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Love Israel, Hate Muslims; The Building of an Institution

Muslims are not losing the battle for opinion on Israel/Palestine, we never had it.
Since the first time Americans learnt about that area, it was more “Israel” than it was “Palestine”. Americans were told there is no such thing as Palestine and Israel is the land that has been “returned” to the Jewish people who are “returning” to what was coined as “A land without people, for a people without a land”. As late as the 1970’s, Israeli leaders continued to insist that were no such thing as “Palestinians”, disregarding the fact that the total period of Hebrew rule in that land was a mere couple of hundred years, while much of the the Palestinians have been there for thousands of years, some harkening back to the Canaanite period.

Israel and Judah Kingdoms 8the BCE History of the Hebrews
Further myths that took hold in America and the West include “they (Jews) made the desert bloom”, a fact that was accomplished by taking arable land from its Christian and Muslim owners and giving it to Jews and then taking water from Palestinian villages and diverting it for Jews to use in their farms and swimming pools. That property was not confiscated from fleeing Palestinians rather, Jews wanted Palestinians to stay, begged them to stay, but the neighboring countries forced the Arabs to flee and abandon their properties…which were then given to in-coming Jews. No Palestinians were permitted to return after the end of the “independence war”.
More poisonous myths were introduced around a few decades ago that “Arabs” (meaning Christian and Muslim Palestinians) take shelter behind babies and civilians, forcing Jews of Israel, to kill innocents.
Arab vs Jew
Golda Meier is well-known for her statement promoting this shibboleth: “I can forgive the Palestinians for killing our children, but I will never forgive them for forcing us to kill their children”. That they have no value for human life, that they don’t care if their loved ones die. This of course, paves the path for Israelis to kill as many of these now dehumanized vermin, without accountability, ignoring the facts of the immense tragedy that has descended upon the Palestinians who did nothing to deserve it.
Grief 1 Grief 11
The messaging that serves to dehumanize Palestinians is relentless and is not limited against men or even to adults. “They teach their children to hate” has now been impressed in the minds of most Jews and many Westerners, about Arabs, with pictures showing Palestinian children as fighters (“terrorists”).
Hate by Muslim children
Messages like these strengthen the Hate and Fear felt among Jews and Western audiences, towards Arabs and Muslims. Not seen are the images that show the depths of anti-Muslim Fear and Hate promoted among Jews, at almost every wake of life and how Jewish children are militarized against “Arabs”.
Hate by Israeli children.4 Hate by Israeli children.1
Small wonder that so many young Jews flock to Israel annually, to participate in the effort of “War!” against Palestinians and Arabs and a number of them have been killed in the current Gaza invasion.
In poll after poll, America’s antipathy towards Palestinians, as opposed to America’s support for Israel, is markedly evident. American Muslim and American Palestinians have a lot of work to do, if they can ever hope to achieve that half-way point of support for Palestinians because they will be fighting against a tsunami of pro-Israeli money and influence.
Anti-Muslim influence is pervasive in America, but this does not mean it is insurmountable, it just means there is a lot of work that needs to be done by Arabs and Muslims and we need to set aside our shallow differences if we are to survive as equals in this country and in the West.
 Jafar Siddiqui
American Muslims of Puget Sound
In Britain, there are proportionately more Muslims who are unhappy with their government than there are in the US yet, as a society, Britain is much more accepting and embracing of Muslims than American government and society. Perhaps this is a result of the vastly greater anti-Muslim propaganda in the US, promoted by the Blind Supporters of Israel, more money is poured into Hate-Islam effort and even politicians openly support anti-Muslim laws (NDAA) and resolutions, not because they necessarily want to do so, but because that is where the money resides. Our American politicians are nothing if not for sale to the highest bidder.
  • Historian Jahan Mahmood has been invited to present at the Living Islam festival in Lincoln…
  • As many as 400,000 Muslims made up one-third of the Indian Army of 1.3 million, along with 100,000 Sikhs, and up to 800,000 Hindu soldiers. Yet when asked to estimate how many Muslims fought on the British side in 1914, only 2% of those surveyed by British Future correctly placed the number at between 250,000 and 500,000.
  • A new Armed Forces Muslim Forum was launched at the Ministry of Defence last week, with Muslim soldiers and civic groups breaking the Ramadan fast together at an Iftar event hosted by the defence secretary, Philip Hammond. The chief of defence staff, Sir Nicholas Houghton, told the gathering that he wants to further increase the number of British Muslims serving in the Army (A sentiment not noted in the US Armed Forces).

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  1. Again you have stated the facts quite succently and accurately. I hope, the US public cares enough for their own future to see the truth. THe current mayhem cannot last forever.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | August 4, 2014 | Reply

  2. I am a Muslim, Arab, Egyptian, Canadian, US Green-Card resident of America. I said this to Jeff Siddiqui in person and will put it here in print for all to see. The vast majority of Muslims NEED to relearn two things:

    1- That human beings actually do have BRAINS.
    2- To start using those BRAINS.

    For hundreds of years, Muslims (in general) have stopped using their brains and that is why they are going lower and lower. The only two things the whole world now talks about when it comes to Muslims are OIL and TERRORISM………..


    I challenge YOU to work with ME to help our fellow MUSLIMS use their BRAINS………Dr. Ibrahim Soudy ( for anyone who wants to get in touch with me.


    Comment by Ibrahim Soudy | August 5, 2014 | Reply

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