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Muslims in the Trump Era

President Trump. Who would have thunk this could happen?

I have had a few people making contact with me, telling me to keep my mouth shut and my e-pen turned off, even someone very dear to me said so. I am not sure if even a dozen people read my thoughts, but shared with even them, it is a victory. Muslims…ALL of us, urgently need to bring awareness and resistance to the political bigots and their coward colleagues and kick them out of office if that is what it takes. ALL of us need to make sure our political leaders are hit with questions like, “What are you doing against bigotry in this country? If every year, the politicians signed on the NDAA whose Section 1021 directly targets Muslims for “detention” without trial or charges…forever… then they are doing nothing, nothing at all.

US Rep. Peter King

He will affect a lot of things that should each and all, worry us. Perhaps his opportunity to select Supreme Court Judges is the most concerning because they are on average, in for thirty years. A Supreme Court with seven right-wingers will be the bigot’s dream come true.

There is another concern; his words against Islam and Muslims in the current climate. He can pretty much do anything he wants and America will barely be able to notice it…but talk about him saying he would grab women by their crotches and all of this great nation has fits for weeks.

In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, entire nations decided to label an entire group of people as sub-human and enslaved them, extermination millions in the process. At the same time the Whites in the Americas decided to label an entire group of people as “savages” and moved on to exterminate them. In the late 1930s an entire nation decided to judge a minority group as an existential enemy. They first tried to hurt them by attacking them in their shops and places of worship and then trucked them to extermination camps. This process has happened frequently since then, in Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Burma and today, in Pakistan. In each of the above instances, the public was divided in three segments. One segment supported the genocide, another segment opposed it but the largest segment by far, remained silent while the affected groups tried to keep a low profile in hopes they would not be the next targets. With very few exceptions, they obeyed, they served and they went beyond normalcy to show their patriotism. To this day, I cannot recall even four of my non-Muslim friends coming to me and saying how sad they feel about the terrible, anti-Muslim climate. They are busy with their own lives, leaving us wondering if anyone gives a damn. Apathy is a terrible thing to have to suffer through. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr once said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.


Muslims are the ones with the most to lose during the Trump regime because surely, it will become an even greater disaster for us Muslims.

The Bush regime kicked open the gates of hate, fear and persecution. Muslims were imprisoned and tortured (yes, even in this country), After 9-11, fourteen thousand Muslims were held in prisons and jails, all over the country for no reason other than the fact that they were Muslims. Then.US Attorney General told the Senate that these were “pieces of a mosaic” that might fall into a pattern which would help the US fight terrorism. That silenced the great halls of representatives of the Free and the Brave.

Obama spoke in good terms and in favor of Muslims but he gave a free hand to the agencies to discriminate against Muslims and to persecute them. Bush was responsible for setting the world of Muslims on fire and Obama threw more fuel in the fire. Together they are responsible for over two MILLION Muslim deaths, invoking an existential threat that will destroy America while the greatest beneficiaries remain the weapons industries, the contractors and the mercenaries hired by the US.

Today is the fourth day after the elections in which Trump won and already Blacks and Hispanics are being bullied. Muslims on the other hand, have been beaten the women have had their hijabs ripped off and there was even an instance of a Muslim woman being forced to remove her Hijab or have it set on fire. Here in Seattle, a Brown woman was accosted in the downtown street and told she had better start packing her bags. The Open Season has begun.

Our reactions are to either pretend nothing is happening, keep a low profile or try to prove how peaceful and American we are. The President of the most influential Muslim organization in the Seattle area sent out a letter Muslims on how to react to the new era of the post-Trump election. He said Muslims must do three things:

  1. Trust in God; Pray and believe that He will help us out
  2. Trust in the goodness of Humanity; ultimately humanity will be fair
  3. “Do something really big”. My heart skipped a beat and I thought “Yes! He will now tell us to create political strength through collaboration so politicians will listen to us and protect us!”. No, his “something really big” listed cleaning parks (picking up litter), occasionally feeding the Homeless, educating people, getting higher education and a better job

That’s what I call brilliant leadership, why didn’t the Jews think of this back in 1939 Germany??!!


Sometimes, the path of least resistance is also the path of the greatest threat. The best and ONLY choice Muslims in America have, is to forget about their divisions along sectarian and ethnic lines and work together in political action even if at other times, they cannot stand each other. Right now, we have no political profile so no politician can be bothered to take the risk of looking after our interests especially when they weigh the risk associated with appearing to be the modern-day “N…lover”. If we stand together and prove that we can help make or break a politician’s career; the politicians will be very attentive to our safety needs.

This needs to be done on a group-by-group and Mosque-by-Mosque basis so people can get organized and then gather the representatives together to devise collective action aimed towards maximizing our political strength. It is only through political support that the agencies such as the FBI, Police and the Military, will stop persecuting us; only political strength will dissuade the run-of-the-mill Joe six-pack from threatening us and being lauded as a patriot.


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  1. I agree with your diagnosis and prescription. Unfortunately, this prescription is bitter as so many of useful prescriptions are.
    Although I am in Canada, we too are affected by the ill wind that blows from South. Keep up the good fight.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | November 14, 2016 | Reply

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