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Why This Muslim Will Not Be Voting This Time

Elections are upon us, ballots have arrived in Washington state and politicians are desperate for votes. All our organizations say we should register to vote and we should VOTE for this person or that one and that is what I have been saying all this time.
Until now…
This time I am not going to be voting and this time, I will ask ALL Muslims to NOT vote; not for the best person, not for the worst one. Not for a democrat and not for a Republican…or any other one for that matter, just don’t vote.
The fact is, that as Muslims, it does not matter who we vote for, we WILL be targeted.

The Republican Party has made it their mark of patriotism to target Islam and Muslims, their candidates have been talking about how they would not allow Muslims to be in this type of an office or that one, some of them have been talking about how they would restrict Muslim immigration to the US and almost all of them have found ways to tell their prospective voters, that they would do what they could to hold Muslims to account for what is going on in the world, that is bad. To be sure, some Republicans have offered opposition to such statements, but none of them have ever stood up against the persecution of Muslims that is only getting stronger. Top Republicans have held hearings about “Islamic Terrorism” as if the ‘T’-word has never been applied to Christians, Jews or people of other faiths.
I am pretty sure Republicans, if given more power, will lead the next Kristallnacht against Muslims in this country.
The Democratic Party, on the other hand, is so desperate to look strong, resolute and ready to defend this country against all demons under the beds, that they dared not take a stand against the persecution of Islam and Muslims in America. What if some people should think Democrats are “weak on Terrorism” and not vote for Democrats? So the Democrats silently stand by or actually give quiet support to the persecution of Islam and Muslims, all the while wringing their hands and saying “this should not happen!” Not a single Democratic politician has stood up to oppose the FBI’s targeting of Muslims and placing agents provocateurs in Mosques. Not a single politician has dared to oppose NDAA Section 1021 which targets and allows the military to “detain” Muslims…without charges, without trial…forever, in fact, they all voted for it every year since NDAA 2010 and will continue to vote for it every year it comes up for renewal. Certainly, when Trump voiced some crude opinions against Muslims, politicians lined up to talk against those statements…because they wanted to be seen as the voices of sanity and reason, not because they actually stood against targeting of Muslims.
Right here in Washington State, all politicians from the Governor to State Legislators, from Senators to Members of the House, all of them have been struct mute whenever there is a case of a bomb-threat to a Mosque or a Muslim school kid being falsely accused of making a bomb-threat (yes, it happened here too).
No politician is willing to stand up for the rights of Muslims in this country and that is why the Police, the FBI and the Military…and all the other alphabet-soup agencies feel encouraged to target and persecute Muslims.
“Terrorism”, “Radical Islam”, “Violent Extremism” and a host of other labels have been devised as code-words for Muslims and only for Muslims; no people of other faiths…REAL Americans…are ever taken to task under these labels.
It is fairly clear to me that no matter who I vote for, they are going to act against Muslims or they are going to lend silent support to actions against Muslims in America. So why vote?
To me, voting in this climate is like a man driving around town, tossing $100 bills out of his window and then expecting a good return on his “investment”. It will not happen.
This analogy also tells us that the power of vote IS important and it IS powerful, but only if it is used intelligently.
Muslims MUST register to vote, all of us must. But we should hold on to our vote until we can get our brains in gear enough to create a collective council which can then tell us who to vote for after negotiating their real promises to stand in support for equal rights for Muslims in America.
But more of this plan next time. For now, Muslims must register to vote by all means, but MUSLIMS MUST NOT VOTE! Have patience and have the discipline to act collectively even if we dislike other Muslm groups because this is the only way we can assure our safety and the safety of our children in America.
For that matter, this is the only way we can assure the safety of Muslims in foreign countries as well.

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  1. Progress isn’t made in giant steps. It’s made in baby steps. The elections this fall are local, and local issues range from a Bremerton coach using peer pressure to impose his religion on students at a school event to rent control—surely an issue that affects the many immigrant Muslims (and other immigrants and low-income people of all races and religions) in our region.

    Sitting out this election, or any election, is stupid and short-sighted—and exactly what intolerant politicians of all shades want us to do.

    And I know this: Judges appointed by Democrats are far more likely to uphold civil rights and be sympathetic to minorities than Republicans.

    Not voting is a shameful, short-sighted act of political suicide.

    For my recommendations, go to:


    Comment by Don | October 18, 2015 | Reply

    • We Muslims are definitely committing political suicide when we do vote because both parties continue with their “Tough on Terror” (read “Muslims”) and we continue to get crushed. Of course, we are all concerned about Taxes, Education, Healthcare and a host of other things that are also important to every citizen, but our primary concern is the safety of our children, for us and for our children to live free from being treated as if we were a threat simply because we are Muslims.

      Teachers imposing their religious practices on minorities is a concern of course, but a greater concern are teachers telling the class that Islam and Muslims are the greatest threat to the US and to the West; teachers calling the Police when a student brings in an electronic device he made for his science project and then the School District and politicians scurrying to the defense of the teachers.

      In situations such as these and persecutions by FBI and Police, the Republicans go to a hysterical frenzy with their blood-lust for Muslims and the Democrats are struck mute. Note that while Obama made a great show of inviting the Muslim kid to the White House, he has done nothing to stop airlines from removing Muslims from planes (sometimes in handcuffs) or, talking against NDAA Sec. 1021 in fact, his administration fought to bring it BACK when a court ordered its removal.

      Voting serves Muslims ONLY when we can prove our collective political strength by working together on issues of common concern. While that day is unfortunately, some distance away, we must wait it out, register to vote but hold off from voting; let the politicians win or lose my small amounts so they understand the value of minority bloc-voting.


      Comment by penjihad | October 18, 2015 | Reply

  2. Every person who lives in America should vote for whatever person or party can best bring out the best of classical American thought. Muslims should never, never vote as a block, because as human beings we should be free to support peace, prosperity, and freedom through compassionate justice and to vote for candidates who are committed to reform our institutions, such as the Federal Reserve System, in order to remove the barriers to investment by those who are not already rich. For this specific purpose the Unite America Party is the best. Other Muslims might have other priorities, so they should vote for whoever will best support them.

    If Muslims in America put their own personal interests above all others, such as freedom from Islamophobia, this is understandable, but such a self-centered, solipsistic, and even autistic approach to life merely guarantees that more Americans will demand that all Muslims should “go home”. I would have to go home to Cambridge, Massachusetts, even though I am now at home in Garmisch, Germany, while I put the last touches on my four-volume book, Islam and Muslims: Essence and Practice, the last volume of which includes my last four essays in the annual Muslim500 on the state of the world.

    The recommendation that all Muslims should vote as a bloc on a single issue shows a mentality that is no different from the Saudi government, which is a model of tyranny, or the Da’esh (oxymoronic Islamic State), which has developed this diabolical Wahhabi perversion of Islam into a totalitarian monstrosity,

    If all Muslims in America should follow the standard Muslim confusion of unity with uniformity, then I would be the first to demand that all Muslims should join Da’esh where they all would belong. As I have been saying in my hundreds of articles and many books and monographs for forty years, Muslim leadership in America is bankrupt. When are we ever going to exercise leadership in America to bring out the best of both classical American and classical Islamic thought and wisdom? Will it take another forty years? If so, all Muslims should leave America immediately while we still have a chance. The same applies to Canada, where Muslims were able to vote yesterday, together with the First Nations, in unity, not in blind uniformity, for constructive change.


    Comment by Robert D. Crane | October 21, 2015 | Reply

    • Salam Dr. Crane. I agree if ANY group votes as a bloc…all the time…then they are not thinking. However, I believe it is imperative that we Muslims should use the bloc-vote as a demonstration of our political strength and resolve because that will establish us as real and politicians will think three times, before they approve stupid laws or, foolhardy expolits such as invading countries of Muslim-majority just because they can.

      May I suggest you read my proposal for bloc-vote (coming up in a few days) and then share your thoughts again?


      Comment by penjihad | October 21, 2015 | Reply

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