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Goodbye Mr. President.

Dear President Obama, your second term is over, you will be gone in a few weeks so I thought I needed to share my thoughts and feelings about your tenure before you go, please forgive any slights you find in this article.

During your first election in 2008, I was an Elector, one of the first Muslim Electors in the country. I was looking forward to the promise of Hope and Change which, after King George the Worst, could only get better.

I like what you did with the so-called “Obama Care”. Of course it does not go as far as it should in any self-respecting developed country, but I understand the limitations you had, facing an opportunistic and spineless Congress that caters more to their paymasters than they do to the electorate and to the nation. You did your best and many people have been helped in spite of its much-proclaimed faults. Thank you.

You were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize one year after you became President, in 2009. I must admit I was a bit mystified because at the time, I could not see anything you had done that rose to the level of the award,

but I took a wait-and-see approach. Sadly, your work till then or until now, has contributed absolutely nothing to peace in the world or even in this country.

You refused to hold accountable, the CIA and military members who were involved in torture and extra-judicial murders. Your administration did not even identify the physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists who were involved in supervising the torture of Muslim “suspects”. You made a show of banning torture but you excluded overseas military sites a Ghost Prisons. You promised to shut down the Gitmo prison and I can understand how Congress kept you from doing so, but you did nothing to stop the mistreatment and the torturous force-feeding of the prisoners and you did nothing to stop the so-called Military Tribunals that are really kangaroo courts; you could have stopped them with just a few words. You kept telling us how all people including Muslims, are equal in America but you did nothing to stop agencies like the FBI from targeting and persecuting Muslims nor did you ever speak out against the arbitrary removal of Muslims from their flights.

True, King George the Worst set the world aflame when he invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, but you poured wholesale fuel on the fire by invading directly or by proxy, Muslim-majority countries from Pakistan to Libya, by supporting the military overthrow of an elected government in Egypt and by helping in the failure of the Arab Spring. You never lost a chance to say how firmly you believe that America is not at war with Muslims or with Islam, yet everything you and your administration did, was to wage war on Muslims behind the fig-leaf of “fighting Terrorism”. You went to Cairo and spoke about how you supported Islam and Muslims as equal partners in ending extremism and then in the same speech you slapped us just to show your support for Israel; Palestinians must end violence against Israel you said, without noting the extreme violence against Palestinians by Israel; same American position with different wording.

In a nation that prides itself on the rule of law on equal protection and equal justice for all; you were behind more slaughters of Muslim non-combatants than probably any President in US history. Your drone attacks on Muslims are still murdering indiscriminately, your jets still bombing crowds, your air force still giving aid and close support for Saudi attacks on Yemenis, your support for despots, are all orders of magnitude greater than ever before. From Pakistan to Libya, you ordered the murders of people that even you, call “suspects”, regardless of the fact that their families and other non-combatants would be killed with them. You ordered Drone-murders of three non-combatant US citizens in Yemen without even the benefit of a kangaroo court trial. In doing so, you also executed dozens of non-combatants in the vicinity each time. You still hold weekly Kill meetings to sign off on which Muslim should be murdered simply because he is a “suspect”; “collateral losses” notwithstanding.

You signed away Muslims’ rights when you signed NDAA 2010 and every year after that when it came up for renewal in spite of its notorious Section 1021. You could not bring yourself to make a simple statement that arbitrary imprisonment (“detention” you call it) of Muslims (by definition) without charges, without trial and for an indefinite period, is unconstitutional.

Just in case you or someone else should suggest that I am only concerned about Muslims; yes, I am concerned about Muslims because we are almost exclusively the subjects of targeting by your administration. Our rights are compromised by you and you should know that the violation of constitutional protections for anyone in the country is violation of constitutional protections for all Americans. In your office swearing-in to uphold the UA constitution, you affirmed this as well.

You failed to provide the leadership by example that we so hoped you would.

Goodbye Mr. President, I don’t think I shall miss you.

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