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Action! Stop United Removal of Muslims…Boycott!

imams sued and won…but Congress passed a law Okay, how many times do Muslims have to be removed from airlines for no reason other than their being Muslim, before Muslims and non-Muslims join efforts to teach airlines a lesson that our Congress is unwilling to teach?
It is time people of good will gathered their efforts and launched a boycott of the latest airlines to inflict their bigotry on Muslims…BOYCOTT UNITED AIRLINES!

Since 9-11 Muslims have been removed from flights dozens of times simply because a crew member or a passenger stated that they felt “uncomfortable” with Muslims being on the flight. Had the people been Black or, Hispanic or, Jews or, any other minority, Americans would have been so outraged that the airlines would not be able to attract any other passengers and Congress would have scream loud and long. Yet our own Senator Maria Cantwell, who is the ranking member on the Senate Transportation Committee (Chair when the Dems are on majority in the Senate) has never once managed even a squeak against these arbitrary removals of Muslims…in spite of many letters written to her signed collectively by Mosques, Churches and some synagogues. One time when six Muslim clerics were removed in handcuffs from an airline (Flight Stewardess said passengers were “uncomfortable” with their presence), we sent her a letter asking for support that was signed by 66 Mosques and Churches and one Synagogue. We did not even receive an acknowledgement. Incidentally, the imams sued and won…but Congress passed a law protecting people who might complain about Muslims being on flights. Shame!

The latest insult was when United Airlines removed a Muslim family for “security reasons” which were later re-phrased as “Safety regulations” over a child’s seat. This same news story later tells of another example of United’s crew-training that leads its crew-members to presume that we Muslims are all too deadly for words:

  • This is not the first time United has been accused of mistreating Muslim customers. Last May, Northwestern University chaplain Tahera Ahmad was flying from Chicago to Washington, D.C., on a United flight operated by Shuttle America when a flight attendant refused to bring her an unopened can of soda. When Ahmad pointed out that another passenger had received one, the flight attendant abruptly opened the soda and told Ahmad it was so she would not use it as a weapon.
It should be pointed out that United does not hold a monopoly over anti-Muslim bigotry, no US airline has clean hands on this issue. But United has provided us with the latest insult and it is time people of good will took action…Muslims AND non-Muslims.
Clearly, our protectors; Congress, the President, the Secretary of Transportation…even the FBI (who is hunting “Muzlems” themselves), are completely unwilling to recognize the removal of Muslims as anything but the right thing to do. They say things like, “It is a small sacrifice to keep America safe” or, “This was done in an abundance of caution“. Thus, it is time for Muslims and non-Muslims of good will to take charge.
Action! So here is what we need to do starting first thing on Tuesday the 13th of April, 2016:

If you are planning to fly somewhere, take a different airline even if it means paying a few extra dollars. Don’t just boycott silently, go to the United Airlines “Contact Customer Service” webpage and tell them who you are and that you just took a ticket to fly on another airlines because United permits bigotry against Muslim passengers. Tell them the boycott will not stop until the airline publishes a clear apology to Muslims and posts a crew sensitivity training program for all to see. Tell them bigotry against Muslims needs to be treated just as seriously as bigotry against any other minority group and with immediate action.

In fact, go to their website now and tell them this is what you think and that you are planning to boycott United Airlines. No harm in giving them some advance notice!

Let’s make this work! Tell all your friends, share as far afield as you can, post on social media; Facebook, Twitter and all other sites…and stick with the boycott. it should instill fear not only in United airlines, but in all airlines, that their free pass for bashing Muslims has expired.

Postscript: This is the letter I wrote to United on their Customer Service page:

As a Muslim, I am deeply pained to see airlines remove Muslims over and over again, simply because some passenger or crew member wishes to excersie their bigotry agsint Muslims.

Your recent removal of a Muslim family is the final straw. In future, i will not be flying United Airlines until you issue a public apology for your permissive attitude towards Islamophobic actions AND you initiate crew sensitivity training that is also publicly announced.

I am complying with the call to boycott United.

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