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It Happened Again… Join the Boycott!!

Remember my call to Boycott United Airlines because they removed an entire family for security reasons? Well it’s happened again.

This time a woman asked her fellow passenger if she could trade seats with her (they were sitting side-by-side) and the man agreed. Apparently the move to sit by the window for a hijab-wearing woman was enough of a threat that the Southwest Airlines stewardess had her removed from the plane…”in an abundance of caution” of course.


Folks, we need to get the boycott started and we need lots of people signing on to it and fast! Here are the steps everyone needs to follow:

  1. Go to the United airlines Contact Customer Care webpage and fill out the form as follows…
  2. Fill out the “Contact Information” (yes, you have to fill in your information or they will not take your comments). Please do not be afraid.
  3. Skip “Ticket Details” and in the “Feedback” part check “Future Travel” and write out the following or words to this effect
    I am deeply pained to see airlines remove Muslims over and over again, simply because some passenger or crew member wishes to exercise their bigotry against Muslims.Your recent removal of a Muslim family is the final straw. In future, i will not be flying United Airlines until you issue a public apology for your permissive attitude towards Islamophobic actions AND you initiate crew sensitivity training that is also publicly announced.I am complying with the call to boycott United.”
  4. Click on “Continue” and it’s done.
  5. Now get all members of your family to do the same and share this call with everyone you know
  6. If possible, please inform me that you did it a so I may keep track of how many joined the boycott.
  7. Don’t fly United again. Bigots must not be rewarded.
  8. Important! EVERY time you fly somewhere, repeat these steps and start your comments by saying, “I am flying to xxx and I am not flying United because Muslims are not welcome with you“.

Please act NOW! We need to send out a strong message in big numbers before United or other airlines will take note.

If you are waiting for God to help out in this case, it’s going to take a long time. If you are waiting for Congress, it will take even longer. those glad-handers are cowards who will never stand for anything “controversial” and definitely not for Muslim civil rights.

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