also note that politicians are lining up to have their voices added to the condemnations of the Barcelona murders and that too, is a good thing…even V-P Pence threw his voice in.

Trump not only condemned the murders, he also suggested that people in the West should kill the perpetrators of “Terror” (Muslims of course) by shooting them with bullets dipped in Pig’s blood a la General Pershing. First of all, I doubt if Muslims would be deterred by the idiocy of being killed by a haram (banned) item. Secondly, it is clear that Herr Trump means to attack Muslims only, he is not concerned about violent people who are not Muslim. Trump has yet to condemn the bombing of a mosque in Minnesota even after headlines with stories of Muslims leaders who “are still waiting for Trump to condemn the bombing“; well, they are in for a very long wait.

Clearly, the Republican Party and its Fuhrer have no issues with targeting Muslims or with remaining silent when Muslims are attacked. This poison has been spreading down the line to the FBI, the Police, all law-enforcement agencies and even to the military since 9-11 and no President has ever put a stop to it. The only difference between Republican and Democratic Presidents since 9-11 has been the while the Democratic Party and President have allowed anti-Muslim bigotry to happen, Republican Party and Presidents have actively fanned the flames and enforced the policies of anti-Muslim hate.

Yes, we should ALL be condemning violence no matter who commits it and we should all be condemning the Barcelona Murders but I for one, am not about to start explaining for the millionth time that “Islam is a religion of peace”. We do not need to explain that Muslims are actually peaceful but we CAN reject anything the appears to have been done in our name.

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