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45 slaughtered in Pakistan bus

Pakistan gunmen kill 45 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus
It has happened again, mindless fanatics have slaughtered 45 people in Pakistan…in the name of Islam and in the name of God.
I am not sure if it is shocking that there is little reaction in Pakistan, on the murders of so many people. One can understand that the country has become rather numbed to news of yet another butchery.
There are people being killed/murdered/butchered at the hands of fanatics almost every day in Pakistan. Fanatics come in different colors and different fanaticisms, some accepted and some tolerated but few are rejected.
The first line of fanatics is the government, its Police and Military which regularly disappears and kills civilians in the name of “protecting the nation”. These agencies are so fanatical about “protecting the nation” that any number of murders is acceptable and actually, a duty. The government is also so interested in keeping the fanatics under some reasonable (from their point of view) control, that they take little or no action when some fanatic kills a person because of “Blasphemy”, “insult to the prophet Mohammed” or another similarly idiotic excuse.
The next line of fanatics are the United States and its “Coalition of the Willing”. These folks have hyped the fear of being destroyed by a diminutive number of ill-equipped people so much, that they now have unlimited supplies of highly-murderous weaponry to direct at the faceless people the “Coalition” has identified as “Terrorists” and “Suspects”. Hundreds and thousands of people, almost every one innocent, have been slaughtered every year, by the US and its ready-to-kill allies.
The last and most continuous line of fanatics are the ultra-religious Muslims for whom, anyone who does not toe their precise line of thinking about Islam, is a “Kafir” (Unbeliever or Apostate). As such they believe, these “Kuffar” (Plural) are more dangerous to Islam than the other enemies, because these “Kuffar” will dilute and dissipate Islam and before you know it, Islam turns into a corrupted version of its ideal and is gone.

This third groups of murderers is in three sub-groups, the groups who commit the actual violence and slaughters, the groups who praise them and the groups who remain silent. Few Muslim groups in Pakistan, are sinless in these slaughters and few stand publicly to denounce the murders of people in the name of Islam. Thus, mindless and heartless, un-Islamic murders are encouraged because no resistance is felt from the public.

Okay, so that’s all in Pakistan, why does it make a difference here, half a world away?
Precisely because we Muslims in the West, have become unwitting tools of the fanatical movements “back home”. Most Muslims, even many so-called “scholars”, don’t take the time to think about what the Quran says, they are happy to swallow some treatise written by a dead “scholar”, treat it as if it were as reliable as the Quran and regurgitate it to their flocks who follow on blindly. Muslims here, have so little confidence in their faith that they are afraid any challenge to the ignorant preaching or to any path to fanaticism, would destroy their own faith and condemn them to hell. Rather than listen to their reasoning and logic (as instructed in the Quran itself 7:36, 49:6 etc.,) they bow to their “leaders” and create divisions amongst themselves (the REAL Muslims) and other Muslim sects (The “Kuffar”).
As Muslim groups, we stay away from each other and even shun the other groups although we do not say so in public. On the surface, we make platitudes such as “Our doors are always open”, “We have no problems with (the other) groups”. No Muslim group is free from bigotry against other groups, some of us may be less against one group, but certainly we hold bigotry grudges against other, smaller groups.
On issues such as the Syrian war, some groups will condemn Assad’s side and support the rebels, while other groups will support Assad’s group and condemn the rebels. the two “sides” of Muslims in this area, will not even contemplate getting together to condemn ALL violence in Syria and support the victims, regardless of “sides” or faiths. Each party blames the other for being too inflexible to come together and a greater divide is created right here.
On issues such a Palestine, every group will side with the Palestinians, but there is no thought of working together to condemn Israel’s atrocities and America’s total support for Israeli atrocities. Each party will conduct their own protests, without inviting the other groups and without joining in the protests by the other groups. Honor satisfied, we remain steadfastly divided.
On issues such as the latest slaughter of people in Pakistan, we tend to first look at who was killed by whom. In this case, the Shia were butchered by Sunni fanatics so the local Shia will feel the pain of their fellows-in-faith being massacred, but the local Sunni will feel no compulsion to raise their voices against the slaughter. We seem to be too distracted by sectarian considerations to tend to victims of murder and injustice. A few who do, will feel no push to try to bring Shia and Sunni groups together in their own geographical areas because they don’t wish to give the impression that they are soft on their own faith and going to the “Kuffar”.
If the victims are Ahmediyya, Christians or Hindus, then neither the Shia, nor the Sunni will feel compelled to react because the tragedy is too far from home and is only affecting “the Kuffar”.
Muslims in the West do not understand that their behavior drives and strengthens the behaviors of the fanatics “back home”. When there is silence in the face of atrocities from overseas brethren, the fanatics in the home countries feel emboldened while here in the West, Muslims feel they must choose sides, in order to be accepted within their own groups and in order not to lose their grip on their own (ignorance-based) faith. Everything we do here, becomes tied to the Great Sectarian Divide and even in the neutral zone of the West, we become enemies while showing a smiling face to each other.
Until our brotherhood is driven by our Masajid in the West, we Muslims will continue to gape at the ever-widening chasm of alienation and hostility towards each other. We will wonder why there is such a gap because of course, the other groups are free to bridge the gap and join them; the blame of alienation will continue to be placed on the shoulders of the other and that absolves us from the responsibility of taking extraordinary steps to bridge the gaps between us and come closer together, rather than stray farther apart.
Pakistan gunmen kill 45 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus

Other attacks on Pakistan’s Shias

Numbers killed since January 2015 include:

  • 60 killed in a mosque in southern province of Sindh in January
  • 20 killed in attack on a mosque in Peshawar in February
  • 14 die in suicide bombings outside two churches in Lahore in March
  • 45 killed in attack on Karachi bus carrying Ismaili Shia Muslims in May
  • Not to overlook the MANY other victims of fanatics, such as the Ahmediyya, the Hindus, the Christians and more.

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