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Snoqualmie WA Rep J Rodne shows his bigotry

Of course, now that elections are over, there is even less to fear by bashing Islam and Muslims. Republican State Rep Jay Rodne represents the Snoqualmie 5th district…those who are not Muslims of course! He does not even regard us Muslims as being Americans in fact, he wants “America” (the non-Muslims of course) to solve the Muslim problem by getting guns.

Under the cover of the Paris slaughter, the bigots WILL show their patriotism by demanding that “Muzlems” and Islam…and “A-rabs” of course, be “stopped”. For those who are clueless about such code words, try to figure it out, how does one “Stop” a population of this country that is anywhere from 2 million to 4 million?
Ultra-Patriot Rep (R) Jay Rodne helpfully provides the answer by saying “Islam is incompatible with Western values … America, arm yourself“.

I have some dear friends who object to my using the word “Bigotry” with the Republican Party but as far as I can see, the two are intrinsically tied together. Republican Party wants to be seen as the only responsible and patriotic party in this country, as the only party capable of defending ‘merica from those murderous hordes who will kill everyone in this country and enslave whoever survives; the mindless, murderous hordes are of course, Muslims like myself and any other person who says “Allah Akbar!” (“God is the greatest!”). Anyone who does not believe that the Republican Party leadership and a lot of its followers are not goose-stepping towards the “Final Solution” to “Muzlems” in ‘merica, should look around and please let me know just how many Republican leaders have rejected people like Rodne or Trump or the many other Republican leaders who scream out against Islam and Muslims.
The Democrats are only a little better. We can depend upon the Democratic leadership to take the opportunity to bash the Muslim-bashers, but when it comes to actually making a real statement against real issues where local Muslims are targeted in schools, at jobs, by the FBI, the Police or kicked off an airline simply because we are Muslim and make some idiot “uncomfortable”, oohh then these spineless “leaders” lose their will to speak, just in case some Republican takes the opportunity to accuse the Democrat of being “soft on “trrrrsm“.
The Snoquaimie district is home to many well-to-do Muslims, people who work diligently, helping the country become better, more competitive and richer. Unfortunately, Muslims’ collective will in political action is woefully missing. As a result, the bigots step in to fill the vacuum, they elect and re-elect people like Rodne who obviously prides himself in fear-mongering against Islam and Muslims.

What can Residents of Snoqualmie district do? 

Call Rodne’s office [(360) 786-7852], tell them his positions against Islam and Muslims are unforgivable and he needs to make a public apology for his comments AND take time to learn about Islam and Muslims.
Then don’t help him get re-elected next time.
Contact Snoqualmie Valley Hospital where Rodne is their General Counsel. The Board of the hospital has their e-mails and phone numbers at, contact each of them, tell them you are from the Snoqualmie district and that you cannot accept that the Hospital should engage an unabashed Muslim-hater as their General Counsel, tell them to fire him.
Attend their month,y meetings and demand action as residents of the district served by the Hospital. Tell them that by keeping Rodne, they are encouraging a climate of fear against Muslims and a hostile environment towards Muslims.
Thanks to ISIS, the Islamophobic bigots have cover to attack us as they will and it will look like they care about our country…yes, OUR country! There is a lot of work to be done to tackle the wave of anti-Muslim hate that is beginning to for so Muslims had better wake up and start to think about collective political ACTION. Otherwise, the guns Rep Rodne is advocating will be sighting us and our children.

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  1. Having read your article about Rodne, (I only just heard of him from you, just now), yours sounds a little like a shrill, paranoid rant. I would have hoped for better from an allegedly well-spoken apologist for the Islamic community in the Puget Sound.
    You appear to have a persecution complex. Please exhibit some evidence of overt aggression against Muslims in the Puget Sound region. What are your views on the calls for admitting tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S., juxtaposed with the alleged real concerns United States citizens for national security AND their own personal safety? Please respond. I ask these questions in good faith, seeking to understand, and sincerity.


    Comment by William DuBose | December 11, 2015 | Reply

    • Hello William. What I read from your post is that I should stand on the dock and show why I as a Muslim, should be allowed to continue to live in this “Judeo-Christian” society. Sorry, I am not playing. It looks to me that you have your mind made up about Muslims and about me and now, you are only looking for further justification for your misguided opinions.

      You call me an “apologist for the Islamic community in the Puget Sound”. If you had taken the time and trouble to actually READ my blog, you would have found that I do not apologise for anyone, the only sides I take are based on Justice. I do know that many so-called “experts” on Islam and “Terrorism” call me an apologist so I am not surprised that someone who may have imprinted on them for information on Muslims, should use this adjective for me.

      By “United States citizens”, you are obviously excluding the millions of Muslims who live here as citizens and who contribute taxes and talent to help make this country better than it is. You appear to be concerned about the safety of “United States citizens” (not the Muslim ones of course!), have you seen the photographs of these oh-so-concerned “United States citizens” shadowing Muslim men and women while wearing masks, camouflage and carrying semi-automatic rifles? Have you seen armed “United States citizens” walking and driving around Mosques on bikes and trucks, carrying semi-automatic rifles?

      Sure. REAL concern for safety by the oh-so-brave, defending the country from unarmed, non-White men and women and from the constitution as well.


      Comment by penjihad | December 11, 2015 | Reply

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