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Oh Syria!

When I read details of what is going on in Syria, it breaks my heart. I wonder about the heartlessness of a regime that drops barrel bombs filed with shrapnel, on crowded places. I wonder about the calculated cruelty, the so-called “strategic necessity” of supporting one side against another, that the US practices.

On one hand, the US is supposedly fighting ISIS that it has convinced Americans, poses an existential threat to the US. On the other hand, the US provides no support for the anti-Assad forces who are facing ISIS. Then we talk about slogans of “Freedom” and “Democracy” that are rendered meaningless by our complete lack of action to prevent innumerable slaughters of innocent people.

A pox on all politics that make people accept the unacceptable!

It must be kept in mind that this is NOT about the so-called, “Shia-Sunni divide”, only a fool thinks so. This is all about power and a need to control that overrides concerns for lives of Children, of women and of non-combatants…even the lives of the volunteer healthcare folks who sacrifice so much to take care of the horribly wounded.
Is this about Iran? only those who hate Muslims want us the believe that…yes, that includes the House of Saud.

If we really want to, Muslims in America CAN influence out government to put a stop to Assad and his generals but to get to that point, we Muslims have to unite around political goals, even if one group hates the other group. We CAN stop the slaughter, but only if we want to badly enough.

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