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Coup Against God

A fanatic is someone who does what he believes God would do, if only God had all the facts(Finley Peter Dunne-Chicago Tribune) . This is by far the best and the most accurate definition of a fanatic that I have come across. Tragically, we are getting more and more fanatics around us with each year that passes. Just in Pakistan alone, the population of fanatics has gone exponentially up since the calm, relatively tolerant days when I used to live there in the 1970s.

No matter what God says in the Quran, our beloved fanatics know better. They know that God really did not mean what He said, He meant what these fanatics believe to be “The Truth” so they contradict almost everything He says in the Quran.

Bismillah irrahman irrahim” (In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful). Instead of listening to the exhortations of Peace, Mercy, Forgiveness that are found throughout the Quran, our fanatic friends choose the most severe punishments they can conjure against people who break the many, imagined rules of faith:

A person blasphemes, kill him

Someone “insults” Islam, kill him

Someone “insults” the prophet Mohammed, kill him

Someone leaves Islam, kill him

Someone follows a different brand of Islam is not a Muslim but an apostate and therefore, kill him. Righteousness ONLY belongs to the narrow group of fanatics who claim exclusivity to the ONLY faith God condones, as defined in their own narrow contexts.

Someone is accused of fornication, kill her

A rich or powerful man kills a poorer person and then offers blood-money, he is forgiven

A man rapes a minority-faith woman or girl, then forces her to convert to Islam and “marries” her, he is forgiven.

Rules of evidence and due process as set in the Quran, are non-existent.

None of the above practices or punishments existed during the days of the prophet Mohammed but today, they are given the righteousness of True Faith.

There are so many unjust and un-Islamic punishments for unfounded accusations made against someone out of spite that the people live in terror of being accused of something and getting killed as the Police looks on.

All this is done in the name of Islam because of course, God does not mean it when He says HE will decide on the punishments of the violators on the Day of Reckoning. A tiny selection of the verses where God demands Tolerance, Forgiveness, Justice, Mercy; verses that Fanatics do not seem to recognize as being a part of the Quran are: 6:108, 109:1-6, 3:113-114, 42:36-40, 15:9, 75:18-19, 88:21-22, 42:48, 4:90, 76:29, 5:54, 17:110.

Muslim fanatics across the world, appear to be desperate to prove they are more Muslim than God Himself, by proclaiming what Islam is, how to keep Islam within the domain of the tiny group of people who control the violence. They claim Divine copyright and trademarks on God and Islam. Thus, certain Muslims (Ahmediyya) are not permitted to use the Islamic call to prayer, certain people may not use the name of God (“Allah”), they may not read from the Quran, they may not call themselves Muslim because they have all been deemed “Kuffar” (Unbelievers).

If the state of Muslims had been like this during and after the days of the prophet Mohammed, there would not have been any Muslims today; Islam spread throughout the world without coercion, only because the people liked how Muslims led their lives.

The holy month of Ramadan starts this year approximately on May 27th, approximately because even among the fanatics, they cannot agree on exactly how to calculate the start of the holy month, not even when they live in the same country.

The month of Ramadan is a month of fasting and abstinence from anything negative such as hate, violence, vengeance, lust, deceit, larceny etc., This month is supposed to be a working month i.e., a month where Muslims carry on with their normal activities and yet chose the cleaner and more righteous path. Far too many Muslims enter this month as a way of excusing their own lethargy. They claim to be exhausted so, wish to be relieved from a full days of work or even from exertions. All contracts and work seems to enter a state of suspension until the month is past. Not only do Muslims not eat, they feel justified in resenting anyone else who may eat of drink water in front of them.

In this backdrop, Pakistan is going one-up on God again; they are in the process of passing a law that makes it illegal for anyone to eat or drink in public for any reason…punishable by Jail time, fines and I am sure lashings too, by the time the fanatics are done.

Where are these fanatics dragging the rest of the Muslims? Not so long ago, as I was growing up in Pakistan (okay, long ago), faith was what one practiced and whatever that was, was accepted without question.. In most cases, we did not know what the other person’s sect was and sometimes, did not know what their different faith was. We often joined our faith-neighbors’ festivities such as Christmas and participated in practices of our different sects just to show brotherhood. Eating or drinking water in public was certainly not a violation of any rule or code; our Islam was what was in our hearts, not what was tattooed on out foreheads.

How and when does this horror stop? It will stop only when people get more education, get jobs so they are busy thinking about life more than about the practices of their neighbors and finally, rebel against the iron rule of the fanatics.

It will stop when Muslims follow what is in the Quran, rather than trying to tell God what He meant in the Quran…soon, please God!

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