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I want to help Islam by joining ISIS

This thought has crossed many a young mind and some have even turned it into action and why not? These young Muslims have only experienced fear of Islam and Muslims in this, their own country. They have seen the Police and the FBI turn and persecute Muslims only because of their faith and they have seen politicians bash Islam and Muslims and actually inch closer to success because of their hate-mongering. Many Churches and Synagogues, supposedly houses of God where the only thing to be preached is love of God and His creation, seem to have taken it upon themselves to promote fear of Islam and Muslims.

“Maybe this is not my country”, thinks the young, passionate and emotional man and woman. “Maybe, if they hate Islam and Muslims so much, I don’t belong here but over there, where these “Kuffar” (Unbelievers) are busy killing more Muslims. Maybe I should go help in the Jihad against these infidels and get them out of our lands. So what if I should die? I will be a Shaheed, a Martyr and God will allow me to go to Heaven for defending my faith”

The allure of going to a land of Muslims, to fight the “unbelievers” has a lot of attraction, that is only multiplied when the fighters are called ISIS, “The ISLAMIC State of Iraq and Syria”. Wow, after all these hundreds of years, we will finally get another start with a real Islamic state, led by righteous people who only want to promote Islam!

Why not? In the face of hate and rejection by their own country, why not go and find identity, glory and righteousness among the flames of Islam? The pull is powerful. The West does not help matters when the only reason they state, for fearing the youth going to war abroad, is that they might return as hardened fighters and start mayhem back here, in their home country.

More fear, suspicion and rejection of Muslims that will only get the youth more determined to go join ISIS. We fear that the Jihadis will learn the art of battle abroad and come back to attack people here, a fear that so far, has proven groundless but rest assured, the first time a young returnee is involved in violence when he should return…IF he is not shunted off to prison first…all hate-mongers will be screeching at the tops of their lungs that the sky really IS falling and the Islam really IS going to destroy our much-vaunted “way of life” and the attacks on Muslims will intensify…and our youth will feel even more disenfranchised…

There is a great desire in the West, to display an extraordinary fear of Islam and hate of Muslims. Standards for establishing this fear are created on the fly and promoted, but they apply ONLY and solely, to Muslims. The reasons for promoting fear of Muslim Jihadis are not applied to Jews when they go to Israel to become fighters in Israeli military and become Jewhadis even though many of them have actually returned to get involved against Muslims in this country. These same standards are not applied when our own soldiers return and become involved in violence against society here.

What is a young Muslim to think?

Of course, he does not think of who the people of ISIS really are or, what they are doing to Muslims and non-Muslims in the lands they occupy. The hot-flowing blood coursing through the body of these youth, does not permit the brain to grasp the fact that ISIS fighters are raping and slaughtering Muslims and non-Muslims alike…by the thousands. That nowhere in the Quran, does it say Muslims should kill those who are doing no harm to them. The Quran states clearly, that women and children may not be attacked under any circumstances, that rape is a mortal sin in Islam. That conversion may not be forced upon the vanquished.

Our youth do not have the capacity to grasp that ISIS is “Islamic” in name only and that there is no “state” except as an organized, cruel, murderous, rapacious group of people seeking to sanctify their acts through Islam. They go for Jihad, to help Islam and possibly, to die for Islam and get their seat in Heaven or, return as “Ghazi”, warrior of Islam.

They are helped in their way of thinking, by some self-styled imams who preach intolerance and violence against all but those who are members of their own narrow strain of thought. The general Muslim public is too intimidated to speak, not because they may be hurt if they do, but because they do not understand Islam enough to argue and fear they may incur God’s wrath if they speak against the imam…and thus, against God. The silence of the Ignorant only encourages the Intolerant and only helps to make them look righteous and strong, in the eyes of the impressionable youth.

What a waste!

The older generation of Muslims, my compatriots, have too much fear and suspicion of the authorities to encourage their own participation in the process that makes their enemies strong. We are too suspicious of the system to engage on politics in fact, we are so turned off by politics that Muslims actually flee when “palitics!” is brought up as a topic of discussion. Small wonder that our children are completely disenchanted by political engagement, abdicating the field entirely to those who are dedicated against Muslims..which only results in further pressure against Muslims…which only results in more Muslims feeling too fearful to engage!

It would be wonderful if we could channel our youth’s desire to change the world, towards political action and engagement. We could have dedicated, energetic citizens moving around to rally the vote against every bigot who tries to improve his position in order to gain more power. A few thousand young Muslims going abroad to fight an un-Islamic cause is a pointless and insignificant exercise, a waste. However, a few thousand young Muslims rallying support and political action right here, in this country, can be a force as overpowering as the Civil Rights Movement and can help remove the hate-mongering that is spreading in this country with the help of our own politicians and Administration. Maybe, if Muslims go the courage to take a stand against the injustice towards Muslims in this country, we can also take a stand against the imams who preach intolerance and hate, disguised as Islam.

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