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“The Muslim Vote”

A friend recently wrote to a list of Muslims, that we must vote against every incumbent because tey are all useless.

I share his frustration and anger (noted at the bottom), but not the proposed reaction of not voting for any of the incumbents. It is true, our representatives have failed to take note of our concerns and feelings when they sign on to legislation and when they speak out in public. Much as I would like to kick their selfish behinds, I have to admit that the fault is more ours, than it is theirs.
I am not sure whether Muslims are fearful, ignorant, indifferent or, too arrogant, to do what is best for our collective good, it may even be a combination of all these things. The current thinking among us Muslims seems to go along these lines:

  • Group A hates Group B and will not work in any association with Group B
  • Group B does not even consider Group C to be Muslim
  • Group C thinks Group X should become part of Group C
  • Group X wants everyone to join forces…with Group X in the lead
  • Group Y believes everyone is free to meet with them and talk, “the door is open”, but no initiative is taken to actually get out to meet other groups
  • Group Z does not want to do anything except pray, absolutely no “Palitics
  • Group T does not think there is any use of doing something, why bother
  • Group R believes we are in the land of “The Kuffar” and we should not get involved in any activities here
  • Group S is afraid of failure so it does not want to try anything new; it did not work in the past, why push for it now?
  • Group O is afraid everyone is out to make a gain and don’t want to work with groups that might take advantage of group O
  • Group P is afraid someone (the FBI) will get them if they don’t remain quiet
There are many more groups, each with their own REAL reasons for not doing anything, but the bottom-line is that nothing gets done and things continue to get worse for us Muslims.
Then we look to see if we can blame someone else for our problems…
THE JEWS! are our most effective adversaries, not ALL Jews, just most of the Jewish organizations…and of course, the Right-wing Christian Churches. While we do love to point at THE JEWS!  we don’t take the time to see what they are doing successfully and if we can match their activities and thus, improve our situation.
THE JEWS!  contribute a lot of money to charity but they also contribute huge amounts of money to organizations that they feel, will help protect them. Today, they have organizations such as AIPAC, ADL, AJC and many others, that spend the millions (yes, millions) they get from their membership, to make sure nobody even sneezes in the direction of THE JEWS! or Israel.
We have CAIR as the ONLY effective Muslim civil rights organization in the US and its local offices are forced to work on shoestring budgets because they do not get enough contributions. our Muslim brethren are more willing to pay money to religious causes to book their seats in The Hereafter, but they are not willing to pay respectable amounts of money to take care of them and the rest of us in The-Here-And-Now. As a result CAIR has to depend on volunteers who come and go so there is little continuity and serious work is not done well. Of course, CAIR does not help itself by acting in ways that are seen as partisan and sectarian; CAIR’s lack of attention to places where Shia are being slaughtered (as opposed to CAIR’s loud voice where non-Muslims and Sunnis are being slaughtered) has cost CAIR most of the Shia support (and their money).
THE JEWS! also have contacts with major political leaders and even those whose career-paths appear to be ascending. Their contacts are not simply invitations to a lecture on Judaism and a dinner, they have regular meetings, where they discuss matters that affect Jews, as well as matters of general concern for any American. This keeps Jewish concerns on the awareness part of political peoples brains. THE JEWS! give money and campaign help to politicians who stand with them. THE JEWS! also launch major campaign support for politicians who stand with them.
A FEW Muslim organizations will occasionally invite politicians, but it is generally over a religious event. We seldom go out to regular meetings with them, we might give a few measly dollars for a campaign contribution and sit back, thinking we have done a great deal, by gathering $5000 worth of contributions to the rare politician. We go to a meeting (IF the politician will make time for us) and then forget all about the person. Nobody makes time for regular contact. When election times come around, we do not launch any campaign for support for anyone because we are too afraid that someone will take our precious building away if we get involved in “Palitics“. Our voting is split in a million ways so nobody can tell if we voted at all unless they check our individual voting records and nobody has the time for that.
THE JEWS! can hate each other, but when it comes to matters of common concern (Jews, Israel) they stand together like a mountain, a fearsome sight for any politician.
Muslims’ idea of “Muslim Unity” is for everyone to get together and believe in the thinking of one, single group. “We are all Muslims” is taken to mean that everyone accepts ONE way of belief. Muslims are so afraid of losing their faith that they expend a lot of energy to stay away from each other. When calls come to vote as a group, we are distracted by who is making the call and maybe s-he is taking advantage of the rest of us and then some people step in saying we must never act together in such a way because we are individuals, not a monolithic group. As a result, we have no collective power, we have no political profile or clout and we are seen as a group of people to whom politicians need to pay no more than lip-service.
It should therefore, not come as a surprise that Obama would invite Muslims to a MUSLIM event and voice support for Israel while slapping the Muslim part of the picture…in front of MUSLIMS! Nor should we be left wondering why, when our politicians, our representatives and our Senators, silently sign on to laws such as NDAA, and renew them…every year. Laws that allow the military to imprison Muslims without charges or trial…forever. We should not get angry at politicians who pay more attention to matters of concern for our enemies, and hardly any attention to our civil rights, our safety and our overseas concerns.
Muslims want to get mad at Senators Cantwell or Murray? Muslims want to oppose Smith or Reichert?
God knows, we should, but how? with just empty threats? because we have no real ammunition that would hurt any of them.
What shall we, what can we Muslims do?
  1. Present your idea and lead. Not everyone will follow, but a good idea demands a good effort.
  2. Present your idea and find someone who will take the lead with it.
  3. Present someone else’s idea that you have heard and lead with it or find someone for it.
  4. Take my idea of a collective voting bloc and help with it.
  5. Pray some more…

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