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Is America Supporting or Fighting, ISIS?

In some ways, ISIS should be admired. They have clear goals, they want to take over all the M-E and then go for the rest of the world. They want to destroy everything that does not comport with their version of Islam and they want to kill everyone who is not a part of their misguided faith and that particularly includes America.
We can all agree ISIS are vile, despicable examples of humanity, but we also have to admire their clarity of thought.
American on the other hand, says so many things from so many sides of its collective mouth, that no clear policy can ever come out of DC. America hates Al-Qaeda and its further-to-the-right off-shoot, Al-Nusra and will do everything to destroy them. The US is also completely against ISIS and wants to destroy them. The US wants to be trusted by its Muslim citizens who should feel considered and protected, by its agencies.
That’s the America P-R, the American reality is quite different and beyond comprehension of any but the invisible puppet-masters who direct US policy. As anyone can figure, the policies are driven by the moneyed folk because even our Supreme Court has allowed corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money for political campaigns…so who is the politician going to listen to?
The latest story of the American snake eating its own tail is located in the Arabia Peninsula.

Yemen had a repressive, ineffective regime that oppressed its Shia people, known as the Houthis. The Houthis asked and then demanded, better conditions for them, greater participation in the government, all the stuff that makes for our own much-touted democracy. Ultimately, the Houthis took over the country in a relatively low-violence coup and they shared governance with the Sunnis, but still leaving out the very corrupt ruling classes who happened to be Sunni.
These events upset the House of Saud, the family-owned business that calls itself a country. Seeing what the Houthis had done, they ran to overthrow the new Yemeni government because it was Shia and the Saudis hate the Shia with the mindless hate that only ISIS is capable of. The Saudis also fear that if there is a Shia-dominated country in their South, the Arabian Shia in the East, might start to get ideas because they too are horribly repressed by the House of Saud. So now, the House of Saud has launched a massive bombing campaign on every Yemeni place they may regard as being Shia and the US has tossed its democratic principles to the winds…again and joined sides with Arabia. Joining the House of Saud in its genocidal attacks, are all the other Neanderthal Gulf “kingdoms” that exist because they repress their Shia minorities or Shia majorities and who are equally afraid that a Shia rule of Yemen, could awaken their own Shia populations into demanding equality.
Here is the most interesting aspect of this mess; the US involvement on the side of the House of Saud.
The Syrian civil war, which has now become a sectarian conflict, is no longer a civil war, it has become an international war between Shia and the most intolerant strains of Sunnis, one could dredge up from any sewer. Joining the normal Sunnis of Syria, are paid and equipped volunteers from all over the world and their efforts are funded by…the House of Saud, Qatar and to a lesser extent, Turkey. It was only after a lot of grumbling and growling by the US, that the Saudis and Qatar suddenly turned and started to bomb their erstwhile partners in Syria, but their money still finds its way into the hands of the ISIS, Al-Nusra and other violent extremist groups that are fighting Assad’s forces, although these extremists also take to attacking the local Syrian Sunnis.
If you are not confused by now, read on…
The US is supplying the anti-Assad Syrians with money and small weapons, but is also bombing the ISIS and Al-Nusra fighters whenever it can.
Arabia and Qatar and to an extent Turkey, are providing indirect aid to Al-Nusra and ISIS in Syria.
The dearest US ally, Israel, is providing support and aid to Al-Nusra whose members are allowed to encamp within Israel and gat “medical aid”.
The US is on the forefront of tackling volunteers (in the US and Europe) who may be discovered, trying to get to Syria to join ISIS.
The US is fighting and bombing ISIS in Iraq, in fact, the US is fighting on the side of Iran in fighting ISIS in Iraq.
In Yemen however…
The US is providing support against the Shia Houthis, who are being attacked by a coalition of Saudis, Qatar, other Gulf states….and ISIS!
Americans can’t be bothered, they have no skin in the game or, no boots on the ground…for now. The war machine is busily producing more weaponry that can be tested and used in the many war zones the US is involved in…Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia and God only knows where else, creating huge profits for the war industry in America.
The common denominator to all these conflicts, as seen out there in the world of reality, is that the US is in an undeclared war against Islam and Muslims. This perception is only strengthened as the soon-to-be majority party, the Republicans, seek to capitalize on Islamophobia and make extravagant declarations of the “Islamic” threat to America. The man on the Muslim street, does not need to be educated that America is on the warpath against Muslims so, the man on the Muslim street walks over to the ISIS and Al-Qaeda recruiters and signs up…to fight America and defend Islam…just as America gears up for the fight against what it calls, the growing threat of “terrorism”.
…and the snake continues to eat its own tail…

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    Comment by Nestor Makhno | April 15, 2015 | Reply

    • Thanks for your comment on my blog , it does not appear from your single-word comment, that oyu actually read or understood the article.
      I am curious, Did you read even the entire paragraph or, did you decide to make up your mind based on the opening sentence?

      Did you bother to finish reading the entire article or are you sufficiently biased against Muslims that you know what to think about us?


      Comment by penjihad | April 15, 2015 | Reply

  2. My mistake and apoligies to Maarten.
    The notice I receieved included only his one-word comment, plus the first sentence of the article, so I thought he was criticising the first sentence without reading the rest of the article. As I learned from his e-mail, he was referring to the clumsy and irrational US foriegn policy.


    Comment by penjihad | April 18, 2015 | Reply

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