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Mohammed Cartoonists must be killed!

It has become so predictable that anti-Muslim hate-mongers can literally, take it to the bank.

Place ads against Islam and the prophet Mohammed and outraged Muslims will throw a fit, burn their own buildings thousands of miles away, kill their own people also thousands of miles away all in the name of Islam. In the meantime, the instigators of the insults to the prophet Mohammed, rake in greater donations. All in the name of “Freedom of Speech”.

Such activities only serve the anti-Muslim fear-mongers because it instills the conviction among those non-Muslims who do not know better, that Islam and Muslims are inherently violent and unjust.

When Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten commissioned and published their anti-Islam cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, Muslims rioted in Muslim-majority countries.They destroyed properties belonging to other Muslims and pretty much shut down a number of countries for days. Danes and other Europeans remained unimpressed and life continued in the West as non-Muslims wondered if indeed, Muslims and Islam were as violent as the hate-propagandists portrayed them to be.

Charlie Hebdo ran anti-Muslim cartoons and shortly thereafter, a couple of Muslims killed a dozen people in Paris. Since then Charlie Hebdo has skyrocketed from being a satirical magazine of local note, to one of international recognition. Awards for courage are being lavished on the paper for their efforts to defend “Freedom of Speech”, regardless of the fact that earlier, when a cartoonist published an anti Jewish cartoon in the same paper, he was fired. One member of an organization giving an award for courage to Charlie Hebdo, said the award was not for the fact that Charlie Hebdo was attacked Islam, but for the principle of their action. If this is valid, them Hitler should also be honored, not for the millions of deaths he and the German nation were responsible for, but for the principle of making Germany great again. Would that Principles could so easily be separated from complex matters! These same defenders of principle, fail to note that France is so set against the expression of faith by Muslims (in particular) that people wearing hijab can be fined or imprisoned and recently a Muslim schoolgirl was kicked out of her school because she wore a skirt that was not high enough and thus, was deemed to be practicing Islam in a subversive manner.

A few days ago, the rabidly anti-Muslim blogger Pam Geller, launched a contest in bigotry;the person who would submit the winning cartoon of the prophet Mohammed, would “win” $10,000. Predictably, a couple of Muslims drove by and shot at a security guard, injuring him and then got shot to death, by a cop. All they achieved in their wasted deaths, was an even more firmly imbedded impression among non-Muslims, that Islam and Muslims were indeed mindless, merciless and violent.

How does all this violence come about?

In his lifetime, the prophet Mohammed was vilified, cursed, had garbage thrown at him, beaten, had rocks hurled at him and people tried to kill him many times. He could simply have remained silent as one of his many willing followers killed the attacked or the insulting person, but he would stop his angry followers from taking any action.

The prophet Mohammed said, “Those in whose hearts is no mercy for others will not attain the mercy of Allah.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

So where does this thirst for revenge and the desire to kill anyone who is perceived to insult Islam, the Quran and the prophet Mohammed, come from?

The Quran, which is the ONLY indisputable, governing source in Islam, says:

If it had been the will of your Lord that all the people of the world should be believers, all the people of the earth would have believed! Would you then compel mankind against their will to believe?           (10:99)

Elsewhere it says:

…So if they hold aloof from you and wage not war against you and offer you peace, Allah allows you no way against them (4:90)

Tragically, some books have been published by “Ulema” (scholars) of old, who are believed to have greater knowledge of Islam than anyone else…certainly more clarity than the Quran. The so-called “scholars” say in their books  that apostates must be killed, that anyone who insults the prophet Mohamed must be killed, that anyone who does not practice Islam in the right way, must be killed, that anyone who commits certain sins, must be killed, that anyone who is not a Muslim must be killed, that anyone who dares disagree with the opinions of scholars is undermining Islam and therefore, must be killed and on and on and on. Their only recourse to any perceived injury to the honor of Islam, to Muslims and to the history of Islam, is death. They justify their doctrine on their scholarly study and interpretation of the Quran…as interpreted by other “scholars” before them, even though there are no such instructions in the Quran itself.

One of the most misinforming and violence-provoking books is “Heavenly Ornaments” by Ashraf Ali Thanvi, which decrees death to apostates and “infidels”. Impressionable Muslims who read this book and then read the violent and misleading translations of the Quran provided in “The Noble Quran” by Hilali and Khan (produced by the House of Saud, the greatest promoter of intolerance), cannot be blamed for believing that a proper Muslim must go out and mete death upon every person who crosses the line to insulting Islam or to becoming an apostate.

Many of today’s “Scholars”, carry these messages of violence and brutality to their ignorant followers, telling them that Heaven is only reserved for them if they promote Islam in the manner it should be; to kill all those who undermine Islam…by insulting it or by abandoning it. Targets of such ignorant fervor are not only those hate-mongers who practice anti-Islam “Free Speech”, but anyone who does not follow Islam in the way prescribed by these “scholars”. Thus, Shia are considered to be “infidels”, as are the Sufis and of course, the Ahmedis because they believe in yet another prophet after the prophet Mohammed…all these groups and more, must be killed.

Since the killing of those who endanger or insult Islam is a sacred act and anyone who is killed in attempts to punish the transgressors, is guaranteed Heaven, there is no shortage of young recruits who have lots of passion but little understanding of Islam. There is also not shortage of people who have nothing to left to lose and who would just as soon give up their lives in order to hasten to the blessings of Heaven, while defending Islam.

Those of today’s “scholars” who have been indoctrinated in Arabia, generally come out with intolerant states of mind which they preach to their followers. These “scholars” spread their mindless violence in the name of Islam, not just in the backwaters of far off lands, but also in places where people are assumed to be more educated and therefore one hopes, deeper thinkers. In the West, these “scholars” educate their flocks with “Heavenly Ornaments” and “The Noble Quran” and nobody dares to challenge them for fear of being caste out of their local community. This is one of the few reasons why we have sincere Muslims go off in search of a way to restore Islam’s honor and dignity by killing the perceived “enemy”. More often than not, all that is needed in order to mete out the ultimate punishment is an accuser, none of the “scholars” talk about the Shariah-required rules of evidence and trial and none of them talk about punishing those who give false witness.

By far the greatest majority of Muslims who harbor no violence in their hearts, are crushed between cowards among Muslims, who do nothing to stop such violence-promoting Imams and “scholars” on one hand and the cowards in Western society who do nothing to stop the spread of anti-Muslim violence and bigotry on the other hand. In order to stop the widening chasm between Muslims and non-Muslims and indeed, between Muslims themselves, “scholars” who promote intolerance need to be fired and non-Muslims who promote hate, must be shut out.

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