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Paris Massacre; Thoughts and Questions

Well, in spite of my prayers that these murderers should not be Muslims, it soon transpired that they were indeed, Muslim. How does on react to such an incomprehensible tragedy? As a Muslim myself, I am keenly aware that anything I say, will be looked at with a critical eye and that if anything can be misconstrued to show a negative view of Islam and Muslims, it will be misconstrued. I notice that Muslims everywhere are distancing themselves from the ISIS slaughters and extending a hand of sympathy to their audiences, almost as if to say, “look, we Muslims are peaceful people and this (ISIS) is not us”.

There is no explaining the hows or whys of the ISIS murders, there is no way to explain the thoughtless, heartless, pointless killing of people who had nothing to do with the wars. Indeed this “War” against ISIS is perhaps the only war I can support although not in the senseless, selfish way the West is conducting it. To be sure, we can trace the roots of the ISIS mentality right down to the fathers sitting in the comfort of their Saudi homes. We can move forward to where the US and the West decided to promote murders in the name of Islam against the Soviet “infidels” and then how it all went our of control from there onwards. However, such an academic study would be an unwelcome repeat of chronologies described again and again, in this blog as well as by many other people. When stated by a Muslim, it would be twisted and taken as support for ISIS.
Anytime I hear of something ISIS does or something another intolerant Muslim groups does, it pains me to the core of my soul, I cannot understand why anyone would believe that such acts are legal in their faith or even blessed. I grieves me to think there are many Muslims who believe all sorts of misogynistic behavior is sanctioned by their faith when in fact, it is rooted in tradition, not in religion. There are Muslims who believe being intolerant of other faiths…even of other Muslim sects and groups, is sanctioned in their faith when in fact the Quran states exactly the opposite. But being a part of the Human Race, I fear such twisted thinking will always be a part of us people of every faith because intolerance is the shortest path to power.
Why should Muslims be any different from their Jewish, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist brothers and sisters?
As we share the grief of the slaughters in Paris, I cannot help but feel a different pain and a different resentment; a gnawing question that does not leave me.
No sooner had the news of the Paris murders come out, than people from everywhere, stepped forward to condemn to butchery. Leaders of states stepped to their podiums to note their solidarity for France and for the people of France and Paris, in their time of need. Flags of France have suddenly become fashionable, “Je suis Paris!” is the new slogan that shows everyone how deep our support for the French is. Part of me echoes this sentiment but the other, nagging part of me wonders where this support was and is, when Muslims in other countries are the ones being slaughtered?
Every day, people are killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan on orders of our President, in targeted killings of suspects. Every day, there are “collateral losses”; people being killed simply because they fit a certain “free-fire” profile or, were in the vicinity of where the suspect was suspected of being but was not. Hundreds of innocent people are killed by our Special Forces and our Drones, without so much as a muted question by the public. ISIS and Al-Qaeda have slaughtered hundreds of people in Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other countries and the events barely make the news. Busloads of minorities in Pakistan, from Shia to Qadiani, from Hindu to Christian, have been slaughtered and the matter is left in the uncaring hands of the US-paid Pakistani forces and Police.
In Egypt and Yemen, in Syria and Libya, innocent people are being slaughtered in wholesale numbers by militaries paid for and supported by the US and its Western allies. Has any Western leader stepped up to their public podium to condemn any of these killings? Certainly not to my knowledge. The US can stop the Saudi-Qatari slaughter of Yemenis in a second, but as a matter of realpolitik, this slaughter is viewed as a strike against Iran and thus, is regrettable but acceptable.
The question nagging at me heart is, Do Muslim lives matter or is it a tragedy only when White, Western faces are injured or killed?
Can our President show some public compassion for Muslims too or, is he so afraid of being accused of being a Muslim, that he dares not?
Can France shed a tear for people being butchered by Saudi-Qatari alliance, in Syria and Yemen too?
Can the West apply its immense financial and military aid pressure on countries like Pakistan to put a stop to the intolerance that is growing there? How about on Arabia for its oppression of women and its Eastern minorities?
Or is it only a tragedy when the West suffers it?

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  1. Jeff, thank you for writing and posting this. As a western, white, Christian pastor, I stand with you.
    I had to hold back tears as I read about the “collateral losses” and awful position of the “regrettable but acceptable” loss of innocent lives.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!


    Comment by andy | November 16, 2015 | Reply

  2. Jeff, I don’t think the American press is quite so one-sided in its reporting of the slaughter of innocents in lands outside the U.S., or the slaughter of Muslims by other Muslims. Specifically, I am hearing about the slaughter of Muslim “apostates” by the militantly faithful of the ISIL. I would like to learn more about the slaughter of Yemeni’s by the Saudi-Qatari alliance. I must confess to the vastness of my ignorance of Islam and Muslim culture and it’s relation to geopolitics, even though I have endeavored to remedy this, by doing my share of reading and listening.


    Comment by William DuBose | December 11, 2015 | Reply

    • Hello William, The information about the slaughter of the Houthis at the hands og the Saudi-Qatari alliance and supported and armed by the US and its Western alliance, is not a military secret. Do a simple web-search and you will find more than oyu can diges but do yourself a favor and read only the British newspapers such as the Guardian or the Independent or, you can read the Christian Science Monitor.

      Read about how mercilessly the Saudis are bombing the Yemenis and how viciously the Saudis are blockading EVERYTHING, even food and medical supplies to the Yemenis. Then read how the ISIS folk (who are the enemies of the Yemeni Houthis) are attacking under cover of the Saudi bombing and gaining control over more and more of Yemen. If you can’t make sense out of why the US would indirectly support ISIS in one area while claiming it to be the greatest evil on Earth, you will not be alone.


      Comment by penjihad | December 11, 2015 | Reply

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