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ISIS volunteers and IDF (Israel) Volunteers

More British Muslims Fight for Islamic State Than Britain“,  “Somali-Americans leave homes, friends in Minnesota to fight alongside ISIS jihadis” scream just a few of the headlines in the Media recently.

I detest ISIS and all other fanatics fighting as Muslims, whether they do so in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or, anywhere else. These people think they are protecting and promoting Islam, by brutally killing anyone…Muslim or not…who does not subscribe to their own narrow belief system. They  are oppressive and their ways of killing are brutal. Psychopathic would perhaps be a better way of describing their behavior, because they kill without any thought.

It is therefore, surprising that young Muslims living in the freedom and comfort of Western countries, would consider going to places where life is difficult, even under the best of circumstances, but life is unbearable under the conditions of the fratricidal wars being fought in many Muslim-majority nations today. Explanations put forward include theories that young Muslims feel little connection with their Western countries, they see Muslims treated as suspects and as less than the rest and feel like strangers in their own country. Then they see an idealistic movement (ISIS, Taliban etc.,) that identifies its members as righteous Muslims fighting to defend their faith and the call to do the same, is irresistible.

Western nations are worried that if these young fighters survive their experiences and return to their Western home countries, they could start a violent movement for rights in this country and wreak havoc. So far, nothing like this has happened here in the US or, anywhere else. These are only concerns by people catastrophizing how “Muzlems!” are going to destroy our “Judeo-Christian way of life”.

At this writing, agencies in United States are fully geared to fight “the Muslim threat” wherever they can imagine it to be. “Experts” are paid very well, to construct possibilities of how Radical Muslims (read, “Muslims”) may be planning to attack civil and military sites in the country to cause maximum damage and death. From this, agencies spring into action, “in an abundance of caution” to detain, arrest and imprison Muslims with acting or thinking of acting in a way that could cause destruction in this country or overseas. Yes, even the projected thoughts of Muslims, can get them imprisoned, constitution be damned. American Congress has enacted a law since (NDAA 2010-NDAA 2014) in which the Military is required to imprison anyone suspected of terrorism or, suspected of being affiliated with terrorism, without charges, without trial….forever. The definition of such people is so narrow that only a Muslim is likely to be the target of such action by the military.

NDAA 2012 Sec 1031 in part:

  • (2) A person who was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners, including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces.
  • (1) Detention under the law of war without trial until the end of the hostilities authorized by the Authorization for Use of Military Force.

The fact is, that Young Muslims in the West are no different from their non-Muslim counterparts. They party hard, they play hard, they pray hard and they slough off hard, just like any other young fellow, regardless of their teaching or faith.

Yes, a tiny part of them are going to fight for their misguided but idealized, identity but so are so many other young people in the United States AND in other Western countries, Jews, being the largest and the most organized among such youth.

There are entire organizations (Mahal is just one example) that are dedicated to recruiting young Jews to go join the Israeli military or, to help serve in ways that support the Israeli military. As natural citizens of Israel by dint of their Jewish birth, they go to serve in Israeli military when they turn 18 — three years for men, two years for women, they have been doing so for decades…tens of thousands of “normal” Americans and citizens of other Western nations have been to serve in Israel, have fought there and killed there; some have have even died there in military service. Their attachment to their Jewish identity surpasses their attachment to their American identity. As one returning American Jew was quoted in CNN:

  • As much I’m a proud American,” said David Meyers of Belmont, California, “there’s an incredibly deep and long connection that I have to Israel.”
  • AND….”His Israeli-born comrades sometimes expressed puzzlement over his decision to leave the comforts of American life for the dangers of military service, he said”

Once in uniform they become a part of a merciless military that kills Palestinians at will and en masse. They destroy Palestinian life, culture and property without giving it a single moment’s thought, they do it as part of their Jewish identity, to protect and promote Jews, Judaism and their national identity. These young people are also misguided in their sense of identity and act in a psychopathic manner, killing any Palestinian that crosses their path at the wrong time.

If one is capable of looking objectively at the Muslims who join ISIS and the Jews who join Israel’s military, the Israel “Defense” Force, one can easily spot the large numbers of similarities between the two populations, the forces driving them and the resulting militarization.

American Jews, presumably, those who once served in Israel, have been involved in plots to kill Muslims in the US in potentially massive numbers, just a few examples include:

It is no secret that many well-placed Jews were instrumental in the invasions of and the continued destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their positions as counsellors, “experts” and heads of agencies allowed them to influence decisions in Congress and in the White House, that prompted the invasions and the continued killings in those countries, as well as in Yemen, Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, Pakistan and other places.
So, where’s the difference?
Are we only fearful of a group (Muslims) because we have been and continue to be, programmed into believing Islam and Muslims are the greatest threat to the West and to the US? Clearly, the same actions by another group (Jews) is seen in a most favorable light…possibly because that group’s action also targets Muslims?
If the US is really concerned about the negative effects of youth serving with fanatical movements…and it well should…then ALL such activities must be banned, whether they are concerned with Muslim fanatics or, with Jewish or Christian fanatics, ALL of it.
It would also serve the US very well if it should recognize its own anti-Muslim activities and take out the anti- Muslim clauses in laws such as NDAA 2014 and NDAA 2014. Additionally, the US must also move aggressively to stop the anti-Muslim training of its Police, its, FBI and its Military and remove all trainers who are involved in the same.
Politicians in this country MUST resist the temptations to take a consequences-free bash at Muslims and work to creating an environment of equal protection for ALL, Muslim or not. Only then, can we expect Muslims to begin to feel like they belong to the US and the US belongs to them.

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  1. Wa alaikum assalam,

    You have put your finger on the single problem that holds Muslims in the dark hole in which we find ourselves. I completely agree with you that the only time when things will start to get better for us is when we start to look at each other as fellow Muslims and get together to put our political strength to use.

    Sad to say, we have a LOOOOONG way ahead of us…


    Comment by penjihad | August 25, 2014 | Reply

  2. You present some logical arguments. But logic is not always what drives US politics. So, I am not very hopeful that your argument will convince many Americans. Good luck.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | September 7, 2014 | Reply

    • I highly recommend everyone to read, “Friends of Israel” in the September 1, 2014 issue of The New Yorker. If you ever had doubts as to the influence wielded by the Pro-Israel Jewry, this should help you understand how it imposes its will on the United States.


      Comment by penjihad | September 7, 2014 | Reply

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