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Why fight? Re: Elections and the Muslim vote

Why should Muslims try to work together and create a voting bloc for our common interests?
Except for those Muslims who have been comatose for the past many years, it is obvious that hostility towards Islam and Muslims is growing fast and with a vengeance. Countries are enacting laws against Muslims under the pretext of defending “Freedom”, “Democracy” or some other empty slogan that people in the West cherish but fail to practice.
Switzerland has banned the construction of minarets; not Church spires, minarets.
The US has made it okay (2010-2014 NDAA Section 1021) to imprison Muslims…FOREVER, without charges or trial.
France has banned the wearing of hijab in a public place or be fined $192.

Europe prides itself on its “Freedom” and point their self-righteous fingers at mindless Muslims who go on a rampage against some imagined insult to religion. Yet, 34 of the 44 European countries have made it criminal (six months to two years in prison) to insult someone’s faith or cause them pain by insulting their faith…except for Islam. There, criticizing or insulting Islam is considered an essential part of “Freedom of Speech”.
It is a crime to question the Holocaust (no “Freedom of Speech” allowed) or to deny it, but numbers of Muslims slaughtered in the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, were not permitted to be maintained so there are no numbers, only guesses (over two MILLION).
“Freedom of Speech” in the US is fiercely defended when bashing Islam or Muslims, but when a Muslim tries to explain (not defend) why “they hate us”, s-he is put through a farce of a trial and imprisoned, ask Tarek Mehanna, who got 17 years (the story is worth your time to read). We cry over the beheading of an non-Muslim by the Daesh (ISIS), but when Daesh, Arabia or anyone else, rape, torture and behead Muslims, we do not even bother with a yawn.
“In an abundance of caution” as the FBI cliché goes, Muslims are targeted, persecuted and imprisoned. But even the most violent non-Muslims are treated with compassion and understanding and seen to be exercising their citizenship; they sometimes, go off scot-free.
If African Americans, Jews or gays are refused service or, women do not get treated well, there is almost a national revolution. But airlines can kick off Muslims in “an abundance of caution” and the nation applauds.
Every day, loaded weapons are found at airports, in carry-on luggage or, concealed on the person, but since they are not Muslim, the incidents are not even reported, let alone be on the national headlines, as they would be, if a Muslim were fool enough to try the same.
As long as Muslims continue to fail to get past their egos and sectarian differences, as long as Muslims continue to ignore the massive rocks rolling down upon us, as long as Muslims continue to remain politically fragmented, our future only looks darker and darker.
The question awaiting an answer is, ‘How do we get Muslims to work together on the political arena?’
Our only hope, is to get politically engaged…if we plan on living here.

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  1. If banning public hijab is “hostility” to you, what is it to treat non-believers as such under Sharia? They

    1) Cannot proselytize
    2) Cannot build new houses of worship
    3) Cannot have taller buildings than Muslims
    4) Must move to the other side of the street for Muslims
    5) Have no place in government
    6) Cannot practice their faith openly
    7) Have to wear special clothing denoting their status as Dhimmi.

    Just thank your fake god we aren’t treating you here as you would treat us in the Islamic state.


    Comment by Illustrious Fishy (@Weelittlefishy) | October 28, 2014 | Reply

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