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The Tsunami is Coming at Muslims Please Join the Boycott!!

We need to speak up and speak out and we need to support the boycott against United…Loudly.

Share this on your lists!

Since United Airlines removed an entire family for the crime of being Muslim, there have been THREE other incidents where Muslims have been removed from airlines for the crime of being Muslim. The latest was where a young man was removed because he dared to speak in Arabic to his family on his cell phone; the passenger in front of him said he believed the young man made threats to the flight in Arabic with words such as “Jihad” (which he said he never used) and “inshallah” (“God willing” which Muslims always use). “Why would you speak in Arabic on the airplane?” the employee asked…

After a lengthy interrogation by the FBI, he was, as is always the case, allowed to continue on another flight.

In the same period, a major Boeing supplier-owner Peter Zieve, living in Mukiltoe WA, sent out mass post cards to Mukilteo residents “warning” them that a Mosque was being proposed in that town and do people really want another San Bernadino-type massacre in Mukilteo?

In a typical exhibition of cowardice, the mayor of Mukilteo has not taken any position on this fear-mongering.

These are just a few of the incidents we do know about, all bets are that there are many more that have happened across the US in the same period, but most have not been reported because the Muslim victims were too intimidated to do so.

We need to push the boycott agasinst United Airlines as hard as we can so the message is not lost on other airlines. Here again, are the step-by-step instrictions on what to do even if you are not planning on flying anywhere in the near future:

  1. Go to the United Airlines Contact Customer Care webpage and fill out the form as follows…

  2. Fill out the “Contact Information” (yes, you have to fill in your information or they will not take your comments). Please do not be afraid.

  3. Skip “Ticket Details” and in the “Feedback” part check “Future Travel” and write out the following or words to this effect
    I am deeply pained to see airlines remove Muslims over and over again, simply because some passenger or crew member wishes to exercise their bigotry against Muslims.Your recent removal of a Muslim family is the final straw. In future, i will not be flying United Airlines until you issue a public apology for your permissive attitude towards Islamophobic actions AND you initiate crew sensitivity training that is also publicly announced.I am complying with the call to boycott United.”

  4. Click on “Continue” and it’s done.

  5. Now get all members of your family to do the same and share this Boycott call with everyone you know

  6. If possible, please inform me that you did it at so I may keep track of how many joined the boycott.

  7. Don’t fly United again. Bigots must not be rewarded.

  8. Important! EVERY TIME you fly somewhere, repeat these steps and start your comments by saying, “I am flying to xxx and I am not flying United because Muslims are not welcome with you“.

  9. Do you have a United Credit Card? consider switching to another card (some can be done free)

Jafar “Jeff” Siddiqui, Managing Broker Century 21 North West Realty, Kirkland 206.228.5732

From: Jeff Siddiqui []
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2016 10:20 AM

Subject: Adding to the boycott? Re: Another Muslim Removed…Join the boycott!!
Importance: High

Assalam alaikum


Thank you for your strong position on this   .


We can learn a lot from our African brothers and sisters whose elders led the successful Montgomery Bus Boycott which took just over a YEAR to have its full effect (Dec 5, 1955 -Dec 20, 1956). They WALKED for miles to their jobs but refused to ride on a bus service that degraded them by forcing them to sit in the back of the bus. It had to have been hard, but they stuck with it and they won because they all supported it…together!


We must work together on this. Even if you don’t plan to fly in the foreseeable future, write the letter! They will pay attention only if a large number of letters get to them and then if people write to them again saying something like, “I just booked a flight to (New York etc.,) with another airline because I refuse to fly where Muslims are not respected“.

Have every adult member of your family also write the e-mails!


Do you have United Mileage credit cards? Consider replacing them with some other card and tell them why you are switching!


I am not sure if we should add other airlines to the boycott. Let us just focus on one airline (United) so our efforts are concentrated and more people join us.


Please forward this to your lists and encourage them to join the boycott.


Jafar “Jeff” Siddiqui, Managing Broker
Century 21 North West Realty, Kirkland

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