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Vigil for the murdered Indian in Kansas

Miserable day for an open-air vigil but there was a good turnout of South Asians. Of course, there were lots of speeches and most people seemed to think they were the only ones making a speech and we were in a warm auditorium, but sadly, they were wrong.
I believe we have lost yet another opportunity for political strength and inter-faith cooperation (not the one where we read our scriptures and praise the other ones).

People addressed the death of Shrinavas in Kansas and the latest shooting of a Sikh in our Kent WA but really, is that what we gathered there for?
The main points should have been to say that the perpetrators of both crimes were not to blame; they were driven by fear (which bred hate) which was and is assiduously cultivated against “thos (us) Muzlems!”. This hate and fear are being promoted by our Republican politicians, unopposed by our Democratic politicians who can barely muster a squeak of protest and then remain silent because they don’t want to be labeled as “unpatriotic and soft on Trrrrrsm”.
When things that lead to more hate, really do happen such as when Muslims are persecuted and when Muslims are removed from airlines merely for being Muslim, not a single politician speaks out against it; Not Governor Inslee, not Senators Cantwell or Murray and not a single member of the House. When the annual renewal for defense expenditure (NDAA) comes up every year since 2010, Congress has unanimously signed on to it in spite of its provision that allows the military to imprison Muslim…without charges, without trial and forever (until the war on Trrrr is over). Yet they came to this vigil or sent their spokespeople to offer their support.
Our security forces (FBI, Police, Border Patrol and Immigration) continue to be trained that Islam and Muslims are the greatest threat to the US and to the West. So of course, when a boy is found hanging in the city of Lake Steven WA and it is not a suicide the noise stops as soon as they discover he is Black AND a Muslim.
The murders of Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and Arabs (Brownies) is no accident. The perpetrators are driven into deep fear of an unarmed population against whom the murderers buy guns and then are led to believe they are doing the patriotic, heroic thing when they beat up on of the above or better yet, when they kill one of us.
The same things happened throughout history..Germany, Bosnia and Rwanda are only the latest examples. The Muslims of Burma are being slaughtered as I write this. And all these horrors succeed ONLY because people take no action.
This vigil was a great opportunity to get contact information and to follow up on it with a meeting for ALL South Asians and Arabs to decide what we should be doing to build a coalition with actual strength and how.

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