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Working Together & Current Issues

Following the increase of hate-activities, we called a meeting of people who may be influential within their groups and communities at the Bellevue library. It was first estimated that about 6-8 people might come but then indications were that we may get as many as 80-100. As it turned out, there were eight of us present.

While we are surrounded by bad news of hate-mongers taking advantage of every opportunity to whip up anti-immigrant hysteria with the violence aimed at Muslims, there are also some very encouraging indicators around us if we take some time to look and reflect.

Currently, the violence and open hostilities are aimed against Muslims with the unfortunately targeting of Hindus and Sikhs because the bigots are not intelligent enough to see any difference between us Brownies. This fact should bring us together because if we do not work and act together, we will hang together. The loud shouts of hate are rapidly drowning out the softer voices of reason and brotherhood so the more we sit on the sidelines the less we will be able to make any difference to a violent future for all of us.

How can we resist the floods of hate and violence?

Often, the most important part of a battle is just showing up. Showing up is simply a gesture of support, those who cannot do much work to help, can be a huge help by just bringing their bodies to a meeting; that alone, provides energy to those of us who are able and willing to do work.

One thing we agreed on during the meeting was to see if we could build a communications tree; where each of us calls two people who call two people each who do the same until the size of the tree is massive. The message in the call could be to make a phone call or to write a letter (hardcopy works best) or both. Two hundred, three hundred calls to someone regarding an issue can be a game-changing event. Just look at O’Reilly at Faux TV. The advertisers heard the displeasure of the public and took their ads out of the show; No ads, no show. O’Reilly was sent packing even though he is the top-ranking show in the US. Everyone watching (Advertisers, public and programs) has taken the message to heart, they will think many times before they risk angering the public again because that will hurt their wallets.

What would happen if minority groups collaborated around issues that affect us all? It does not matter if Group ‘A’ hates Group ‘B’ and both groups are hated by Group ‘C’, we agree to work together around important issues without having a love-fest.

If we worked together, our communications tree could make calls to advertisers of hate-programs and tell them to back away from the program as long as it promotes hate. Bet dollars to nothing, either the programs will shut down or the hosts will change their song.

These communication trees can also be used to contact politicians who only seem too respond if they hear the sound of money in their accounts…or, if they hear a lot of voices for or against something. Once politicians stop remaining silent in the face of bigotry as they all are right now, we will see institutional bigotry come to a halt and once that happens, public bigotry will stop expressing itself with violence, threats and intimidation. With communication trees, politicians will quickly understand that silence could have career-ending results.

How do we form communication trees?

If anyone knows more than two people who they can convince to become a part of the tree and who in turn, can convince two others and on and one… then we have a game-changing tool in our hands. The beauty of it is that anyone at any point of the tree, may initiate a call to action.

Bottom line: Are YOU willing to be a part of such a tree? If so, will you send your name and contact information (e-mail, phone number) to me? You do not need to be a member of a minority group, you simply need to be able to recruit TWO other people who are willing to work with on at a moment’s notice when something goes wrong and sadly, there will be plenty of times when something does go wrong. My contact information is:, 206.228.5732.

Creating a good, working communications tree is easy, finding the branches and leaves for it depends entirely on YOU.

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  1. Excellent! Finally, a simple yet hopeful plan to take some concrete action.
    I intend to share this idea (and this blog) with my community since I am not in your blessed country.

    Wish you all the best.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | April 21, 2017 | Reply

  2. Jeff you work with Bigots like CAIR. How can you fight bigotry unless you condemn CAIR’s support of the most anti Muslim President in History in bombing a Muslim Country.

    This work is a Farce until you openly condemn CAIR for supporting bombing Muslim Countries.


    Comment by Ali Abbas Taj | April 21, 2017 | Reply

    • Please read my earlier post on FB, doing just that.


      Comment by penjihad | April 21, 2017 | Reply

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