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Follow up to “45 slaughtered in Pakistan bus”

I received some responses to my last post (“45 slaughtered in Pakistan bus“), two in particular were such that I had to respond to them. I will combine the two as one below and then reproduce my response to them further down.

  • I appreciate all the time & effort you put in sharing your thoughts.  But, I take issue with this statement of yours, “I am not sure if it is shocking that there is little reaction in Pakistan, on the murders of so many people.”  This is not the first time I’ve noticed you making statement about a country you have not visited in eons.  It appears that your views on Pakistan & it’s peoples’ reaction to this tragedy are not based on any facts or reality on the ground. 
    I am currently in Pakistan and am witnessing the impact of this tragedy on this nation first hand.  The whole country is reeling from this incident because of the special place Ismaeli community holds for this country in terms of providing public services to rest of the nation. 
    I wish you would give a second thought before making such blanket statements about a nation that leads the world in food donation and its culture is renowned for its hospitality & generosity.
    The deteriorating situation in Pakistan is so complex that in reality no one knows who is behind all this killing. Forgive my ignorance but I’m lost how such Posts can bring +ve change in Pakistan…..  I respect Jafar for spending so much of his time on writing emails and Blogs.  MaShaAllah he is very knowledgeable and he knows our Prophet (saw) was always humble, polite, and used Hikmah in his conversations. We all should do the same.
Many thanks for sharing your thoughts on this message of mine.

The point about Pakistan is a minor one and if that is all we can focus on, then the message is indeed lost, but since you brought if up, I need to address it. I may not have been to Pakistan “in eons” as you said (and it does feel like several lifetimes ago because I miss it dearly), but I do know what is going on there and I have had the experience of Pakistan when I was there.
Pakistan IS a great country in spite of the corruption that is endemic there and Pakistanis ARE wonderful people, so kind, so hospitable, so intelligent and yes, so hard-working.
But Pakistanis have seen so much violence and so much loss of life that it is impossible for human beings to feel the horror of a tragedy in a continuously tragic situation. If they were not benumbed, they would cease to live.
Pakistanis ARE very much calloused to the single-event tragedies and even the on-going ones. I remember when people in East Pakistan would die by the hundreds and the thousands in floods and hurricanes, people in West Pakistan would relieve their conscience by saying it was God’s birth control. Black humor that is the only way to avert the deep feelings that arise in tragedies.
After so many Drone attacks, Pakistanis have a choice of either grumbling and continuing with life or, starting a new revolution against the military and civilian leaders who permit these atrocities against their own people in exchange for some coins and guns.
When Hindus are raped or killed in Pakistan, who is there to cry for them? Who is there to demand ACTION?
When the Ahmediyya are forced to mot make Azan, and not to call themselves Muslim or, not call their prayer centers Masajid, who is there to kick the bigots in the teeth and get the Ahmediyya their EQUAL rights back?
When the Shia are killed in a Mosque bombing or by the busload as in Parachinar and this latest one, who is there to force the Police and military to stop this action?
To be sure, the layer within which you circulate, is concerned and maybe, some members of the press intelligentsia make the right statements, but really, what is being done about it? Nothing. When some children are slaughtered in Peshawar, the entire Pakistan military sprang into action, along with the Police and the rounded up hundreds of people and tortured them to find out who was behind it all. The fact that the people rounded up are likely innocent,  ensures that only the innocent will be punished. Still, every military district is now tighter than a drum
I did not know that Pakistan leads the world in food donation…probably on a per-capita basis although even  that seems to be more wishful thinking than reality. If Pakistan is actually giving food in international donation, it should be ashamed, there are millions of hungry people INSIDE Pakistan, why are they going without food when Pakistan is giving it away?
Like India, Pakistan is a major manufacturer of advanced weapons, it has the capability to destroy most of India with its nuclear arsenal, but there is not a single city, town or village in Pakistan, that is provided by drinkable water, many schools are drawing budgets with not a class being held inside and there are no public clinics in some places, for at least a day’s worth of hard travel.
Finally, there are those dutiful and loyal Pakistanis who refuse to acknowledge that anything violent can be a Pakistani’s (Muslims) action, they prefer to blame RAW (India) for every bullet shot and every bomb blasted in Pakistan. Such an escapist attitude only serves the violent fiends who continue to wreak their havoc in Pakistan on Pakistanis of all faiths.
It is not only possible, but a matter of fact, that living within Pakistan blinds most people to what is going on there.
PLEASE do not drag the prophet Mohammed into discussions without first understanding what he actually did and what he actually stood for. All too often I see Muslims using the Quran, the memory of the prophet Mohammed and his sunnah, as a bully-club to bash in the heads of others they want to shut up.
You say he was “was always humble, polite“, do you know what that means and would you like to translate it for me so I know what you mean when you then say “”We all should do the same?
Just how humble and polite do you think he was when he told the people of Mecca that they were worshipping idols who should be destroyed, do you think the Meccans thought he was being humble and polite and using “hikmah”? I seriously doubt it.
We need to stand for truth and justice (4:135), we must not use fanciful examples of the prophet Mohammed to shut down discussions or to stay out of situations that demand our action or our speech. Muslims cannot practice their faith without becoming involved in situations on the side of justice and dignity of their neighbors.
Finally, the piece I wrote about was MUCH more than a single comment on Pakistan, it was about how we as Muslims all over the world, are allowing the Great Divide to grow between our own groups. So much so, that this Great Divide is greater among Muslims, than it is with our “inter-faith” partners. We need to be better and closer Muslims, THAT is what I wrote about.

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  1. Thanks Jafar for your thoughtful response. You are right our tragedy is so deep and complex that many people, myself included are confused and feel helpless.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | May 15, 2015 | Reply

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