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“Why do THEY hate us?”

George W Bush famously and idiotically, asked the question, “Why do they hate us?”, meaning of course, why do Muslims have so much resentment towards the US and Europe?
Only someone sitting in the comfortable position of a privileged majority would ask such a question and would fail to understand how Muslims across the world, feel themselves targeted, persecuted and thoughtlessly slaughtered, directly or indirectly, by the United States and its European “allies”—The “Coalition of the Willing to Kill at America’s Bidding”.
Of course, hardly any Muslim takes matters to a violent head, but that does not mean that the sentiment is not shared by almost every Muslim. On the other hand, there are so many “experts” on Islam, Muslims and “Terrorism”, that one is left gasping, just to think about them all. Prominently included among these Muslim-bashers, are politicians and law-enforcement agencies such as Police, FBI and all the other alphabet-soup agencies that exist to “protect” America and whose very budgets and existence, depend on how many Muslim scalps they have, hanging on their doorways. As this is happening, America nods its collective heads with dramatic sorrow and says, ” it is a sad, but necessary sacrifice, to keep us all protected”. I am sure the high priests of the Aztecs and Mayans, who sacrificed thousands of their own (virgins) to their gods, must have said the same thing.

The article below, relates to France and French Muslims, but it is virtually the same for the US. I have been to innumerable meetings with politicians and (mainly) law-enforcement authorities including the FBI and in meeting after meeting, I hear from them that they really want to build “bridges of trust” with Muslims, yet, their actions belie their words because in case after case, we find Muslims being targeted, persecuted and harassed.
Then they wonder why Muslim youth are feeling disenfranchised and resentful…
Jafar “Jeff” Siddiqui,

Paris Muslims struggle to feel accepted

  • I met young people who say they are rejected by the country of their birth, France, because of their Muslim identity; one woman told me: “It’s like being rejected by your mother.”
  • Here, less than 12 miles from the centre of the capital, I met a group of young people who say the stigmatisation and discrimination against Muslims has left them angry.
  • Among the Muslims I met, the most common emotions I encountered were deep hurt and resentment. Some have the sense that they are being asked to prove their loyalty to a country that only wants to tolerate them as the children of immigrants.

    Yet nearly all want France to embrace them as full citizens who belong in France and have a future in French society.

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