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9-11 and Charlie Hebdo Tragicomedy

It was George W. Bush who started off with the rhetorical question, “Why do they hate us?” and then answered his own question by the now oft-repeated patter, “They hate us for our Freedoms”. “They” of course, meaning Muslims even though the word “Muslim” was disguised behind perfixes like “Radical” and suffixes like “Fundamentalists”. Both, the “Freedom”-loving West and the targeted Muslims, knew of course, that the West was and is, taking on the task of making sure Muslim countries remain in the Dark Ages and dependent on the West; imperialism was simply taking on a new persona.


After 9-11, America decided to rise to defend its “Freedom” by imprisoning over 14,000 Muslims within this country alone and to torture hundreds more and kill over a million more. This is how “Freedom” and “Democracy” are protected By America.

Moving on to the Charlie Hebdo slaughter. The world was quite rightly outraged over the murders by a couple of Muslim fanatics, but instead of taking on the fanatics, France took on Muslims and the ever-ready West followed with gusto. Charlie Hebdo became a symbol for “Freedom of the Press” and Muslims morphed into fanatics against free expression. The same Charlie Hebdo that bashed Islam by publishing pictures and caricatures of the prophet Mohammed was also the same magazine that fired one of its journalists for poking fun at Jews.


France railed mightily and righteously, over the murders of people who were only exercising their right to free expression. A march was organized in Paris, where leaders of many countries marched at the front, to show solidarity for “Free Speech”.

Just how does France defend “Free Speech”?

If you say anything that is determined to be questioning of the Shoah or the numbers of people estimated to have been killed by Hitler’s forces during the Shoah, you will go to jail for up to two years. Similarly, “Hate Speech” and “Anti-Semitic Speech” is punishable by prison.

Not all speech is free.


Today’s news (France arrests 54 for defending terror; announces crackdown“) tells us that France has stared to crack down on Muslims exercising their right to free speech. Thus, if a Muslim were to citicize Jews (“Anti-Semitism”) or, is voicing hate towards another group (“Hate Speech”) or, is seen as “Glorifying Terrorism”, he will be sent to today’s equivalent of the Bastille or Devil’s Island. No doubt, the rest of The West, will be anxious to show they too, can be as brutal and intolerant as France and intolerant Muslim.

This would all be so funny…if it weren’t so tragic.

POSTSCRIPT:  French Comedian Dieudonné, often accused of anti-Semitism, has been charged with “Hate Speech” for writing on his Facebook account that he felt “Charlie Coulibaly”, a combination of the slogan “Je suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”) and the name of the man who killed the French Policeman. If found guilty of glorifying terrorism, Dieudonné could face up to seven years in jail and 5,000 euro ($5,868) in fines in the Freedom-loving France.

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