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Yemen, another trap US sets…for itself!

The House of Saud has co-opted a number of countries into giving support for its destruction of Houthis, who practice Zaidi school of Shia Islam and who are rejected by the Saudis as heretics. The House of Saud is appearing to bring back the corrupted and ineffective Yemeni (Sunni) leader, who escaped to Arabia after he faced being deposed by the Houthis.

The House of Saud’s “Coalition of the Willing” includes the Gulf states, (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE), it also includes Jordan and Egypt and efforts are being made to bring in Pakistan as well; Already, Pakistan’s highly trained vets (mercenaries) form the backbones of the militaries of Jordan and all the Gulf countries. Other unadvertised allies of the Saudis, fighting actively against the Houthis, are Al-Qaeda (AQAP) and ISIS (both sworn to destroy America), the latter already taking control of several towns in Aden.

This, against the total estimate of about 100,000 Houthi fighters, spread all over Yemen.

The US is playing a most important part in this unequal war. It is giving bombing advice and intelligence to the Saudis and it is blockading the waters of Yemnen so the Houthis are denied military and civilian assistance, not only of arms, but food and medical supplies as well, most of which come from Iran.

Why is Iran so involved in supporting the Houthis?. The answer is ignored by the US and irrelevant to the Sunni Arab alliance intent on destroying the Shia Houthis.

Iran is almost entirely Shia, it is also, along with Iraq, only one of two countries enjoying Shia-majority government. The rest of the Sunni-majority countries, especially the Arab ones are implacably set against the Shia, vowing to destroy them because they are considered heretics by the Sunnis. Like it or not, Iran and Shia worldwide, feel they are in an existential battle against Evil.

Pakistan’s Sunni fanatics are openly slaughtering Shia, so are the Saudi-schooled, Sunnis in Afghanistan. Bahrain just suppressed its Shia move for equal rights. Using Saudi forces, they destroyed Shia holy places and began a genocidal operation against their Shia (out of power) majority. Arabia has kept its 20% Shia under oppressive control, destroying their holy sites, limiting their participation in government and making sure they do not get business or municipal representation.

Small wonder Iran wants to help the Houthis survive.

The US may try to lead the world into believing it is not involved in Yemen, because there are no (known) boots on the ground, but it is actively helping in the genocide of Yemen’s Shia population. If one projects events from where they are, the under-armed Houthis will soon face annihilation and the House of Saud will not stop until they do face annihilation. The US should watch out when events get closer to such an outcome because Shias in Iraq, might get so resentful over American contribution to the genocide, that they may start targeting Americans wherever they can find them. This may lead the americans to “encourage” Iraqi Sunni conflict with Iraqi Shia and the entire region will continue to accelerate into a supersized and bloody barroom brawl that may not be unstoppable after a certain point, leaving no winners behind.

Should matters come to that head, Americans should not react with their hallmark, wide-eyed surprise, asking, “Why do they hate us?”

Postscript: Questions are raised as to who is supporting this unequal war between the Gulf Alliance and the under-armed Houthis; foloow the money:

Basically, the Saudis are venting their hatred for the Shia and are determined to destroy them. In the case of Yemen, they can do this under the pretext of “defending” their borders, a false flag, but still, an excuse the “civilized family of nations” will allow. The Saudis would love to do the same to their own Shia who populate the Eastern region, but that might raise a stink…for now.
The Gulf states  are siding with the House of Saud and are in the fight, because they are Sunni leaderships over oppressed Shia majorities and the kings want to keep their thrones.
Egypt is siding with Arabia because the House of Saud (a family business pretending to be a country) is giving BILLIONS of dollars to the illegal Egyptian military government pretending to be a civilian authority.
Jordan has joined the fray because it wants to flow of money from Arabia and Gulf states to continue.
Pakistan parliament has refused to join the war, but Prime Minister Nawaz(also a Wahhabi) and the military are trying to work out a deal of sorts, under the table and join the fight to annihilate the Houthis.
The US is supporting the fight against the Houthis because it has developed a fear of anything Shia…because they have decided that anything Shia is automatically an arm of Iran and Lord, we must work to “defeat” Iran at all costs (enter the Israeli rhetoric). The US is also making BILLIONS of dollars in new weapons orders, from the Gulf countries. France and Britain are minor, but still significant military equipment suppliers to the Gulf states and therefore, they too have money to make in supporting the House of Saud.
The Houthis are done for…

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  1. Good Article but I disagree that Houthis are done for. After the Iranian revolution, the world joined hands against Iran although the revolution was Iran’s personal business and had nothing to do with the world. Saddam was given whatever arms he demanded. Iranians died by hundreds of thousands, but Iran is still in one piece and stands tall against all those trying to destroy it. Yemenis will also survive, inshaAllah.

    Israel, US and Wahabis have joined hands to destroy Shiahs as the only real opposition to the trio’s merciless hegemony is coming from the Shiahs. There is a lesson that Shiahs have learnt form Karbala. A strong and well equipped army can never defeat the will of the steadfast. In Karbala everyone died and only women and children survived. But through these death and the will of the prisoners, Yazid lost all credibility so much so that he started pointing fingers at his governors to save face. With this lesson, and the deep love Shiahs have for the martyrs of Karbala, they become a strong and united force… whenever they are thrown in a karabala like situation.

    Just like Hizbollah became a force, so much so that Israel, the sixth super power of the world, with all its lofty claims and weaponry, could not occupy a single town in Lebanon in the last war, Ansarullah too will become a force to be reckoned with. Saudia is sowing the seeds of it’s own well-deserved demise.

    There are many Sunnis who are opposed to US-Israel-Saudi massacres but they have not formed a visible platform. The should join their Shiah brethren as both shiahs and sunnis face the same oppressors.


    Comment by Zahra | April 21, 2015 | Reply

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