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Muslim Bans, Muslim Lists…Action and Reaction

Targeting of Muslims has begun, it started with a sweeping ban on everyone from seven Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen). Then it was drawn back to be a ban on all refugees from those countries, then “Extreme Vetting of people from these countries; all in order to stop ALL “Islamic Terrorism” of course! Presumably, terrorism by non-Muslims may continue because it is more palatable. Muslims are being harassed at US entry points (yes, even more than ever before) and some have even been pressured into signing a renunciation of their Permanent Resident status.

Let just allow that the Trump administration and his equally Muslim-hating cabinet are really concerned about “Terrorism”. The term they used was “Islamic Terrorism” which means Muslims. Okay, so they stop people (immigrants etc.,) from entering this land of milk and honey where people live in constant fear of being killed by Muslims, their women raped, their children enslaved after the great Muslim hoards have swept across the land and taken over the country. That’s right, all 2-4 million of us American Muslims…men women, children the infants and the infirm..we are so coordinated and powerful that we can successfully take on the US military, the fully-armed security forces (FBI, Police etc.,) and all the owners of the approximately 300 MILLION guns estimated to be in civilian possession in the US.

Okay, Muslims from these countries are banned, now what? There are hundreds of thousands of Muzlems from these seven countries in Europe and other countries who may be considered to be equally threatening, how do we “stop” them? Another ban would be in order on anyone whose parents or, grandparents hail from the Dirty Seven. Good, good, Oh, but what about the hundreds of thousands of people from those countries who are already here? Got to stop them too, but before they are stopped, the administration has to identify them.

Now we have lists of Muslims from these seven countries.

Oops! There are also all these other Muslim-majority countries that are not on the list but should be because they are also “terrorist havens”. Now we have to go through the same exercise (above) for all of these folk as well…and make up more lists. At such a point, the administration will argue that these actions have nothing to do with terrorism, but facts cannot be ignored. Let us ignore the many non-Muslim terrorists who are already comfortably living in the US and Europe. Such a progressive undermining of humanity occurs in increments and always under the banner of “Keeping America Safe”. The Trump Administration has already stated that even a single death by Islamic Terrorists is too much”. Such an unobtainable standard calls for extreme measures which have already been justified as, “Troublesome but a small sacrifice”. Indeed, when you are not making the sacrifice of your liberty and someone else is, it is not a difficult decision.

Now that we have all these lists, what to do with them? We can ban people from these countries (Muslims), but how do we “stop” them?

Now we can start talking about “The Final Solution”! Before you pooh-pooh this idea, examine the parallels in history. Methodologies may be different from place to place, but the net effect was never too different.

What can Muslims do while the stew-pot calling for their “small sacrifice” starts to boil?

We could do what the Jews did in 1938 Germany; we could stay silent, keep our heads down and pray that this storm passes over us. That approach did not work for them; it will certainly not work for us.

Better, we could finally cast away our prejudices towards other Muslims, not judge their faith and embrace them as brothers and sisters in a common cause. As things stand, that would be a huge change in our attitudes; Muslims are notoriously divided by sect, race, and nationality and by just about any other point of division we can find. Once we learn to work together towards common causes, we can get non-Muslims to support us and we will really wield enough power to stop Islamophobia rather than allowing it to stop us.

Time is short. As car wing-mirrors say, “Objects in the mirror are closer than you think”. Or, words to that effect.

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