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Pakistani children killed…just collateral losses…

Pakistan. One Hundred and Forty-Two Children, plus Nine adults were executed without a thought by their seven killers, who were also killed.
The heart fluttered, the mind swam; what kind of a mind would commit such a horrible crime, who would plan it, order it and who would execute it? What kinds of people are these?
It took me all day to think about it, all the while, getting messages of a vigil in Bellevue, a town 25 miles away and messages from my daughter to do something, anything, as I tried the impossible job of processing the news that poured in from every news source. It was the “Why?” that kept bothering me. Why would anyone kill people just to prove a point? Why would anyone deliberately and knowingly, kill children? Who would do such a thing?
Slowly, the picture formed in my mind and right or wrong, here it is. The points I raise, may not appear to be directly connected, but they are, very much so. My discussion may appear to be dispassionate, but it is not. I try to be objective in spite of the fact that my very soul wants the Earth to vomit all people like these killers, out from itself.

The real tragedy is that these children, who ranged from seven years old to sixteen, they had nothing to do with war, hate or, violence. They were just going to school, being with their friends and looking forward to going home at the end of the day. They had no idea why they were being killed as the killers moved from one dead child to another. But the truth is that nobody has the guts to face the REAL reason why these children had to be killed, because nobody has the courage to try to correct the situation and put a halt to the mindless violence that has engulfed Pakistan. The truth is that such killings had been going on for a long time and excused by the government and accepted by the people and the few who raised their voices to protest, ran the risk of being killed themselves. Those who could, have left Pakistan. A few of the brave ones remain, along with the many who cannot leave and those at the top who are busily trying to steal away as much money from the public coffers before they leave as well.

The mindless killing started in the late 1970’s when America fought the war over Afghanistan, with the Soviet Union. Both, the US and the USSR killed indiscriminately, not hesitating in the face of the many innocent people whowere killed by their bombings and by their trained Afghan killers, the Mujahideen. After the two great powers left the destroyed Afghanistan, the Mujahideen morphed into the Taliban and between them and the Northern tribes, they slaughtered hundreds of thousands of each other’s people, including women and children.

The killing of children…of women and male non-combatants, sometimes deliberate and sometimes with negligent deliberation, is not unique to Pakistan. Even recently, it has been done by the US in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and countless other places. Israel is also well-practiced in this. Norway knows well, how Anders Breivik, inspired (from his writings) by American hate-mongers like Pam Geller, Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer, killed 77 people, mostly children. Other examples can fill a book; India in Kashmir, Sri Lankan forces against their Tamil minority, the Serbs, the Croats, the Sudanese, the Congolese…one gets exhausted just by going over the list of people and nations who accept the mindless slaughter of innocent civilians, as collateral losses in the pursuit of greater security.
Mourning Fellow Villagers Killed by US Drone-bombing

Mourning Fellow Villagers Killed by US Drone-bombing

Using the 9-11 tragedy, the US invaded Afghanistan, but the real reason was that the Taliban government of Afghanistan, did not give then the gas pipeline easement from Uzbekistan in the North, to the Arabian Sea. The US bombed with bombs that are larger than any non-nuclear bomb in history, they sent in death squads (SEALS etc.,), Drone bombers, aircraft and soldiers and they killed anyone they did not recognize as friends. Tens of thousands of innocent people including women and children have been killed by these methods, the maimed probably run into a million plus.
Pakistan got involved because they wanted to make sure the new government of Afghanistan was not a hostile one, they supported the Taliban in hopes they would be able to control them better, but largely because there was nobody else to support other than the US-supported Northern Alliance, which were already in India’s embrace. Pakistan in the meantime, had become deeply mired in the Taliban mentality of Islam, which had its direct roots in the House of Saud, which spreads its venomous, intolerant and violent version of Islam, using billions of petro-dollars and the international support they have from the West.
Pakistanis have been getting progressively deeper in the Saudi Islam, also known as Wahhabism. To their way of thinking, there is only one Islam and that is their version. All others are heretics who must be killed especially if they profess Islam because they are the most dangerous to the REAL Islam. As Pakistan’s new-found intolerant interpretation of Islam grew, people started to promote hate against minorities, the Hindus, the Christians and the Shia (who are also Muslims but of a different sect). People of these faiths have been mercilessly slaughtered and their homes destroyed and they have not been allowed to practice their faiths in public. All anyone has to do to eliminate a minority person s-he does not like, is to accuse them of blasphemy and the public goes into a killing frenzy. Death becomes the final answer to all insults, real or fantasized. No one is safe, not the men, not the women and not the children. God and religion, have become the heavy clubs with which people’s heads are bashed in.
In such a climate, killing has become such a normal action that people hardly react to it…unless their own are the ones to die. Pakistan’s military has been used as a tool of the US, to attack and slaughter suspected Pakistani Taliban, entire families, large portions of entire villages, have been wiped out with no concern for men, women or children. Nothing is reported back to the public which remains willingly and blissfully, unaware of the horrors being perpetrated by Pakistan’s own military, against Pakistan’s own people, at the behest of the United States.
Mindless and heartless as it was, the killing of the children is just another paragraph in the bloody history of Pakistan, with promises of much more, mindless blood-letting. The Pathan/Pashtun Taliban live and breathe their credo of “Nanawatai, Milmustia au Badal” (Sanctuary, Hospitality and Revenge), thus, similar vengeance must be exacted. The Pakistan Military must respond because its honor has been besmirched and the politicians must call for counter-revenge or, their heads would be taken by the people. The military will move into the tribal villages and the slaughters will be indiscriminate. The dead will become a rallying cry for revenge and the cycle will only escalate to even more horrific proportions.
All because every side (Taliban, Pakistani public and the Military) of this tragedy, is mired in their own intolerant line of Saudi Islam and nobody has the courage or the ability to put a stop to religious intolerance and the violence it fosters. Those who want to put a stop to the un-Islamic interpretations of Islam that move people to violence and murder, are themselves murdered because the civil and military leaders do not have the will to face the real problems of Pakistan. Ignorant Mullahs (Muslim priests) are permitted to spew their venom into the minds of an impoverished and illiterate public, thus swelling the ranks of the religious Frankensteins. There appears to be no end to the amount of innocent blood that can be spilled at the behest of these intolerant Mullahs.
Those who shed tears for the poor children executed today, should save a tear or two, for the country that does not appear capable of forsaking the violence bred into it during the US-Soviet war over Afghanistan.

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  1. I agree with your analysis in general except that I am weary of laying ALL the blame on the US / USSR war in Afghanistan.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | December 17, 2014 | Reply

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