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Urgent Political Action for US Muslims

Remember I said Muslims must not vote until we get organized and can vote as a bloc? Well, they say a wise man reserves the right to change his mind while a fool never does.


Every Muslim citizen MUST register to vote in their state and then we must ALL vote…against any Republican who is running for any office in these elections.


Things are changing fast in the US and the future does not look too comfortable for us Muslims, the Republican Party has nailed its colors to the hate-Islam mast. Tragically, it appears that the only way they can bring voters together is by stoking the flames of hate and fear against a group that has no political power…us Muslims these days.


Every one of the Republican Party Presidential candidates promoted anti-Islam sentiments, every one of them wanted to show strength by showing how much violence he could focus against Muslim-majority countries and against American Muslims. Trump is only giving voice in a crude way, to how the Republican Party and its most active folk seem to be thinking.


Trump is only the face of their party position because even if Trump were not there, the millions of Americans who shared his vision against Islam and Muslims are still here. At one point he was talking about getting Muslims out of America and he recalled a story where some people wanted to get rid of a certain people from an area so they rounded up fifty of them, killed 49 and allowed the last one to run away so he could tell everyone else what happened. Trump closed the point by saying, “and the next day, they all left”.


The point of Trump and the Republican Party’s anti-Muslim hate is not lost on the many who allow others to think for them, they know that ultimately, it is up to the individual REAL American Patriot to do his part in getting rid of Minorities, starting with Muslims. Just a few days ago, a man killed three neighbors because they did not speak English. People are burning Mosques with greater frequency, the FBI is targeting Muslims as prime suspects or, as pro-active moves to stop “terrorism”. It seems that far too many people are finding it very easy to jump on the Hate-Islam bandwagon in order to feel good about themselves.


We cannot afford to let the loudest anti-Muslim politicians (the Republican Party) win office by sitting on our hands. If Republican Party wins, they may have another two Supreme Court Justices to pick if the Senate succeeds in stalling Obama’s candidates. Those justices are expected to influence our lives for the next thrity years; not an acceptable prospect.


Sadly, the Democratic Party has not been helpful for Muslims either. They have found greatest comfort in maintaining silence while the anti-Muslim activities get to higher and higher pitch. They are only now speaking out against anti-Muslim bigotry because it serves their electoral goals. Still, they are a far better choice than the Republicans. It seems to me that while we KNOW we cannot depend on the Democrats for much help, we also KNOW with certainty that the Republicans will take active and hostile action against Muslims in the US as well as Muslims countries abroad.


It may take Muslims a long time to get our collective acts together enough so we can form a strong political group, but in the meantime, we MUST register to vote and (at least this time around) we must NOT vote for any Republican.


Here’s how you can register to vote in Washington State:

If you have a valid Driver’s license:


By mail (Request Voter registration forms online):


In person (use this link to find where to go):

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