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The 9-11 Tragedy

Yes, we are almost on September 11, 2016. For those who may not be aware, this is the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy where about 3000 people were killed in suicide attacks on America. Yes, this is the day that comes every year, when America gets to rip its collective scab off the wound so it can relive the pain and bleed again and this is a day for grief.

Too many people cannot distinguish between feeling grief and feeling the need to hate and kill.

The 3000 victims of 9-11 have been given American citizenships because they are no longer referred to as “3000 victims of suicide bombers”, but as “3000 AMERICANS”. They have been listed as Christians and it is permitted to include a few Jews as victims too. Ignored are the over 10% Muslims who were also killed by these butchers and the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Agnostics and atheists as well. Muslims have already been conflated with the word “Terrorist” and equated with “Terrorism.
Parades are planned to stoke up sympathy and grief that can then be channeled into hate against Muslims. Politicians will spout forth, standing up for ‘Merika in order to make themselves more desirable to the electorate. “Never Forget!” has almost become a national slogan which is more like another message to hate Muslims.
Yes, the 9-11 tragedy was a great one and it should be remembered, but not with hate and venom against a people…men, women and children…who had nothing to do with the murderers. But America wants blood in exchange for blood and lots of it. 3000 people were killed on American soil and we have already killed over two MILLION people from Pakistan to Libya, we have destroyed over a dozen nations, we have set the world on fire but the tragedy is still cherished as an American tragedy and we still want more blood.
9-11. Muslims will cower and stay at home while the rest of the Americans…the REAL Americans of course, will celebrate, not observe, the great tragedy. More fear will be stoked against Muslims, Donald trump will probably tell us once again, that he will get rid of Muslims and he will authorize torture that will make the tortures of the post-9/11 days look simple and if the tortured ones were not guilty, they probably did something else that deserved the torture. Yes, he actually DID say that, not so long ago. Other politicians will want to look at least as “tough” on “Trrrrrsm” as him and will say equally robust if brainless, things. Republicans have decided to fear, suspect and hate all Muslims while the democrats have decided to maintain their silence in order to not be taken as “soft on “Trrrrrsm“. Muslims get crushed in the squeeze.
9-11. The day when America rips it collective scab off and when American values…the REAL American values, are crushed under the feet of marching, patriotic, Americans.
I will leave town and stay away.
Oh, for those who want to respond by saying something stupid like, “Go back where you came from!”, I want everyone to understand that I am Muslim, I am American and I am here. There are a few million people like me who are also Muslim and Americans here and we have no intentions of being intimidated by bombastic, hate-filled gas bags.
We are here, we are not leaving. Get used to us.
Finally, this year, Muslims will be celebrating Eid on Monday the 12th of September. There will thousands of us men, women and children, dressed in their best ethic clothing, going to pray at hundreds of places like Convention Centers rented for this purpose. We will be celebrating the Prophet Abraham and his sacrifice on the orders of God. It is a day of festivities, peace and brotherhood.
Come join us at any of our venues. Come join us at our mosques and help us celebrate the great day, join us for food and chat. THAT is what America is all about!

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