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The Rapid Growth of Islamic Fanatics

Once upon a time, there was peace in the world. Well, peace in so far as Mankind is capable of peace so, perhaps it would be better to rephrase that opening line by saying, “Once upon a time, the world was not in flames”. There were dictators who obeyed the Super-powers that brought the dictators to power and there were super-powers who fought covert wars between themselves, being careful to use proxy fighters and none of their own; such policies are protected by the Doctrine of Plausible Deniability where everyone knows what happened and who did it, but there are no red-handed representatives of the “other” to blame and thus, open war could be avoided.


So yes, once upon a time there was a relative peace of sorts, in this world. Dictators made sure they could stay in power and they did so with the help of the super-powers, chiefly the USA and the Soviet Union. The dictators had a little interest in helping their own tribal people, but only because that is where they could most be assured of loyalty and continue in power. If one group decided to start a hate-campaign against another on grounds of ethnic, religious or, sectarian lines, the dictator would squash that group until there were no more upstarts. Free speech was irrelevant but by and large, people were free to follow their desires as long as the Dictator’s boat was not rocked.


Every once in a while, there would be a controlled revolution, where one dictator would be overthrown but the new dictator would also toe the superpower line. Life continued calmly, even when one dictator or another went off and killed a few thousand or a few hundreds of thousands of his people in the name of law and order. We loved our “Strongman” out there!


Then a strange thing happened in 1973, we haven’t yet acknowledged it, but 1973 was probably the most momentous year in history. Zahir Shah, the ineffective king of Afghanistan, was overthrown and the country was declared a Republic. Over the next six years the country was beset with coups, counter-coups and revolutions, all leaning towards communist rule and even though they brought in advances in society, allowing women to be in senior cabinet and government positions, the US did not like any of them and began covert operations to overthrow each regime. Then the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and America’s covert operations became open secrets.


from the start of Afghan revolutions, the US began its counter-offensive by training Afghans to fight the “Unbeliever”…meaning the Communists, of course. To ensure the fight became an ideological on rather than a battle to rule, the US funded the creation of hundreds of Madressas (schools) in Pakistan, to train the young Afghanis on narrow interpretations of Islam such that the students would believe they are fighting for God when they fought the Soviet “Unbelievers”. People in Pakistan recognized this as the long-term threat that it was and protested but their objections were stifled by the military regime in Pakistan, that was being funded and armed by the US.


Until this time, (Saudi) Arabia was wallowing in their own strain of intolerant thought, bulging with money and itching to spread their twisted gospel throughout the world but the only thing stopping them was the fear of a negative Western response. America turned this into an advantage and opened to doors for Arabia to send its fighters and preachers to Pakistan and Afghanistan to help fight the war against the Soviet Union and create dedicated, anti Communist killing machines. Arabia flooded the region with its fanatics in the battle fields and on the pulpits.


The creation of the narrow-minded, intolerant fighter was in full swing and sixteen years of brainwashing created an entire generation of intolerant fighters who would not think twice about killing anyone they deemed to be “Kafir” (Unbeliever). Sixteen years of intense involvement of Arabian fanatics also gave Arabia the courage to step out and start funding preachers who would promote their lines of intolerant thought. Today, the Arabian influence is clearly visible in every nation in the world and a growing number of Islamic “Scholars” have returned form institutions in, or funded by, Arabia, with the Arabian conviction that theirs is the only true Islam and all others are either “Kuffar” (Unbelievers) or getting there…and thus, must be stopped or eliminated.


Arabian distribution of their translated version of the Quran, “The Noble Quran” has grown exponentially. It is now being sold in bookstores in every country, it is being given to visitors to Arabia who go for Haj or pilgrimage, it is being hammered into workers who go to Arabia and it is being used wherever possible. Normally, teaching of the Quran is good because God’s values are universal. However, the translations have added editorial opinions into them leading readers who don’t understand the original Arabic (which remains unchanged), to believe the hate-messages and the violence are part of God’s message. Small wonder that Muslims are increasingly being imbued with intolerance for anyone who does not embrace this line of thought.


Some years after the defeat of the Soviet Union, came the 9-11 tragedy which took the lives of about 3000 people in America. In most countries, this would be a large number but in the US, it was a catastrophic number because not since the great slaughters of the Natives, had foreigners killed so many Americans in such a short time. America went crazy and demanded blood…anybody’s blood.


The first nation to feel America’s wrath was Afghanistan. The Taliban were blamed for the 9-11 attacks and what was left of Afghanistan after the Soviet-US proxy war, was turned upside-down with bombs, the size of which the world had never before experienced (short of the nuclear bombs used on Japan). American approach to Afghanistan was that every Pashtun was Taliban member or sympathizer.


Two years later, the US attacked Iraq using the 9-11 tragedy as an excuse. The actual war was short, Iraqi forces were completely destroyed and US forces, along with a “Coalition of the Willing”, were able to walk right into Iraq and take it. That’s when new troubles began.


The US destroyed all administrative infrastructures, disbanding all Police and civilian employees and the US did nothing to secure the country except for their own encampments. Additionally, in a step that no conqueror throughout history has ever taken, the US disbanded the entire body of Iraq’s armed forces, without first taking control of their arms and other inventory. Historically, conquering forces take control of the encampments and arms, they screen all soldiers and then offer them an opportunity to stay in the force but with loyalty oaths to the conqueror. The Romans, did this, the Greeks, the Arabs, the British, Portuguese, Dutch, Germans…any successful invader knew this was the only way to stay strong, maintain control and expand.

Paul Bremer, the American Viceroy in Iraq fired all members of the armed forces without notice, while those in the White House and the US military leadership gaped.


This resulted in immediate and widespread looting of banks, institutions and businesses by Iraqi civilians while the disbanded Iraqi military members took whatever arms, munitions and other property they could, as they left their stations; Iraqis were now more heavily-armed than any civilians in the world.


Immediately after taking control of Iraq, the US forces focused on the people they considered to be their implacable and traditional enemy, the Shia. The US was also wrongly fearful that Iraq’s Shia would happily merge with Iran so the attack on the Shia began in which Iraq’s Sunnis were encouraged to participate. Sometime later, the US switched sides and started to attack the Sunnis and then switched again, to attack both; the Shia-Sunni divide in Iraq had by now, been made complete and bloody. Iraqi Sunnis attracted the attention of extremists from outside who wanted to defend their faith brethren against the Foreigners and the Shia, both “Unbelievers” who must be killed. Under attack, Iraq’s Sunnis were desperate for any help they could get and the well-armed, well-trained Muslim extremists were welcomed with open arms. Iraq was now in unquenchable flames.


Meanwhile America’s thirst for blood remained strong.

Afghanistan’s Pashtuns were under constant from the air and on the ground. The US used its Air force and its ground forces to kill as many Pashtuns as it could. Pashtuns were rebellious because they had been attacked and the US had placed Northern ethnic Afghans in control of the country. As time passed, the US employed more and more varieties of forces in the killing of Afghans who were so flexibly defined as enemies that no Pashtun was safe from being killed by US forces which soon included squadrons of Drones and Special Forces units that went out night to kill as many Afghan “insurgent suspects” as possible. Pashtuns were and remain, either suspects, targets or sympathizers, there were no innocents. Small wonder that Pashtuns whose fathers were brainwashed into extremism by US money, are attracted to new, “Islamic” extremists as their only alternative.


America’s over-reaction on 9-11 tragedy and its thirst for blood has turned what could have been a legitimate and accepted hunt for perpetrators into what Muslims universally see and America’s war on Islam. The US has expanded its violence from Afghanistan and Iraq to Pakistan, Yemen, Kenya, Somalia, Iran (by proxy), across Northern Africa and into Muslim-majority areas of Southern Europe and God and the CIA know where else. Instead of targeting their attention at specific people who are then captured and tried in public, the US has resorted to indiscriminate killing of men, women and children in its efforts to create suspects, identify them and then proceed to kill them, using drones, Special Forces proxy forces of the host country and anything else they can muster. The net result of this is that Islamic extremists get to come in, point to US killings and ask if the people still want to stay away from the only group that promises to keep them safe under an umbrella of Islam. Locals accept the extremists who proceed to instill their fanatical values into the people and their children.


As we have already seen, America’s enemies and the fanatical extremists, have grown exponentially and continue to do so, thanks to America’s efforts to terrorize the terrorists..


In the meantime, Arabia’s funding of of other violent extremists flying under the colors of Islam has grown exponentially. Afraid that its own extremists might take aim at the comfortable House of Saud, bring it down and take over, Arabia has taken to encouraging them to go fight the new “infidels” the Muslims who do not belong to their own narrow-minded school of thought. Arabia proxies found their way into Bahrain, Somalia, Afghanistan and now into Syria and moving towards the Lebanon.


Impatient with the “moderate” attitudes and actions of their Al-Qaeda patrons, these new extremists have taken a new road to create a new World Order, their own…the Caliphate is finally here! Naturally, the Caliph is not one elected by a majority of the faithful (however one may define THAT term!), no, the new Caliph is the leaders of this new, super-extremist group, he is the self-styled Caliph of his new Caliphate, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or, perhaps, the whole of the Levant (ISIS or ISIL)…for now.


Not that America minds such vicious upstarts who kill of thousand, tens of thousands or, even millions, of their own…or next door, we have put up, propped up and supported with our money and our blood (and of course a whole lot of other people’s blood!), hundreds of murderous tyrants over the two hundred plus years of our existence, which, by the way, is itself, lubricated with the blood of millions of innocent people just so we could have what we call, “The Greatest Nation on Earth”.

No, it is not because we hate the violence of ISIS/ISIL that gets us ready to kill, it is the thought that this new, upstart entity might actually be able to shake off our control over a strategic region and its precious resources; OUR control may be in jeopardy. They had better watch out or rather, the folks living around them had better watch out because, when we move to kill, we do it on a massive scale that no nation has been able to match. I suppose that does make us the greatest nation on Earth at some level.


Why do “they” hate us?  Stop for a moment and think, use your own God-given brain. How does it respond?


Where will this take us?

It depends on what is meant by “us”. If we mean the usual Judeo-Christian, White American with perhaps a few African Americans and a few Latinos thrown in, America is on its way to a not-a-war, “War!” on “terror”, on ISIS, on ISIL, on anybody and everybody that frustrates us in any way. As Bush Jr. said, “You are either with us or you are against us!”.


If by ‘us’ we mean Muslims, then things are not looking too rosy. Muslims in target countries will be killed in terrible numbers on both “sides”, with nobody counting on either “side”. Muslims in America will be hounded in even greater numbers by a now, nearly hysterical nation, made bug-eyed with fear of Islam and Muslims. This terrible fire is stoked by the Republican Party, while the Democratic Party looks on silently, afraid of being mistaken for being weak if it stood up for the rights of a targeted minority. The coming elections will present us with leaders who have signed on to every violation of constitutional rights, they could, but the opposition will be clamoring that they did too little. The only way to win will be to smash the minority that has no voice, no representation, no political power; us Muslims.


Our constitution is now a figment of our imagination, it is whatever we want it to be and yet, it is nothing.

Our constitution grants us the right to be charged with a crime, to a speedy trial with evidence we can also see so we can refute it. But today, our laws make it possible for us to be imprisoned without charges, without trials, with secret evidence against which we have no defense/.

We are protected against cruel and unusual punishment, so the United States has made cruel punishment usual; we can be psychologically destroyed, we can be subjected to “robust interrogation”, we can be spirited away for real torture in countries that don’t even offer lip-service to civility.

We can be killed simply by Presidential fiat.

If we express too much opposition to our Administration or to our government (our so-called, “way of life”) we can be tried for it and a judges can imprison us for a decade or more.

If we do not belong to the protected class of citizenry, we can be humiliated as a matter of routine, by out service-providers who act with “an abundance of caution”.


In a country full of rights, we have no rights any more, only those that the state allows us to have. The Communist countries of yore, used to be like this, but they don’t exist anymore.

We are left, we will do what we want because we can and nobody can stop us.

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