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Vive La France!…Heil La France!

France prides itself on its secularism, so much so that secularism has itself become the national religion (after Catholicism). Frances zeal in enforcing its “secularist standards” upon people seems to be targeted only at Muslims. They ban face and body covering burqas that Muslim women wear but they look on indulgently when the French come across a nun wearing a Habit or an Orthodox Christian or Jew wearing similar garb that also covers their heads and bodies. It is only when Muslim women wear their Hijab or Burqa, that the presumption of an oppressed woman is made.

Burqa Hijab.1

One could argue that these are local regulations enforced mainly in local jurisdictions, but when the French Premier voices his support for the bans, it becomes a national issue. Recently, a woman in France was forced to remove her body-covering clothes  by the Police because she was at a beach where people mostly wore today’s fashion of swim-wear.

The reason given was that the Muslim woman’s clothes were “Not appropriate, not respectful of good morals and of secularism” and were “not respectful of the rules of hygiene and security of bathers on public beaches”.

Burqini. Forced to remove by French 1 Burqini. Forced to remove by French 2

One wonders how clothing that covers a body is immoral or, how clothes that are relatively close fit such as a Burqini, would pose a threat to hygiene or security.

One is also left confused when Nuns in habits are seen enjoying the beaches in their habits which could easily conceal all sorts of bombs.

Burqini NO Habits ok

Let us consider the word “Secularism”:

  1. Exclusion of religion from public affairs; the belief that religions and religious bodies have no part in political or civic affairs or in running public institutions, especially schools.
  2. Rejection of religion; the rejection of religion or its exclusion from a philosophical or moral system.

Supporters of the French persecution of Muslims base their belief of France as being completely an equal opportunity bigot against ALL religion or religious displays. These people obviously have no idea of the extent to which France adheres to religion in its public affairs or, how indulgent France is, towards all faiths that are not Muslim. Of the 13 public holidays in France, the following are nine purely Christian:

1.Jan 1st New Year’s Day                    2. (Movable date) Good Friday

3.( Movable date Easter Monday…no it’s not about a rabbit

4.( Movable date) Ascension Day      5. (Movable date) Whit Monday (50 days after Easter)

6.15th August Assumption                   7. Nov 11th All Saints Day

8.Dec 25th Christmas                          9.Dec 26th St Etienne Day (in Moselle and Alsace)

No matter how it is twisted or redefined, these holidays are purely Christian…in a supposedly staunchly “Secular” country.

Many French have stepped forward to disclaim the move in France, to oppress Muslims by saying they want no part of it. Words are cheap, where are they when action is required?

Why don’t they all wear Burqinis and go to the beaches as a group protest?

Where are the nuns, the Jewish and Christian Orthodox, why don’t they organize a group visit with some Muslim women to beaches where burqinis are banned?

It is not as if there are no Christians or Jews who don‘t practice an equivalent of the Hijab and Burqa.

Burqa Hijab

As Dr. M L King Jr. once said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”. This is as true in France as it still is in the US. After the murders at Charlie Hebdo in France, people wore T-shirts with “Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie), signage and logos were loaded with “Je suis Charlie” all over the world, even to this day. It would be nice if we saw just a few “Je Porte Burqini” (I wear Burqini) signs here and there.

French people (European, White) should understand that participation is not the only form of support for oppression; passivity and lack of action too, is participation. This passivity is what allows many food kitchens for the poor, to serve only pork as a pointed way of excluding French Muslims. This same passivity allowed the Germans to load Jews on to cattle cars and take them to death camps.

Let us assume that the Burqini is in fact, “Not appropriate, not respectful of good morals and of secularism” because it “offends” some peoples’ sense of morals.

A Tunisian woman wearing a "burkini", a full-body swimsuit designed for Muslim women, walks in the water with a child on August 16, 2016 at Ghar El Melh beach near Bizerte, north-east of the capital Tunis.  / AFP / FETHI BELAID        (Photo credit should read FETHI BELAID/AFP/Getty Images)

Being a so-called, “secular country, France should also be concerned about offending the sense of morality of other citizens, should it not? If France is an objective, secular country then it should also cater to the sensibilities of Orthodox Jews, Orthodox Christians, Muslims and some Hindus in which case this “beachwear” should also be banned.

Burqini vs Frong 1

The clear facts are that France is hiding behind “Morality” to take a bash at a “foreign” culture (about 4.5 MILLION…7.5%…of France is Muslim), because Islam and Muslims are the villain of today’s fashion and because French politicians can get away with it, just as they can in the US.
The other side of the coin is the worldwide Muslims who do nothing. When an idiot cartoonist draws a picture pretending it is the prophet Mohammed, many other Muslims rush to violence in order to demonstrate they too, are idiots. Now that a country like France is demonstrating its antipathy towards Muslims, no Muslim-majority nation is taking a stand and saying, “we will cancel all our commercial dealings with France until it stops persecuting Muslims”. Countries in the Gulf states alone, account for billions of dollars a year of income to France.
In the final analysis, no matter what countries do to Muslims, even God will not help people unless they change their way of thinking (Quran 13:11).

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  1. You have said it very well. I fully agree.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | August 25, 2016 | Reply

  2. Great objective response and Wonderfully written brother. Some of us can’t write as well. Your efforts, even if alone, will be a healing for you now and a reward for you later ISA.
    Thank you brother!!!


    Comment by Abdi Tabit | August 25, 2016 | Reply

  3. It is a great comparative analysis. It exposes the double standards of those oppose the hijab and embrace the nuns with theirs habits with veneration. The article highlights how important it is Muslims in the West not to wait help from outside but defend their rights.


    Comment by Ibn Adam | September 10, 2016 | Reply

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