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FBI…”Trust us”; Manufacturing Terrorism

June 10th, 2016 New Yorker has an excellent article, “Do F.B.I. Stings Help the Fight Against ISIS?“. Tragically, such examples are almost a daily occurrence in the US today.
This is precisely what I rail against. The enforcement agencies ask us Muslims to trust them because they are here to uphold the law and to protect everyone equally; they don’t target Muslims.
Sure, now pull the other one.
The FBI has been relentless in pursuing Muslims because we are Muslims and because arresting a “Muzlem” justifies their budgets. They pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to stake a Muslim head on a pike in order that the FBI can look like heroes. The FBI trains Police and other enforcement agencies to look upon Islam and Muslims as the greatest threat to the US and to the West and this is no exaggeration.
Why should anyone “uphold the law”?

The “law” has been re-written to target and persecute Muslims and the enforcers are busy attacking Muslims under the same laws that allow non-Muslims to remain free for the same or worse acts. The USAPATRIOT Act, NDAA from 2010 onwards (Section 1021) and more, a cowardly Congress enacts and renews these specifically anti-Muslim laws in order to show Americans how much they care for “Security”.

Those of us who have been brought up under controlling regimes know exactly how “Security” is simply a cover for oppression.

In old but still operative terms, “The law is an ass”. Muslims have been targeted, framed and convicted to decades in prison, merely on the accusation of what they might have been thinking. Muslims have been tortured and Muslims have been killed under Obama’s specific orders, based on the perception of threat…”In an abundance of caution” as the FBI so often puts it when they target Muslims.

In my opinion, among Muslims, only an idiot would trust the FBI or other enforcement agencies so, to re-phrase their slogan, “If you see something For God’s Sake, DON’T say something”.
We first need to be sure we can trust our supposed protectors, that they are actually interested in stopping violent acts instead of nailing more and more “Muzlems“. Otherwise, “say something” means yet another Muslim will have his life destroyed “irregardless” of whether s-he is guilty or innocent.

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  1. Well said, Jeff. I am not sure that I can fully appreciate your concerns about FBI because I am not living in the USA. But I can quite well imagine how the winds of mass hysteria can be whipped up and engulf from the head of state to the ordinary functionaries of Government. It happens all too often in my still beloved home country of Pakistan. I am blessed to be living in Canada where, at least for now, the newly minted liberal government is like a blast of fresh air. Hope it lasts.

    Hope you are recovering fully and rapidly to fight all the battles that are yet to be fought.

    Qaseem Khan


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | June 10, 2016 | Reply

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