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Muslims and the Orlando “Killing”

Why do people refer to the tragedy in Orlando as “The Orlando Killing”? why not use the word “Massacre” or “Butchery” or, “Slaughter”?
Yes, there are many things to discuss and gun control is most certainly one of them (Floridians have no laws limiting gun purchases), but there are other steps that are desperately needed as well; Stop Hate from spreading.
Hate is not a faith-value. It is not a value permitted by God and it is not a human value. Hate is a value for those who have a deep sense of inferiority and inadequacy with a desperate need to feel superior to others…preferably weaker then themselves.
This was a tragedy of monstrous proportions and while I can see in it, the results of hate being put to action that are common to everyone, there is much that Muslims need to do to stem further future tragedies…Muslims here in America and now.

To be sure, there is little Muslims are doing that is not reflected in similar hate-mongering among other faiths, but we Muslims can only take a stand where we stand.
Here are some immediate steps we can take against what we are tolerating around ourselves on a daily basis.
We have imams leading prayers who, instead of preaching inspirational sermons, keep harping on past Muslim glories that are not relevant today, nor are they tied to possible actions Muslims should be taking to better the world. Some self-styled Imams take to the podium to promote “Takfir“…declaring some people (Muslims AND non-Muslims) to be “unbelievers” (“Kuffar“) because they do not adhere to the principles of the imam and his congregation. Such talk results in hate-promotion because of course (according to them), all declared “Kuffar” are hated by God and must be killed. This is how things are stated even though there is nothing in the Quran that requires a “True Muslim” to kill “the Kuffar” or an apostate (someone who abandons Islam). On hearing such talk from imams, who are respected even though they are not actual imams, some impressionable Muslims take it upon themselves to promote God and Islam by killing innocent people in the name of God. Congregations must protest any imam who talks about Takfirism and not have them preaching at their prayers. There is no shame in banning idiot hate-mongers who hide behind Islam to promote their intolerance; there is no pride in declaring someone to be a “Kafir” (unbeliever).
The Quran is the ruling document of Islam and there is nothing in the Quran that calls for the killing of “unbelievers” or sinners. in fact God states in many places that the only action available even to the prophet Mohammed, is to speak to those who do not believe (in one God) and then to leave them alone (88:21-22, 42:48, 10:99, 76:29) for God to decide how to punish them. If the prophet of Islam is not permitted to take harsh action against “The Kuffar” how can mere mortals take God’s place and direct self-imposed punishment on people?

Every Quran translation I have seen is much the same in its translations; not promoting hate against a people.

Every translation except for one.
Published by the House of Saud (King Fahad Press) and distributed by the millions of copies in every language and country every year. The translation is called “The Noble Quran” and is translated by Al-Hilali & Khan. Instead of translating the Arabic version directly, they have inserted language that calls for violence, killing and hate against Jews, Christians and anyone else who transgresses Gods instructions. They have called for stoning people to death when there are no such instructions in the Quran, for beheading people for their actual or perceived sins. Al-Hilal & Khan have turned a beautiful book that promotes understanding, charity, forgiveness and mercy (5:45, 7:199, 2:177) into a book of fear and retribution and the masses of ignorant or cowed Muslim have been fed this diet without hindrance.
Another book that is used to teach many a Sunday School child is called “Bahishti Zewar” (“Heavenly Ornaments”) by Maulana Thanvi. This book is written by a 20th Century “scholar” who has outlined every possible situation a Muslim may come across and how to deal with it in light of Islam. Along with some reasonable suggestions, the book is peppered with hate and violence down to saying certain people who are not Muslim, must be killed. Why such a book is used by any thinking, rational teacher of Islam is beyond me, as is why or how, a parent could tolerate their child being aught such garbage.
We live in a country that holds freedom of religion to be a pillar of the nation and rightly so. Thus of course, the US may not interfere with what is taught in faith-houses. However, Muslims need to understand their own faith, at least minimally enough to take a stand against the very presence of such books anywhere within miles of their places of worship or their children.
These actions must start now and we must do everything  we can, to put a stop to hate-mongering against others who also claim to be Muslims, as well as those who may be “outside the fold”.

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  1. Excellent suggestion, Jafar. Yes, we Muslims must take responisibility to challenge the hate mongers among us especially those in position of authority such as Imam. Although, I see some movement in that direction i.e some imams are, either voluntarily or under pressure, toning down the rhetoric against non believers. But it is too little and, I hope NOT, too late.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | June 17, 2016 | Reply

  2. Reblogged this on kimberly7247 and commented:
    I just watched the bbc’s United States of hate:Muslims under attack & I’m totally disgusted with the abuse the “all American guy” are putting on the Muslims community! Not so long ago it was the black community that was being persicuted by them but now their turning against the Muslim community but I don’t think they realise it’s themselves that are the problem because all their doing is hating their fellow man instead of just accepting & living with respect for human life. It wasn’t too long ago that 2 young students that went into 1 of the high schools & shot & killed innocent students & these guys were white American boys but their wasn’t big rally against white American boys so why abuse innocent people who are not causing any trouble! It’s you idiots that are the problem keeping the killings going on & on. I’m a white Scottish 50 year old & feel sick to my stomach every time I see or hear of abuse against people wither it’s their religion, race or against the lgbtq, mind your own life & let others enjoy theirsome! Love & Peace


    Comment by kimberly7247 | July 6, 2016 | Reply

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