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Now Manchester…

A young man sees an opportunity to murder many others with a bomb in Manchester and he takes it. The man kills 19 other and injures another 58 or so young folk…all innocents…and in the process, blows his own body because he was the delivery system for the bomb.

The man was Muslim, Salman Abedi. That knowledge strikes like a serrated dagger inside the breast of every sane Muslim around the Earth; Oh Lord, why a Muslims? It is bad enough that these innocents were maimed and murdered but for this atrocity to have been committed by a Muslim, makes it a personal insult and a personal injury.

Yes, in 1996, the IRA also bombed Manchester using a 1500 kg bomb, but they had the decency to phone in a warning so people could be evacuated and 75,000 were. Nobody was killed even though about 200 were injured, but the important thing from the IRA’s point of view, was to send the message.

What was Salman thinking? Maybe it was the same line of thought that so many other despicable Muslims have used as an excuse for their murders as well, “I’ll be one of the most Muslim people, I will defend Islam and I will kill these Kuffar (Unbelievers) and I will also kill myself in order to become a Shaheed (martyr) and go straight to Heaven”.

No, you stupid pile of dung, you cannot go to Heaven because God forbids murder and the prophet Mohammed is known to have said,
“Those in whose hearts is no mercy for others will not attain the mercy of Allah.”.  You also committed  a crime against God by using Him as your excuse to murder people and you insulted Islam and Muslims, by pretending you were committing your violence in their name.

In Pakistan, one suicide-bomber’s head was left on the ground after the explosion and people slapped it with their shoes, which is one of the worst insults a person can make among Muslims.

Of course all hate-mongers will start their clamor against Islam and Muslims and irrational as it is, I am sure it will find fertile ground among some of the ignorant but sincere people. It is not possible to reach out to everyone and help them understand that violence is an evil within a person, not within a group or a philosophy (Islam being one).

Our work is urgent and it is getting more difficult. Our pain is infinite.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. It is so sad and yet inexplicable to me.
    You said it well and accurately.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | May 23, 2017 | Reply

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