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Same-gender marriage okayed by Supreme Court

Marriage Equality is now upheld by the Supreme Court and while there have been some pretty bad Supreme Court decisions in the past…and some superb ones, this one is high on the list of the court’s better ones. Lots of people object to same-gender marriage on religious grounds and as far as anyone is concerned, their objections can stay in place. This decision allows those people who wish to share their lives with another (currently unconventional) person, to move on with their lives in peace. Religion’s place remains protected and indeed Churches and other places of worship can freely carry on with their faith-practices, but the State has been separated from religion in the area of marriage.

One of the better things about the US is that it is moving farther and further away from religious domination and closer to letting people be. Just take a look at the many states where religion plays such an important, overwhelming part in everyday life that it destroys the lives of those who do not subscribe to the dominant club. We cannot deprive others of the simple joys of life in the interest of our own narrow desires. It is this separation of Church and State that allows marriages between people of different faiths and of different races, it allows for divorces, it allows people to not be forced to attend religious practices of others, it allows one person to not drink alcohol while others freely do so and it allows all of us to practice our own faiths or non-faiths as we please. Marriage is sacred in religions, but under different rules for each religion and different between many sects as well so, while the question of the sanctity of marriage is raised, few care to define sanctity under which religious order. Like supporting patriotism, we all support the sanctity of marriage but we do not get into discussions of what that means. The fact remains that the so-called “sanctity of marriage” is a creation of religion therefore, it is fine for people of different faiths to live within this sanctity as they are guided to do so, but we may not impose our religious doctrines on others who do not wish to follow it. Thus it is that if two people wish to get married, we may not interfere in their pursuit of simple happiness, whether those two people should be a Catholic and a Protestant, a Shia and a Sunni, Orthodox and Reformed Jew, Black and White or yes, two people of the same gender. People who are doing no harm to anyone else and who are following their own desires, should be allowed to do so. We do not have to join them in their practices, but we may not stop their simple joy. The Supreme Court decided well.

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