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That gurgling sound…

That gurgling sound we hear is the sound of the last of America’s moral values going down the sewer.


Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed by the Senate (

That gurgling sound we hear is the sound of the last of America’s moral values going down the sewer.


Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed by the Senate  and will be sworn in on Monday. This judge is so pro-money, that he found against the truck driver who was fired for abandoning his cargo to find a warm place during a snow-storm to avoid freezing to death. A lot of leaders have used this example to show how blatant Gorsuch’s biases are. Hardly anyone commented in the fact that Gorsuch was one of the White House lawyers who defended the authority of the Administration, to use “Enhanced Techniques” (Torture) on prisoners. Gorsuch’s excuse is that he was merely doing what he was paid to do because he was employed by the White House; “I was only following orders” is an excuse used by many a scoundrel throughout history.

The Supreme Court now has five right-wing Judges and four Left-wingers. Kennedy and Ginsberg are expected to leave their seats soon (dead or alive) and Trump will have two more opportunities to bias law in favor of the wealthy and to leave the poor hanging out to dry. The Republican Party will once again, seat a heartless industry boy who will help eviscerate any remaining protections for the poor. At five-to-four the Supreme Court has already decided in Citizens United vs.FEC that corporations have a greater right to spend money on political campaigns, than individuals. The White House is filling up with people who believe as does Trump, that waterboarding is “a minor form of interrogation” . Muslims, according to Trump, should not be allowed in the US. Agencies such as the FBI, Immigration, Border Patrol and even many Police, feel the new freedom to hate Muslims and are acting upon it with gusto.

The hysteria against Islam and Muslims is constantly being fueled by the Republican Party just to prove how much the reps love America and now, even the person on the street is starting to believe the anti-Muslim messages they are constantly being bombarded with.

The future is not looking good for civil rights, especially if you happen to be a Muslim returning to the US.

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  1. Salaam Jeff—you may already be following him but I found many of Scott Adams’ posts pretty insightful too…

    Salaam/in peace,

    Mustafa Mohamedali PE PMP
    Social Secretary,

    Islamic Center of Olympia


    “O’Mankind. We created you from a single pair of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes so that you may learn from each other (not so that you may despise and fight each other), for verily the closest to me amongst you is the one most righteous” – Qur’an 49:13 [Translation]


    Comment by mustafaus | April 8, 2017 | Reply

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