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Fight the FBI & Immigration’s bid against Muslims in US!

US agencies keep telling us how they treat Muslims as no different from any other people and how they would like to “build bridges” with “The Muslim Community”, but their actions remain diametrically opposite to their rhetoric; they continue to treat Muslims and Islam as the greatest threat to the US and the West. So much so, that the FBI and other agencies actually have trainers on staff, who have trained agents on this bit of brainwashing….even as the FBI continues to tell us they have removed anti-Muslim books from their reference libraries and have stopped such training. Every time the FBI gives us this line of fiction, another expose informs us the it is anti-Muslim business as usual in the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies across the US.
It should not take the brains of a genius to figure out that the FBI is simply retaliating against Kariye, the Portland imam because he dared to join the lawsuit against the government’s discredited “No-Fly List”.

This “List” began with an extraordinary 10,000 names in 2001 and is now getting over a MILLION names. The “No-Fly List” is a rat hole into which anyone can be thrown by any Federal agency without specifying any reason other than “National Security” and then there is no coming out of it. The actual reason (there is usually no reason) for being on the “No-Fly List” is “Classified”, the name of the agency that placed the name on the list…is “Classified” but the only way to get the name off the list is by approaching the agency that placed you on the list! These folks must have written a doctoral thesis on “Alice in Wonderland”.
We have seen this pattern of small-minded vindictiveness in other governments in the past, governments such as Hitler’s Germany. It is wise to note that Jews preferred to remain silent during the beginning stages of their persecution, a period when perhaps they could have rallied other support and stopped Hitler’s mad rush to exterminate (ISIS can learn a lot about extremist behavior from the so-called Christian states).
Suddenly, over 40 years after the US’ war against the Soviet Union to the last Afghan, they discover that Kariye was involved in the same war…on US’ side! and horror of horrors! he “had dealings with Osama ben Laden”!!! Gasp! give me air, I can’t stand the shock!!
I wonder how many of “our boys” has the FBI targeted and tried to revoke their citizenship for “having dealings with OBL”? The list must be in the thousands and many of them prominent American politicians and businessmen…but White and “Judeo-Christian” I am sure! which is why they are honored for “defending the country” while Muslims, who are generally Black or Brown, are targeted for “supporting terror” even though they were all on the same side back then.
The US has targeted Muslims in singles and small groups of twos and fours so there is no general notice and we Muslims fall off the radar without fuss. Many Muslims have a strong sense of honor so when they are persecuted and told they will go to prison forever unless they sign their US citizenship away, they choose to sign and return to their old country.
In Pakistan, people who hunt for ducks in Sindh’s Kalri lake, walk (it is not very deep along the shore) up to a duck with a bush-like cover around their heads and they pull the duck under water so it cannot make a noise and no other duck notices or makes a noise. then they go for the next duck. It feels like this is what is happening here except that we Muslims are the ducks and the FBI is the hunter.
Muslims are so fragmented that it is easy for the US agencies such as the FBI and Immigration to destroy us as individuals, but it is time we acted together to change that.
Action: Fight or Die!
I know for a fact that there are at least a few Muslims in the Puget Sound area…respected Muslim leaders…who can also be targeted for the same bogus reasons that Imam Kariye is being targeted and I also know that their efforts as individuals, have gone nowhere in the past; they keep getting stone-walled by ICE and the FBI.
I also know that while I may be safe (for the moment), it is only a matter of time before dissidents like me and then even the more “moderate” Muslims can and WILL be targeted if re remain subservient to the excesses of our government. Our politicians are, as the scot saying goes, “As useless as a fart in a bucket”, but this is also our fault, not theirs because we Muslims do not communicate our common concerns in a unified way.
We NEED to get together and act collectively on issues of common concern.
The Muslims who are being targeted by the FBI and ICE should join the lawsuit with Imam Kariye and make it a national law-suit. Maybe then, the government will stop its persecution or, maybe then the Supreme Court will look at it (before it completely goes to the Republican Brown-Shirts!).
Muslim organizations and groups should drop their idiotic desire to be the Supreme Leader of their local area, we need to stop breaking off from others because of our petty sectarian hostilities and we need to work together even if we can’t stand the others! Our Jewish cousins are immensely successful because they understand this and they work in unison, on matters of common concern even if they hate the other groups.
The fact is that getting political clout is extremely easy and yet, extremely difficult because the key to getting political clout is having a unified vote. I will deal further with this aspect in another post.

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