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Republican Persecution of Islam & Muslims

Right-wing groups are always looking for a threat that spreads fear and thus, causes the masses to unite behind a savior party…themselves. Throughout history, this has worked well for the right-wing, they look for a minority that has little or no political clout and then rush in for the kill…literally. Germany and Serbia come to mind immediately.

It is no different for the American right-wing today; the Republican Party, who have found their minority of choice; Muslims.

When Republican Presidential contender Ben Carson made his statements against Muslims and Islam, he was only serving as the voice of the Republican Party, which has nailed its colors on the mast of anti-Muslim hate and fear. He is not alone, there is not s single Republican party contender who does not support a platform that is hostile to Islam and Muslims.

Personally, I don’t care if he is against a possible Muslim president, plenty of people are against having a president who is form one group or another; Muslim, Jews, Atheist, Gay. Black, Hispanic…you name the group and someone will not want them to participate in the leadership of this country. It’s okay, it is their right to stand as they will.

Ben Carson and other Republican (and a number of Democrat) leaders however, are obliged to at least state their reasons for being against a group, accurately instead of fanning the flames of ignorance and bigotry. Let’s take a look at what he stands against.

My immediate reaction is wonder. Ben Carson is a BLACK man and Black folk in america have been the subject of genocide, slavery, forced conversion to Christianity and daily oppression, for centuries. How can a Black man support bigotry against another minority? Is Ben Carson so naive that he does not recall the hate and discrimination he MUST have experienced growing up in America?

Then I wanted to examine his positions and reasons why he is so against Islam and Muslims.

Ben Carson said, “Muslims feel that their religion is very much a part of your public life and what you do as a public official, and that’s inconsistent with our principles and our Constitution.” Yet, Presidential candidates are often stating how they place their Christian (Jewish in the case of Lieberman) faith as an essential and inseparable part of their lives. Today, the Republican Party and many of their Presidential hopefuls are openly supporting Kim Davis, the Kentucky official who refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

I am pretty sure he was not being ignorant, but he was actually being misleading, when he said on Fox “News” (where else?), That he would not support a Muslim for President unless he abandoned his faith and swore the oath of office “on a stack of Bibles” (thus also ruling out anyone other than a Christian) and clearly placed the constitution above his faith. But he would be willing to support Christians as long as they agreed not to seek to convert the US into a theocracy. What’s wrong with such a position?

I don’t believe a single Republican Presidential hopeful would ever say s-he would place the US constitution above their Christian faith in fact that is a requirement of office for this party. George W Bush had three leading Christian Mullahs (Graham, Robertson and Falwell) in his White House and he went to them for support and advice. Republicans also seek to impose an anti-abortion position in America. If these are not impositions of Christian views on America then I am not sure what would qualify as such. Yet, Ben Carson is not requiring Christian to abandon their faith, nor is he requiring them to swear that they would hold the constitution above their faith. Yet Carson accuses Muslims of duplicity…?

Carson is also dead-set against Muslims using Shariah codes (wrongly calling it “Shariah law”), thus promoting the false impression that Muslims are seeking to impose “Shariah law” and overriding the US Constitution. Muslims are looking to settle civil matters in courts using Shariah-compliant principles, between consenting parties. This is no different from the Use of Canon Law by Christians, or Beth Din by Jews in America. Why should Muslims be the ones to be forced to abandon their faith practices?

Taqiyya is a component of Shia that allows, and even encourages you to lie to achieve your goalsWe are a different kind of nation” Carson said. Really? Lying is permitted in Islam if it means saving someone’s life or protecting the person from serious harm. Other than that, lying is considered to be an unforgivable sin. How is that different from Christianity? Peter, the first Pope, lied and denied knowing Jesus to the Romans, three times, did he not set a precedence for lying for Christians? Is there a faith that says one may not lie to save a life or to protect one’s own family from serious harm? Of course, the Right Wing has transformed Taqiyya into a Muslim Carte Blanche for lying at all times, as long as one’s cause is furthered, thus adding one more lie to their own records.

It is a national tragedy for all of America and potentially a tragedy for the entire world, that the only things that seem to bring the Republican Party together are Intolerance, Fear, Hate and deep, exclusionary, religious convictions.

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  1. Dear Brother Jeff,
    I have always admired your courage as a visible voice for equal rights for Muslims in the post 9-11 era. However, I will beg to differ with you on the issue of Muslims not voting. Yes Muslims get targeted regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats get elected. But it’s also true that African Americans and Latinos get targeted and killed by police in this country, regardless of which party is in power too. Yet, I’d never advocate that African Americans stop voting. Indeed, the way that the Black Lives Matters Movement has confronted the Democratic presidential candidates shows that it is interested in pressuring the candidates to take better positions and make firmer commitments to racial justice issues. I believe Muslims must do the same thing.

    Your voice is one of frustrations, and perhaps creeping despair at the intransigence of American white supremacy. Its hypocrisy is so obvious to us, but business as usual continues.But Latinos and the other indigenous peoples of this continent have put up with that hypocrisy for 500 years; and African Americans have dealt with it for nearly 400 years.

    Muslims should lock arms with these other racialized groups in America in a broad movement around law enforcement and criminal justice reform that applies consistent unrelenting pressure on American institutions to make the needed changes.


    Comment by Damani Johnson | October 18, 2015 | Reply

    • Brother Damani, I am most grateful for your voice of reason. I have admired the African Americans who have indeed, made America as great as it is (even though there is yet much room for improvement), by giving their labor, their lives and everything else they had. And after they made America a great country because of their incredible toil, they made America even greater by forcing it to go up the path of human dignity and equality for all. Today, America is not entirely at that goal, but it has come a long way.

      Yes, African Americans still live a tenuous existence where an African American man can be killed by a Police force that is trained to kill, and instead of mourning the lost life, our political leaders have been running to protect and support the killers. “Black Lives Matter”, this slogan is gathering real meaning and power and people…black people…have been gathering their voting power and are therefore, becoming more and more politically powerful. Five years ago, a Black youth killed by a Policeman, hardly caused a ripple whereas today, the news of a Black youth being killed, especially by the Police, sends shudders through the Police and the governing system. They are learning to respect African Americans because African Americans care enough to act collectively on issues of common concern. I can almost see the day when the prison population will no longer be skewed against African Americans, when school kids are not expelled for the same “offense” that a white kids can do without a thought.

      If African Americans did not act collectively, they would still be getting killed with impunity, they would still be getting lynched at the slightest “offense” and there would not be any Black members of Congress or Mayors.

      Muslims MUST vote, but only when they can do so collectively otherwise, politicians cannot see how Muslims voted and therefore, will not see any reason to woo them and thus, will continue to support measures and actions against Muslims. Until we can see the reality of the political power we hold in our open hands, the power we let slip through our fingers, we should not waste our votes by giving them to the very people who either support our persecution or, remain silent spectators to it.

      We Muslims have a long way to go and we are reluctant to suffer even a fraction of the suffering our Black brothers and sisters have gone through even in the past twenty years. Things WILL get worse for us in the years that follow, until one day we will awaken and start to talk to each other, to work together politically and get the power that comes through a bloc-vote and the freedom that follows.


      Comment by penjihad | October 18, 2015 | Reply

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