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An Explanation for “Why This Muslim Will Not Vote”

A friend from Canada wrote in response to my article (“Why This Muslim Will Not Vote“) saying it was most important for Muslims to vote. He said in Canada the system can identify who voted and how so, Muslims voting make a difference. My explanation for why I believe we Muslims should hold on to our votes  is important in the US, is below.
I cannot disagree with you much, but perhaps we differ in tactics because of the demographic identification abilities in the two countries (I don’t know how it is done in Canada).
There is no doubt that politicians even in the US, don’t pay much attention to Muslims and are actually more concerned about the opinions of the anti-Muslim mobs, because Muslims do not participate in the political process.  Actually, they do participate, but in such a fractionalized manner that they are not identifiable as participating.
In the US, one can find out who voted, but not how they voted.

The only way one can identify what group voted how, is by looking at group-majority areas, seeing how that area voted and concluding how the group voted. In certain areas of New York, Chicago etc., Jews are in majority and if the area overwhelmingly votes one way, we know how the Jews of that area voted. The same holds true for Blacks and Latinos, which is why Florida Cubanistas managed to formulate US policy on Cuba for decades.
This is an instructive example. Florida is a VERY important electoral state, if one wins Florida, they stand a high chance of winning the nation. Bush (God curse him!) won Florida by 600 votes and thus, got all the electoral votes in this winner-take-all state…and became the President of the United States…and pretty much, destroyed the world, but I digress. Florida has a huge Cuban population and a huge Jewish one who retire there. The Cubans make sure US policy is skewed in favor of Cubans and against Castro while the Blindly pro-Israel Jews make sure it is skewed in favor of Israel and against Muslims. Haitians are a widely-dispersed group and even though many of them do live in Florida and New York, they are not concentrated in a given area.
For decades, US policy has said if a person from Cuba puts his feet on US soil, s-he is granted asylum in this country. However, if a Haitian lands on US soils s-he is put in jail pending their deportation. There have been many cases where Haitians and Cubans landed within a few miles of each other, one set (Cubans) was granted asylum, while the other was taken to jail to be deported.
If Muslims cannot gather to vote as a bloc, then they have no hope of being identified as a voting group worthy of respect because their votes cannot be logged on any side of an issue or a candidate. The only other way for Muslims to be identified as being politically important is, if they can shower and bury the politicians with money (Jews give tens of millions every year). That is even less likely to happen than Muslims voting together and that is why I focus on getting Muslims to vote as a group.
If Muslims can stay out of voting, it will only hurt the politicians who are hoping to get our vote, but since they cannot tell how many did not vote, without spending a lot of money analyzing the data (and how does one tell who is a Muslim? not everybody has a “Muslim name“), politicians are still not likely to pay much attention to Muslim issues. Thus, if the Ultra-Patriotic Right Wing Nazi wannabes want to introduce a law against Muslims (USAPATRIOT Act, NDAA Sec. 1021 or, “No foreign laws!” etc.,), the so-called “left wing” is more likely to acquiesce and sign on, rather than risk being identified as being “soft on terrorism”.
In conclusion, I say our efforts should be focused on getting Muslims to register to vote and then, we must focus on helping our brothers and sisters realize that our survival and that of our children, depends on us voting as a bloc…even if we continue to stay away or hate each other. The Jews have managed to do this very successfully, we should be able to learn from them.

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